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Six Strings with... Frederik Wiedmann

So with the cool changes I bring you the first in the new series and composer  Frederik Wiedmann who was gracious enough to take part in this. I feel the people behind the music is just as important and interesting as the music itself. Frederik Wiedmann has been the lead composer in many scores and added his skills too many others. I wanted to thank him for assisting me on this project and the special gift he sent along with the questions. I wish him a world of success and hope his journey continues as we will hear his work for many years.

Thank You!
Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]

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How did you get started in the field of music and how did that lead you to composing?
Frederik Wiedmann: The moment I heard John Barry's score to Dances with Wolves when I was 12 years old, I fell in love with the film music genre. This was my first soundtrack and probably to this time the most played soundtrack I have. Later on, I got to know german composer Nik Reich, who resided in my hometown (Augsburg), and really got to know the profession of a film composer, and wanted to do nothing else from this point on. After my studies at Berklee College of Music in Boston, I moved to Los Angeles right away and got started in the field while working for veteran composer John Frizzell (ALien Resurrection, Office Space).

What are you working on now currently and what have you completed?
Frederik Wiedmann: "Green Lantern: The Animated Series" is currently in the works. This show is a Warner Brothers animation TV series for the cartoon network, and just had its debut a few weeks ago. We are doing Season 1 at the moment. I also just completed Dave Parker's (The Hills Run Red (2009)) new film called "Coldwater". This one is an ultra scary thriller - keep your eyes open for this film. I am also currently working on another Sci-Fi Channel TV movie - currently titled "Vampyre Nation".

In your circle of composers who do work with and what is the best part of your contributions?
Frederik Wiedmann: I mostly work alone. I like solitude when composing and find I can be more creative that way. I have collaborated with certain composers in the past though, like for example with John Frizzell on the Paramount film "Beneath", and my german friend Wolfram DeMarco on a german film called "Visus". Both projects turned out great and were a lot of fun.

Who inspires you musically and who do you listen to?
Frederik Wiedmann: I am immensely inspired by film composers Christophe Beck and James Newton Howard. From a more classical point of view, I can say that I have always considered Prokofiev and Stravinsky 2 of my biggest inspirations, as well as Arvo Paert. I am also influenced by the rock/pop genre, bands like Radiohead, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Smashing Pumpkins have always been my favorites.

Out of all your released work, which gives you the best feeling of accomplishment?
Frederik Wiedmann: That is a tough question that i probably can't answer correctly. I always feel like my latest score is the best one yet, but then when listening to them years later again, I still feel proud of the work. I am sure I will feel a great sense of accomplishment when the Green Lantern Series Season 1 is completed, just because it is such a large volume of immensely complex orchestral animation music. But I have yet to get there.

Walk us throughout a typical day?

Frederik Wiedmann: My typical day is waking up at 5 or 6 am - work for 3 hours before breakfast, then work some more, recording sessions usually happen in the afternoon, and occasionally I spend my evenings composing more, or spending some time with my wife and my baby boy.

The Avengers [Score] and Avengers Assemble [Album]

The Avengers and Avengers Assemble
May 1, 2012
Hollywood Records/Intrada

What is going to rock the world only in a few days, well the title tells all. This is one of those films that brings multiple characters in one place and the first time in a long time. I cannot wait, so I share this information about the score and the various album... I have to wait for the release... but I am going to be happy.

-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]

The Avengers [Score]
Music by: Alan Silvestri
Intrada [Click Here]

Avengers Assemble [Album]
Various Artists

Amazon [Click Here]

Eye Of The Eagle: Film Music of Søren Hyldgaard [2012] [500 Units]

Eye Of The Eagle: Film Music of Søren Hyldgaard [2012] [500 Units]
Available: April 17, 2012
Released By: MovieScore Media
Composer: Søren Hyldgaard 

For More Details: [CLICK HERE]

Info: Launching a new series focusing our attention on talented film composers who gets the opportunity to showcase their versatility and impressive output, MovieScore Media has the immense pleasure to announce this CD featuring music by Danish composer Søren Hyldgaard as the first en try in our 'Spotlight Series'.

