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"THE WITCHING SEASON" Music by Randin Graves and Slasher Dave. American horror anthology series created by Michael Ballif, written and directed by Ballif and James Morris, and produced by Morris, Allen Bradford, Jordan Swenson, and Parker Marcroft. The series consists of five interlocking segments that revolve around the Halloween season. Each episode, fueled by nostalgia, pays tribute to a different genre of horror. The score for The Witching Season is composed by Randin Graves and Slasher Dave.

"THEY LIVE INSIDE US" Music by Randin Graves. American independent horror film adaptation of episode #4 of The Witching Season anthology series. The feature film is directed by Michael Ballif and produced by Ballif, James Morris, Allen Bradford, and Jordan Swenson. A father and daughter spend Halloween night in the notoriously haunted Booth House with the father hoping to find inspiration for a new writing project, only to discover hidden secrets more sinister than either could imagine. The score for They Live Inside Us is composed by award-winning composer and multi-instrumentalist Randin Graves.

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