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21 Questions: Clare Grant [Actress]

Clare Grant [Actress]
[Someone You Should Know!]

Biography: Clare Grant is a Memphis born actress who grew up heavily involved in the local theater scene. Upon graduating from the University of Memphis for Theater Performance, she had a short modeling career overseas before she began acting professionally after booking a small but pivotal role in Walk the Line, after which, she moved to LA to pursue acting full time.

While in Memphis, Clare met local director, Craig Brewer, who cast her in several independent films before casting her in his first studio film Black Snake Moan & then later in his MTV series $5 Cover. Since then, Clare has found luck in LA, booking leading roles in the Emmy award winning Showtime series Masters of Horror as well as several other films and television shows, including voicing characters on Robot Chicken.

As a producer, Clare created & starred in the short film Saber, which won two awards in the LucasFilm Star Wars Fan Film Awards. With her creative partners, Team Unicorn, she has helped to create and produce viral sensations such as G33K & G4M3R Girls, A Very Zombie Holiday and Super Harmony.

MAD (2011)
CSI: Miami "Wheels Up" (2011)
Robot Chicken: Half Assed Christmas Special" (2010)
Warren the Ape (2010)
The Graves (2010)
Daylight Fades (2010)
Here & Now (2010)
$5 Cover (2009)
Saber (2009)
Robot Chicken (2009) (Voice actor)
Terrorvision: Follower (2008)
House Of Fur (2007)
Send in the Clown (2006)
Black Snake Moan (2006)
Happenstance (2006)
Masters of Horror: Valerie on the Stairs (2006)
Walk the Line (2006)
The Smallest Oceans (2005)
Resolutions of the Complacent man (2005)

-Tell us about your career and what you are currently working on or involved with?
Clare Grant: I am always working on Team Unicorn projects, but personally, I just wrapped an amazing indy film that I am excited for about James Dean, and have been doing voices for MAD and another top secret project that I can't talk about.

-Is this what you thought you would be doing with your life, what was your first passion?
Clare Grant: My first passion is tie between singing and video games, but I have always been passionate about acting, and grew up in the theatre. I didn't think about pursuing acting professionally until about 6 years ago, and have enjoyed every moment of the journey since.

-To whom do you credit your success to, who gives or gave you the most support?
Clare Grant: The first person who truly believed in me and set me on this is my path is director, Craig Brewer. But currently, my husband is my number one supporter.

-If you could meet or work with [living or dead], who would that be and why?
Clare Grant:If I could work with anyone, it would be Joss Whedon. He was the first director/creator whose work I really took note of. His portrayal of females and human relationships is by far my favorite, and I could easily say he is my favorite "creator" ever.  

-What would you like to be remembered for 100 years from now?
Clare Grant: Being a good person who tried to make good decisions.

-Who inspires you?
Clare Grant: My husband inspires me everyday. His vast knowledge of every topic imaginable is awe-inspiring, and he has the best heart of any one I know.

-How are things different today, than the same day 1 year ago?
Clare Grant: Well for starters, I wasn't married a year ago. But I also hadn't created Team Unicorn a year ago. And the Team Unicorn ride has been amazing.

-What is the last song you bought or listened to in your musical device?
Clare Grant: The last album I bought was the new Lord T & Eloise album "Rapocalypse". It's brilliant. Everyone should be listening to them.

-Last good film you had seen, and the best movie you would recommend to someone asking?
Clare Grant: I actually just saw a great sci-fi movie that was extremely though provoking that I loved called "Another Earth". I highly recommend it.

-What is the single greatest moment in your life?
Clare Grant: The single greatest moment of my life will always be the day I married my soul mate.

-Favorite Horror Film?
Clare Grant: Mike Dougherty's "Trick 'r Treat"

-Favorite Book?
Clare Grant: Robert Jordan's "Wheel of Time" series

-Favorite Song?
Clare Grant: I'm a HUGE Beatles fan. Take your pick.

-Favorite Film Character?
Clare Grant: Indiana Jones

-Favorite Film Composer?
Clare Grant: John Williams. Duh.

-Favorite Thing In Your Home?
Clare Grant: My X-BOX.

-Favorite First Pet?
Clare Grant: My cat, Carport the VI

-Favorite Coffee Or Tea?
Clare Grant: Coffee.

-Favorite Phrase?
Clare Grant: "Will somebody get the big table in here? Or do I have to go out and cut the F**king tree down myself?"

-Favorite Hiding Place [Not that we are looking]?
Clare Grant: Azeroth.

-If you could tell someone something someone told you, "words to live by" what would that be?
Clare Grant: Believe in yourself and love yourself, and others will too.