This is a great collection of themes from Søren Hyldgaard and represents a handful of his work brought to you in one place. It's beautiful, epic and moving... I don't say that all in one place, but it is all of those three. If you are looking for a good starting place with Søren Hyldgaard, I believe you have found it all in one. I have been listening to it for several sweeping hours and I just hit play over and over again. Listen to the samples on the main site and video below... you will to be amazed. This is the start of a series of his collective work, well I can say "I look forward to more releases".

-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]


Mean Guns is an April Soundtrack Pick at Film Music Magazine

We are pleased to announce that our score "Mean Guns" by Tony Riparetti has been chosen over at "Film Music Magazine" as one of the top score releases for April. Great News!

For More Details: [CLICK HERE]

Review Coming Soon!
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]

Conquest 1453 [2012] [1000 Units] - Benjamin Wallfisch

Conquest 1453 [2012] [1000 Units]
Available: April 3, 2012
Released By: MovieScore Media
Composer: Benjamin Wallfisch 

For More Details: [CLICK HERE]
Info: Conquest 1453 is the most successful film ever in Turkey and the film is currently the second most popular 2012 film on the Internet Movie Database with only Underworld: Awakening receiving more votes! The exciting story of the siege of Constantinople in 1453 is a Turkish national epic, and Faruk Aksoy's film makes this piece of history accessible using a spectacular Hollywood-inspired cinematic style and a first-rate international orchestral score by Benjamin Wallfisch.

I would have to say the more I listen to this score, the more I love it... it has some great power behind, that makes it stand out. It wants to be heard from the deep chorus and heart pounding beats, you might want to make sure you are awake. Benjamin Wallfisch rocks this one out of the film, it steps way beyond with this score. I do recommend this this composer is pure gold, if this is any indication of what we can expect from his style... I welcome it!

-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]


Natural Selection [2012] - iZLER and Curt Schneider

Natural Selection [2012]
Available: April 24, 2012
Released By: Lakeshore Records
Composer: iZLER & Curt Schneider

For More Details: [CLICK HERE]  

Info: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by iZLER & Curt Schneider. Linda White, a devoted Christian housewife, leads a sheltered existence in suburban Texas. Her world is turned upside-down when she discovers that her dying husband, Abe, has a 23-year old illegitimate son named Raymond living in Florida. Somewhere on the edge of guilt and loneliness, Linda grants Abe's final wish and sets off on a quixotic journey to find Raymond and bring him back.

It was some wonderful pieces of score and some very nice beats that must help the movie along, but it is one of the shortest scores I think I have ever seen. Now do not mistake it's length for being a bad score, it serves it's purpose... well you just need to watch the trailer below. It's sweet and sentimental in the style as it moves along track to track, as I have said it serves it's purpose.

-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]


Dark Shadows [2012] - Danny Elfman

Dark Shadows [2012]
Available: May 8, 2012
Released By: WaterTower Music
Composer: Danny Elfman

For More Details: [CLICK HERE]

Info:  In the year 1752, Joshua and Naomi Collins, with young son Barnabas, set sail from Liverpool, England to start a new life in America. But even an ocean was not enough to escape the mysterious curse that has plagued their family. Two decades pass and Barnabas (Johnny Depp) has the world at his feet-or at least the town of Collinsport, Maine. The master of Collinwood Manor, Barnabas is rich, powerful and an inveterate playboy...until he makes the grave mistake of breaking the heart of Angelique Bouchard (Eva Green). A witch, in every sense of the word, Angelique dooms him to a fate worse than death: turning him into a vampire, and then burying him alive. Two centuries later, Barnabas is inadvertently freed from his tomb and emerges into the very changed world of 1972. He returns to Collinwood Manor to find that his once-grand estate has fallen into ruin. The dysfunctional remnants of the Collins family have fared little better...

