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Okay let's start off with... what were you expecting "TRANSFORMERS II: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN"... oscar winning material? ... Or robots fighting robots?

if you wanted to see "TITANIC"... watch it, but if you were like me and just said.... robots vs. robots. you are in a wild fricking ride. i was entertained and at the end was happy they made it. i believe that critics are always to hard on sequels, but it had a huge cast return where many did come back. but why wouldn't they want to, megan fox looks creepy... i know all you fans of hers... but she looked weird. so poo on you and the critics if you didn't like this film... it is a good time, and that is why most of us go see movies... to forget about life for awhile. i think the critics felt that some have to bash this film, to only show they have an opinnion that would very from each critic to critic... but someone forgot to tell them that we don't care what they think, only when it's something like "TITANIC"... if i want to cry i will listen to critics, if i want over-sized plots and crap blowing up... i judge it for myself!


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