Chris Sarandon - Days of the Dead [Interview]

There are actors you recognize their name, there are some you know their face... then there are you know both and with great pleasure and honor I share with you  my chat with Chris Sarandon. If you don't know this man, then you are in the wrong place... though if you don't then please read on to this man of many voices, talents and acting memories.

I wanted to thank Chris, Ken, Steve and Days of the Dead for making it all come together!
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]

Howlin' Wolf: With such an amazing career as you have had from a familiar voice to screen icon... what do you find to be your powerful, favorite and memorable roles?
Chris Sarandon: It's hard to put those adjectives together for one role. Obviously, Dog Day Afternoon was the seminal role of my career in that it was the first major movie and also very high profile, being in company with Sidney Lumet, Al Pacino, John Cazale, etc. And it was a great movie, too, so I was lucky on that one. But I had such a varied background in the theater as well, getting to play roles Shakespeare, Shaw, Mamet and more: those roles were favorite, powerful, and memorable without the high profile that movies and TV afford. Of course I have to mention The Princess Bride, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Fright Night, and the original Child's Play in the same breath because they all became either big hits or cult favorites: lucky again!

Howlin' Wolf: Were you happy with the outcome of the "Days of the Dead" convention, is there anyone you were happy to see/meet of a celebrity nature?
Chris Sarandon: Well, the Fright Night cast was there, and we still have an ongoing and hilarious relationship (John Stark, Amanda Bearse and Bill Ragsdale are truly inspired in their humor, and Steven Geoffreys is a unique personality): it's always a joy seeing and hanging out with them, although we all miss Roddy McDowell terribly. I also had a chance to get to know William Katt, who is a very bright, empathic guy. And I got to meet a terrific young actor, Thomas Nicholas, for the first time, who was very gracious and outgoing. 

Howlin' Wolf: Do you believe that Hollywood should leave films alone and stop making reboots/remakes... which leads me to your thoughts and recent roll in "Fright Night"?
Chris Sarandon: I think it depends upon the movies: no one thinks that the Godfather sequels should not have been made. The lack of original ideas is a problem, but there are always glorious exceptions. As far as the recent "re-imagining" of Fright Night, I thought they did a great job: terrific cast (Colin Farrell is a HUGE fan of the original), some clever re-thinking of the movie's plot and characters while remaining fairly faithful to Tom Holland's original framework. I liked it a and I liked the idea of the new Jerry "consuming" the old one, a sort of passing of the torch.

Howlin' Wolf: Do you feel we are able to play Six Degrees of Chris Sarandon? 

Chris Sarandon: Not sure what you mean: I think it's better for someone other than me to play my six degrees.

Howlin' Wolf: Is there a question you are surprised by about being involved in "The Nightmare Before Christmas" that has been asked or has not been yet asked?
Chris Sarandon: People are always asking if I did the singing, which I emphatically did not. Danny Elfman did it brilliantly. But I wish I could answer yes!

Howlin' Wolf: What do you have coming up?
Chris Sarandon: I'm just finishing a run in a play in New York called "The Exonerated." The indie film "East of Acadia" which is in post production, "Clean Me," another indie which is in pre-production, Working on a play, which I'm directing, called "Not Someone Like Me," which will hopefully be off-Broadway sometime next year. And who knows what else might pop up!

THANK YOU... Mr. Sarandon!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I enjoyed the new Fright Night, although still a big fan of the original. Cool the original cast got together at the convention.

Melissa Bradley said...

Brilliant interview. I adore Chris and have been a huge fan of his work for a long time. I loved the remake of Fright Night and I loved that he made an appearance.

DEZMOND said...

nice interview, Jeremy, this is the first time I hear of Chris, so thank you for introducing him to me, I will be on a lookout for his upcoming roles

Mina Burrows said...

Excellent interview. Sarandon is a fav of mine. To be in so many movies that are cult classics is so rare and indeed such an honor. Love the guy. :)

lbdiamond said...

Excellent interview!

Love the original Fright Night. Haven't seen the remake...might have to, LOL!

Craig Edwards said...

Terrific interview! He's a fine actor, and he really landed some iconic roles. Thanks for posting it!

Maurice Mitchell said...

Another great interview. Chris, I'm surprised you didn't sing Nightmare too! So, thanks for answering the question before I asked. LOL

Maurice Mitchell said...
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Tyhitia Green said...

Great interview! The remake was okay for me, but there is nothing like the original. I was just a kid and Chris Saradon scared the crap out of me in the original Fright Night! I still have the VHS. ;-)