Okay if you know me, then you know that the combination of Tim Burton and Danny Elfman is one of the greatest director/composer teams. The score has the memorable theme from the Dark Shadow original series and it well placed not to be over shadowed by Elfman's style. It is a nice tribute to Bob Cobert's original idea.. so it's eerie and not to serious. Once again this is a great piece from Danny Elfman and I find it to be very entertaining, it makes me want to see the film even more.

I would like to give a message to Jonathan Frid's family he was the original Barnabas Collins and he passed away on the 13th of April. He did get to be in the new version of the film and I only hope he got to see the finished piece. Rest In Peace.

-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]

Coriolanus 2Cd [2012] - Ilan Eshkeri

Coriolanus 2Cd [2012]
Available: May 1, 2012
Released By: Varese Sarabande
Composer: Ilan Eshkeri

Caius Martius — Coriolanus — (Ralph Fiennes), a revered and feared Roman General, is at odds with the city of Rome and his fellow citizens. Pushed by his controlling and ambitious mother Volumnia (Vanessa Redgrave) to seek the exalted and powerful position of Consul, he is loath to ingratiate himself with the masses whose votes he needs in order to secure the office. When the public refuses to support him, Coriolanus’s anger prompts a riot that culminates in his expulsion from Rome. The banished hero then allies himself with his sworn enemy Tullus Aufidius (Gerard Butler) to take his revenge on the city.

Composer Ilan Eshkeri’s dramatic score will be presented on one disc and will be mixed with dialogue highlights from Shakespeare’s play on the second.

Disc I • The Score
01. A Place Calling Itself Rome (1:25)
02. Citizens March (1:37)
03. You Fragments (:57)
04. Souls Of Geese (4:04)
05. Make You A Sword Of Me (2:57)
06. We Hate Alike (1:09)
07. And Then Men Die (1:00)
08. Virgilia (:58)
09. The Deeds Of Coriolanus (4:05)
10. My Masters (1:16)
11. Penalty Of Death (2:38)
12. There Is A World Elsewhere (:56)
13. Starve With Feeding (3:34)
14. What Is Thy Name (1:44)
15. Meneneus (1:19)
16. Milk In A Male Tiger (1:30)
17. Some Other Deity (1:34)
18. Oh Mother (1:07)
19. Cut Me To Pieces (1:24)
20. Sta Pervolia (3:25)
21. Coriolanus (2:10)

Disc II • Music And Dialogue From The Film
01. A Place Calling Itself Rome (1:40)
02. You Fragments (1:14)
03. Souls Of Geese (4:07)
04. Make You A Sword Of Me (2:58)
05. We Hate Alike (1:18)
06. And Then Men Die (:59)
07. The Deeds Of Coriolanus (4:23)
08. Penalty Of Death (2:57)
09. There Is A World Elsewhere (2:33)
10. Starve With Feeding (3:47)
11. What Is Thy Name (2:02)
12. Milk In A Male Tiger (3:16)
13. Some Other Deity (1:35)
14. Oh Mother (1:44)
15. Cut Me To Pieces (1:37)

Okay this film looks amazing, the score is amazing and me getting an early listen to the score by Ilan Eshkeri is priceless. I have been hearing great buzz in the musical circles/forums I shall admit I go to on a daily basis and I am hopefully one of the few who gets the word out first. I find this score raw and dark like a tiger going after it's prey... plotting and hanging low only to pounce. As it swiftly bites into the neck and pulls in back into the darkness where it once came. So does that grab your interest, well it should Ilan Eshkeri manages to strike this score and keep your attention to what might be behind you.
-Jeremy [Two Thumbs]


Retro-Zombie: Art and Words [Trailer]