Okay if you made to the bottom of the page I wanted to thank Clare and her team of people for making this happen, they were very cool from the start. She is the total "Geek's Gal" from her love of Star Wars, Video Games, Seth Green [He Rocks!] and well it's awesome she is in this world. 

Thank You Sweet...Sweet Lady!
Jeremy [Two Thumbs]

21 Questions: Missy Hill [Unicorn City]

Missy Hill  [Actress]
Missy Hill grew up surrounded by theater & performing. A student of The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in LA, she's been acting since age twelve. Her latest credits include: Grandmother in the SAG film, An Evening With My Comatose Mother, The Modern Adaptation of Aesop's Fables, REPO! The Genetic Opera (Shadowcast), Lola in the independent short, Op II, Sally Bowles in the theatrical production of Cabaret, and Connie in the theatrical production of Crazy Eights.

-Tell us about your career and what you are currently working on or involved with?
I started acting at 18yrs old. I grew up with a mother who was an actress & she refused to let me pursue a career professionally until I was 18. I studied at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Hollywood, CA. as well as privately studied with Andrew Benne in LA & Douglas Caputo & Jeff Johnson in Utah. Most of my past experience is in Theater, until recently. After Unicorn City, I was used as the face for the lead character in a recent graphic novel called TYNK & I landed the part of MOTHER in a SAG Independent Short, AN EVENING WITH MY COMATOSE MOTHER, which has also done extremely well with the critics & in the film festival scene, including two recent awards for which I've won: Best Supporting Actress & Best Transformation In A Film. Currently they are adapting AN EVENING WITH MY COMATOSE MOTHER into a full feature, as well as adapting the graphic novel TYNK into a full feature.

-Is this what you thought you would be doing with your life, what was your first passion?
This has ALWAYS been my passion since I was old enough to remember. Growing up with a mother who acted (and is VERY talented to boot), I have endless memories of watching her rehearse & perform my whole life & thinking to myself that one day I was going to become an actress too & I never waivered.

-To whom do you credit your success to, who gives or gave you the most support?
There are numerous people who deserve credit for the success I've had. All my teachers, my friends, The Leflers, etc. But my parents are the ones who deserve the MOST credit. They've NEVER doubted, never judged my choice of career when most others did & they ALWAYS helped me in whatever way they could. Without question, their unending love & support keep me going.

-If you could meet or work with [living or dead], who would that be and why?
Ooooh how I hate questions like these....but ok, let's see....ok, I got it! DEFINITELY, hands down Darren Aronofsky & The Coen Brothers! Oh & Jeff Bridges & Meryl Streep too....Ya, I know that's not just one person, but that's why I hate these kinds of questions.

-What would you like to be remembered for 100 years from now?
Of course I'd LOVE to be remembered for my theatrical accomplishments, as well as for my writing, dancing, singing, etc. But mostly for never giving up on my dream. 

-When you were growing up, what was your favorite role playing game and character, if not role playing... what game [Monopoly, Clue, Uno, e.t.c]?
You're gonna laugh at me for this because everyone does, but although I loved board games (and charades was one of my favorites), my favorite game to play as a child was the game of pretend. I'd make up COUNTLESS things to play pretend with & was able to completely lose myself in it. Still makes me smile thinking about it!

-How are things different today, than the same day 1 year ago?
There's been a change of scenery & location, new friends, opportunities to travel & new projects to work on....but definitely a bigger smile.

-What is the last song you bought or listened to in your musical device? 
 Imogen Heap's song Hide and Seek

-Last good film you had seen, and the best movie you would recommend to someone asking? 

Last good film I saw was True Grit & the best movie I'd recommend to someone would be (and this depends on the person really), I guess...Requiem For A Dream.

-Tell us your role or involvement in "Unicorn City"?
I played the role of Angie, Marsha's best friend and Pat's girlfriend in the movie Unicorn City.

-Favorite Fantasy Film or Television Show? 
Fantasy Film: The Labyrinth 
Television Show: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

-Favorite Memory while working on "Unicorn City"?
Swimming into the pool wall at the cast party! I had a HUGE egg above my left eye, haha! Just goes to show how much icing something truly is effective. You couldn't tell at all in the film. But in my defense, it was night, the water was dark & my eyes were closed! 

-Favorite Song? 
Coco Rosie's song Werewolf

-Favorite Film Fantasy Character? 
Ludo from the film The Labyrinth

-Favorite Film Composer? 
Danny Elfman

-Favorite Thing In Your Home? 
My Dartmouth sweater, given to me by Emilie Lefler

-Favorite First Pet? 
My dog Maggie (half Shih Tzu, half Pekingese) & my BIG cat Bowie! I miss & love them BOTH!