Retro-Zombie: Art and Words
Okay, I am excited to let you know my book is just around the corner as I wait for my copy to make sure  that it looks okay. It will be available at: "AMAZON" and "CREATE-SPACE" so please check it out... maybe get one for you and a friend.
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]

Titanic: An Epic Musical Voyage [2012]

Titanic: An Epic Musical Voyage
Available: April 10th, 2012
Released By: BuySoundtrax Records
Dan Redfeld

BuySoundtrax Records is proud to announce the release of Titanic: An Epic Musical Voyage performed by the White Star Chamber Orchestra and Chorus Conducted by Dan Redfeld. In the 100 years since the famed RMS Titanic hit an iceberg and plunged into the ocean, it has been celebrated on stage, on television and in film.  The recording, which features extensive liner notes by Randall Larson, celebrates the music from these productions.  Titanic: An Epic Musical Voyage will be available digitally on April 3rd, and in stores on April 10, 2012, the 100th anniversary of the maiden voyage of the RMS Titanic. 

The heart of this musical voyage is the music composed by James Horner for the Academy Award winning film Titanic.  In addition to a number of tracks of the score from the film, singer Zoë Poledouris performs “My Heart Will Go On.”  Also featured on this album are tracks from S.O.S. Titanic (Howard Blake), Raise the Titanic (John Barry), “The Titanic Trot” from TV’s The Time Tunnel (John Williams), and selections from Maury Yeston’s Tony winning musical Titanic.  Rounding out this recording are two historical tracks, an arrangement of traditional Irish Music (by Joohyun Park) and “Nearer, My God, To Thee”, the hymn reportedly performed by the Titanic’s dance band as the ship went down. 

My Heart Will Go (vocal version)
    Titanic - James Horner – vocals by Zoë Poledouris
Never An Absolution/Unwilling to Stay, Unwilling to Leave
    Titanic - James Horner – vocals by Kristi Holden
Southampton/Take Her to Sea, Mr. Murdoch
    Titanic - James Horner – vocals by Kristi Holden
Third Class/Steerage
    Traditional (arranged by Joohyun Park)
    Titanic - James Horner – vocals by Kristi Holden
Titanic Trot
    Time Tunnel Pilot (Rendezvous with Yesterday) - John Williams
The Portrait (Piano Sketch)
    Titanic - James Horner – solo piano by Dan Redfeld
Doing the Latest Rag
    Titanic - Maury Yeston 
No Moon
    Titanic - Maury Yeston
SOS Titanic Theme
    S.O.S. Titanic - Howard Blake
We'll Meet Tomorrow
    Titanic - Maury Yeston
Nearer My God to Thee
    Traditional (arranged by Steven Ganci)
Raise the Titanic
    Raise the Titanic - John Barry
Hymn to the Sea
    Titanic – James Horner – vocals by Kristi Holden
My Heart Will Go On [Vocalize]
    Titanic - James Horner – performed by Kristi Holden

This is a great retrospect on the 100 year anniversary of the Titanic and the iceberg story, something that many will never forget and a new generation needs to know. Take that journey in one place, one piece of music at a time from the film and television perspective and listen to Titanic: An Epic Musical Voyage.
-Jeremy [Two Thumbs]

Fringe: Season III [2012] - Chris Tilton

Fringe - Season III [2012]
Available: April 3, 2012
Released By: Varese Sarabande
Composer: Chris Tilton

Immersive.  Compelling.  Hypnotic.  Brilliantly imaginative.  Endlessly thrilling.  Pick your term.  The mystery of the universes deepens in the critically acclaimed 22-episode third season of FRINGE, television’s most exciting sci-fi.  The Fringe team escapes from the parallel universe — except for Olivia, trapped in the other world and replaced in ours by her double, who turns Peter and Olivia’s tentative relationship into a love affair.  Then Olivia returns, bonds of trust fray, ever more bizarre and terrifying phenomena occur and secrets that stretch back to 1985 threaten to destroy our universe. Or theirs.

01. The Escape From Liberty Island (2:17)
02. Slow Motion Sickness (1:46)
03. Newton’s Last Mission (1:50)
04. May The Best World Win (4:56)
05. Sneaking Sense Of Liberty (3:13)
06. Hot Brief Injection (1:22)
07. Capturing The Dunhams (3:39)
08. Take It To The Tank (2:08)
09. The Original Dunham (1:01)
10. I Thought She Was You (1:28)
11. My So-Called Strife (1:12)
12. Olivia (2:18)
13. The Firefly (1:44)
14. Best Chase Scenario (3:37)
15. The Observers (1:52)
16. Reciprocity (3:27)
17. The Persistence Of Walternate’s Vision (2:16)
18. Imagination Building (3:19)
19. The House Of Birth  (4:45)
20. Oppenheimer Maneuvers (1:00)
21. WWPD (1:22)
22. Singe And Surge (1:53)
23. Peter (1:59)
24. Apocalypse In Judgement (:41)
25. As The Crowbar Flies (1:09)
26. Wake Up And Smell The Catastrophe (1:33)
27. The Way The World Crumbles (4:50)
28. Walter Skelter (:35)
29. A Universe For A Universe (2:24)
30. Funeral Pyre Straits (2:26)
31. The Mourning After (1:05)
32. We Are A Strange Loop (2:02)
33. The Vanishing Bishop (3:57)
34. Fringe Division (1:10)

I have always enjoyed the score to this television show "Fringe" as I call it Lady X-files and I may be corrected on because there is so much more to it. So trip your memory to season III in the best way you know how, for me it will be listening to the work of Chris Tilton. He manages to capture the ark of the show bringing you closer to the characters every move. It is a very dark yet moving piece as I said or will say bringing this score a life of the vast unknown... while keeping your feet on the ground. This is Tilton's third score this show, it just goes to show you... don't change what works and Chris Tilton works! Bravo!
-Jeremy [Two Thumbs]


Bel Ami [2012] - Lakshman Joseph De Saram/Rachel Portman

Bel Ami [2012]
Available: 04/03/12
Released By: Varese Sarabande
Composer: Lakshman Joseph De Saram/Rachel Portman

    Based on the novel by Guy de Maupassant, BEL AMI is an erotically charged tale of ambition, power, and seduction that chronicles the rise of penniless ex-soldier Georges Duroy (Robert Pattinson — The Twilight Saga, Remember Me) from poverty up through the echelons of the 1890s Parisian “beau monde” elite.  Using his wits and powers of seduction, Duroy moves from a prostitute’s embrace to passionate trysts with wealthy beauties who inhabit a world where sex is power and celebrity an obsession, and where politics and media jostle for influence.
   Also starring Uma Thurman, Kristin Scott Thomas, Christina Ricci and Colm Meaney. BEL AMI is a timeless epic with a modern twist — a Dangerous Liaisons for a new generation.
   Academy Award winner Rachel Portman (Emma) contributes the emotional but spirited original score.
Columbia Pictures opens BEL AMI nationwide on March 2.

01. Bel Ami* (1:54)
02. Poverty* (2:23)
03. Whose Arms Are These?* (1:29)
04. Georges Meets Madeleine / I like Being A Journalist† (1:07)
05. Love Nest† (1:37)
06. Beggar / Charles Is Dying† (3:11)
07. She Won’t Be A Widow For Long* (1:24)
08. A More Memorable Name† (2:28)
09. Charles Dies* (2:06)
10. Clotilde† (1:46)
11. A Fool* (2:56)
12. La Vie FranÇaise / Celebration† (1:41)
13. Betrayal / Virginie Submits* (3:32)
14. Madeleine† (2:30)
15. Head Of Gossip / La Vie FranÇaise* (1:54)
16. The Man I Have Lost† (1:26)
17. You Disgust Me* (1:24)
18. Rousset’s Party† (2:15)
19. Drunken Montage* (1:14)
20. Suzanne’s Entrance† (1:12)
21. Palm House† (1:48)
22. Georges Elopes With Suzanne* (1:48)
23. It’s Not Enough To Be Loved / The Wedding / Bel Ami Reprise* (5:06)