-Favorite Prop you used while working on "Unicorn City"? 

My Bow & Arrow. It was fashioned out of a hockey stick, the spine of a binder, a pencil, a bungee cord & a ruler AND it worked. WICKED AWESOME!

-Favorite Phrase during the filming of "Unicorn City" [from you or other cast/crew]? 
"Ah, Unicrap City! Looks just like the brochure." (by Jon Gries who played Shadowhawk)

-Favorite Hiding Place?
In real life or in the film?....umm ok, I'll give you both. In the dryer & behind the costume trailer on set.

-If you could tell someone something someone told you, "words to live by" what would that be?
It would be a toss up between, "MISSY STOP!...that hurt didn't it!?"...or..."Don't pee into the wind!" 

Create a Creature [2011]

Create a Creature [2011]
Learn the Magic of Movie Make Up!

Trionic Entertainment brings you Create a Creature, a costume makeup tutorial. Creating the perfect costume doesn't need to be difficult or expensive and we are going show you how. Inside this DVD are 10 makeup demonstrations of some of the most popular costumes. Learn how to turn yourself, family, and friends into everything from a clown to a zombie. Create a Creature will be your secret to becoming the hit at any party!
Thoughts: So it's my nightmare before Christmas post and as you can see this is a little late for Halloween... this is a good thing cause you have time to prepare for next year. In this beginners make-up it gives to the basics for starting your own make-overs. Tells you the how-to's into making yourself into different types of monsters and where you might find the props and products you will need to get this done. I did find it a little paced in the dvd, but this is very instructional so I remind you that it's a learning tool. I look forward to my extensive dvd's in the future for the more extreme monster make-overs.


William Beaudine's: Shockorama

Shockorama [1966]
Two Great Movies from William Beaudine!
Billy the Kid Vs. Dracula - The world's most diabolical killer! The world's deadliest gunfighter! Dracula travels to the American West, intent on making a beautiful ranch owner his next victim. Her fiance, the outlaw Billy the Kid, finds out about it and rushes to save her. A great Cheezy Flick - and one we are sure you will love as much as we did.

Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter - Legendary outlaw of the Old West, Jesse James (John Lupton), joins a small gang and attempts to pull a stagecoach robbery. When things go wrong, he finds himself on the run from Marshal MacPhee. With MacPhee on the hunt, Jessie hides out in a castle with a very peculiar tenant - Baron Frankenstein's granddaughter Maria (Narda Onyx), who, after killing just about everyone in the surrounding town, proceeds to transform Jesse's slow-witted pal Hank (Cal Bolder) into a bald zombie, which she lovingly names Igor.

Thoughts: You read it correctly four well known iconic characters in two western like horror flicks and you somewhere in the middle. I didn't know what to expect with either films, I found them great for a lazy afternoon of bad weather... not saying that is the only time to watch them. You will get what you want out of these films, I encourage you to watch them back to back.


Chemical Burn Entertainment

Crowbar: The Killings of Wendell Graves

In the small town of Coburg, a young boy named Wendell Graves witnesses the brutal murder of his parents in their own bedroom. He watches in horror as a masked man stabs the couple repeatedly with a crowbar. Wendell escapes and spends the next 15 years of his life silently locked up in his aunt's farmhouse. There she plays the innocent caretaker, brainwashing him into believing that anyone and everyone who enters his parents' home is an intruder who must meet the same fate as they did. When newcomers Alex and Veronica move to town, they have no idea the fate that awaits them. On the first night in their new home, Wendell returns to destroy the intruders. After slashing his way through Veronica's friends, Wendell disappears into the night leaving Alex and Veronica searching for answers. Receiving no help from the people who live in the strange town, Alex and Veronica discover the tragic past that threatens to swallow them as it has so many before. Wendell Graves follows them at every turn and when Alex and Veronica split up to find the answers, Alex discovers that they were lured to town by a sociopathic real estate agent. Fearing the worst, Alex races against time to find his wife before it's too late. Crowbar is a thrilling slasher film in the vein of Halloween and Psycho that dives deep into the psyche of jealousy and hatred.