Embrace to the passion as did Lakshman Joseph De Saram/Rachel Portman to this score. Rousing and Regal as the music unfolds into a moving theme from start to finish. You will find this entertaining if you enjoy this style of film, as I do. Robert Pattinson needs to stop looking so vampire-ish, I get that is what he is known for, he has talent...  I am sure.
-Jeremy [Two Thumbs]


Dirk Gently [2012] [1000 Units]

Dirk Gently [2012] [1000 Units]
Available: March 27, 2012
Released By: MovieScore Media
Composer: Daniel Pemberton

Daniel Pemberton is one of the most inventive and in-demand composers of television music in the UK, with two Royal Television Society Award nominations under his belt (for Occupation and Desperate Romantics).

His music for BBC Four’s drama series based on Douglas Adams’ cult classic ‘Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency’ showcases Pemberton’s instantly catchy style: a score driven by a retro feel channeled through infectious harpsichord riffs and cimbalom melodies over a pop combo beat - as lifted right out of a 1960s detective TV show. Pemberton’s score is an ode to UK TV legends such as John Barry, Laurie Johnson and Roy Budd, but with a modern twist and it also features other quirky elements such as Wendy Carlos-inspired lo-fi electronica!

The series pilot attracted 1.1 million viewers when broadcast in December 2010. MovieScore Media’s CD release of the Dirk Gently soundtrack follows hot on the heels of the airing of the show on BBC Four and co-incides with the UK DVD release of the series on March 26.

01 Dirk Gently - Opening   
02 33a Peckender St, N1   
03 The Box, The Card and The Princess  
04 Rooftop Chase    2.36
05 Through the Prism Of Love   
06 The Holistic Detective Agency   
07 I Want To Invade Switzerland   
08 Being Followed   
09 A Little Rewiring   
10 Robbie the Killer   
11 On the Case   
12 It's All Connected   
13 The Murderer Awaits  
14 St. Cedd's Break In   
15 Birth of a New Intelligence  
16 The Penny Drops   
17 Schrödinger's Cat   
18 Rejected Video-game Love   
19 The Therapist   
20 Goodbye Max  
22 The Chase   
22 Repossession  
23 The Wrap Up 
24 Dirk Gently - Will Return  

It's a very electrical perky score, something you might hear from "A Clockwork Orange"... but here we are in the new century will this style hold up? I think so, I found it to be rousing and fun... I said perky all ready. Daniel Pemberton captures the beat and following adventures of the detective Dirk to a sharp point, where you will like it... maybe love it. I find that television shows need full releases because sometimes you only hear a click, where here you get the complete piece as it was intended to be heard.

-Jeremy [Two Thumbs]


Days Of Grace [2012] Nick Cave and Warren Ellis

Days Of Grace [2012]
Available: Digital April 3rd and CD May 1st
Released By: Lakeshore Records
Composer: Nick Cave/Warren Ellis/Various

Days of Grace (Días de Gracia) spans a period of 12 years and three different soccer World Cup competitions.  Each time period has a different style, exemplified by the three different sets of composers as described by director Everardo Gout.

The film, set in Mexico City and spanning three Soccer World Cups, features original score by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis (The Road, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford), Academy Award™-winner Atticus Ross (The Social Network, The Book of Eli) with Leopold Ross & Claudia Sarne, and Shigeru Umebayashi (House of Flying Daggers, Curse of the Golden Flower, In the mood for Love, 2046).

01. The Shack - Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
02. Mundial de Futbol/Vivir en México (Victim X dialogue) - Carlos Bardem
03. Wrong Bust - Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
04. Hiena (Lupe's dialogue) - Tenoch Huerta
05. Butcher's Hook/Porcinos Mexicanos - Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
06. Días de Gracia (Comandante's dialogue) - José Sefami
07. Here's a Little Jolt for You - Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
08. Criminal Traicionado (Madrina's dialogue) - Verónica Falcón
09. Bronco - Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
10. Burning the Shack - Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
11. The Whack (Entering Kitchen) - Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
12. Siempre hay alguien (Comandante's dialogue) - José Sefami
13. Destiny - Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
14. Days of Grace - Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
15. Buenos dias muchachito/Pecados (Teacher's dialogue) - Tenoch Huerta
16. Broken Time - Atticus Ross, Claudia Sarne & Leopold Ross
17. Kidnap - Atticus Ross, Claudia Sarne & Leopold Ross
18. Drugs - Atticus Ross, Claudia Sarne & Leopold Ross
19. Fear - Atticus Ross, Claudia Sarne & Leopold Ross
20. Revelations - Atticus Ross, Claudia Sarne & Leopold Ross
21. Hazla buena (Victim X dialogue) - Carlos Bardem
22. Quiero la verdad (Susana's dialogue) - Dolores Heredia
23. Sumado: The Echoes between Stories - Shigeru Umebayashi
24. Susana's Cello - Shigeru Umebayashi
25. Talking on the Water - Shigeru Umebayashi
26. Max's Brother and Susana's Daughter - Shigeru Umebayashi
27. One Way or Another - Shigeru Umebayashi
28. Her Emotions of Silent Thought - Shigeru Umebayashi
29. Not Knowing How Things Will End - Shigeru Umebayashi
30. Susana and Camila - Shigeru Umebayashi
31. Sumado: Cast the Shell - Shigeru Umebayashi
32. Song for Tula - Shigeru Umebayashi
33. Como dije (Victim X dialogue) - Carlos Bardem
34. Assault For La Coca - Bot'Ox
35. The Meat Song - Bot'Ox
36. Permanent Shade - Tim Goldsworthy, Euan Dickinson & Billy Fuller
37. Summertime - Scarlett Johansson vs. 3D
38. Vivir en México (Doroteo's dialogue) - Kristyan Ferrer
39. Kantele - Shigeru Umebayashi

There is many different styles on this Cd, I have the complaint of the tracks with the dialogue... I was never a fan of that on any soundtrack/score. You might enjoy it, it works if it's like "Duel Of The Fates" where they incorporate into the music, not a separate stand-alone track. Outside of that the music is very strong and will represent this film in the way it was intended to be.

-Jeremy [Two Thumbs]


Titanic 4cd [Anniversary Edition]

Titanic 4cd [Anniversary Edition] [2012]
Available: 03/26/2012
Released By: Sony Music/Masterworks
Composer: James Horner

Titanic is a 1997 American epic romance and disaster film directed, written, co-produced, and co-edited by James Cameron. A fictionalized account of the sinking of the RMS Titanic, it stars Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack Dawson, Kate Winslet as Rose DeWitt Bukater, Gloria Stuart as Old Rose, and Billy Zane as Rose's fiancé, Cal Hockley. Jack and Rose are members of different social classes who fall in love aboard the ship during its ill-fated maiden voyage.

 Okay you all know what this movie is and the success it has brought in from it's box office numbers to the stars it had. You also know my certain love for James Horner's work, so what is left to tell you? I have never seen this movie from start to finish, I have seen clips and parts. I don't want to see it, I know how it ends. The music is some of the strongest epic tale of disaster you might find by Horner. He as a composer has done his share of sad score music, this was well known and epic film. The re-release is an updated telling to give you more of what you all ready love with the first two Cd's. The third and forth Cd's represent more of the music you would find during that period of the Titanic. I do enjoy this music and the update is well worth your time, make it last forever.

-Jeremy [Two Thumbs]