Scarlet Fry’s Junkfood Horrorfest

Scarlet Fry takes you on the thrill of your life with: Blood Thirsty Cannibals, Satanic Zombies, Demented Nurses, Junkie Serial Killers, Freaky Perverts and More! This Blood Drenched Deluxe Horrorfest isn’t for the weak at heart. A drug dealer has made his last deal after he decides to hand a junkie serial killer (Calico Cooper) some bad junk. This junk is, in fact, a video tape entitled "Junkfood Horrorfest." This horror anthology, hosted by Scarlet Fry, features six twisted tales that kick off when the junkie and her new found friend decide to watch the tape. Little does her friend know how much trouble he’s in for. Get ready for a blood drenched, deluxe horrorfest that isn’t for the weak at heart. Twisted tales that will turn your stomach and send you crying for Mommy! This special edition is value packed with two bonus programs, "Scarlet Fry's Horrorama," Scarlet Fry's presentation of the cult classic "Carnival of Souls," and more.

Thoughts: Two films both with some crazy stuff going on and me right in the middle not knowing which way to turn if I go left it's one crazy kid and the other direction brings the crazies. Wendell needs some therapy, real help. Scarlet is in more need of a good lock down from the world in it's many short films... with a special screening of Carnival of Souls. Both films will bring you closer to the edge with it's very straight to dvd style and graphic content... you should watch alone. I am still riding the fence if I enjoyed these or if I need some therapy myself... and many who know me, know the answer.

Mark of the Devil [1971]

Mark of the Devil [1971]
Positively The Most Horrifying Film Ever Made!
Banned in many countries!  - Udo Kier is a witch hunter apprentice to Herbert Lom. Udo believes strongly in his mentor and in the ways of the church but loses faith when he catches Lom strangle a man to death for calling him impotent. Kier begins to see for himself that the witch trials are nothing but a scam of the church to seduce women, rob people of their land, money, and other personal belongings. in the end, the towns people revolt, Herbert Llom escapes and poor Udo is tortured to death by the towns people with the his own devices from the dungeon.  - Rated 'V' for violence - this film contains very strong graphic torture!

Thoughts: Okay witches and people against the church wrapped up in medieval tortures and what does that bring... one of the most disturbing films I have seen in sometime. Now keeping this in mind it's release is in the early 1970's which makes the gore more cartoon-ish and blood that resembles red paint. It also based on real cases of torture told in more a dramatic/gore form, I would watch this again. It is not for the squeamish or those on an empty stomach, I would recommend for those who enjoy a classic horror film.

No Video... to messed up, I will give some images I found of people you would know and creepy faces you will see.

House of Whipcord [1974]

House of Whipcord [1974]
Many young girls have entered these gates--none have yet come out!

There is a large and old home just a few hours drive from London a home that use to be a house of corrections, where bad girls are brought and bad girls are punished for crimes against society. A young man is pressured by his insane mother and father who both worked for the British court system as he lures beautiful women to this country estate where they finds that they are not going off for a weekend getaway, but checking into the House of Whipcord.

Thoughts: Okay this is for that young lady who is thinking about traveling up the country side to meet that cool boy who you barely know. I say don't you might find yourself locked in a cage where your life is now a judgement and this justice is blind. Hippie chicks, little clothes, spinsters ladies and that is in the first ten minutes... so just imagine the rest of the film.


Drive-In Massacre [1976]

Drive-In Massacre [1976]
On August 19th in a California drive-in the senseless killings began . . .

A restless crowd and a cheezy double feature lead to two brutal killings at a drive-in!  Detective Koch and O’Leary assemble a mixed cast of suspects that would make even Charlie Chan cringe.  Is it the deranged knife-thrower, the foul-mouthed bigot, the projectionist, the janitor or the pathetic voyeur?  Cold razor-sharp steel slices through warm flesh and hot blood squirts over the screen as patrons are splattered across the hoods of cars and even dismembered at the concession stand!

Thoughts: When you are feeling down and what to get away for the night can I suggest a Drive In Movie, just be warned you are not alone and remember to check your back seat. If something doesn't feel right, you can always ask the manager for your money back, if someone dies every night... why would you think going here would be a good thing?


Horror Planet [1982]

Horror Planet [1982]
Years of waiting are over... terror has begun.

A six man, six woman planetary exploration team is investigating possible origins of a remote, desolate planet's apparently long-vanished civilization - so far, however, nothing has been found but a silent, lifeless world. Or so it seems. Unbeknownst to the explorers, a strange alien creature has been waiting patiently in stasis for millions of years, biding it's time until conditions are suitable to breed... and it's time has finally come. When the creature is accidentally awakened, it viciously assaults one of the crew members, and the horror that follows is more terrifying than anyone's worst nightmare. Especially for one unfortunate crew member with more than her own life to fear...

Thoughts: This is one of those films you loved from the eighties, because the success of films like "Alien" makes it possible for this film to be made. Will you like it better than "Alien" probably not... will you find in entertaining, I say if you like the cheese... then yes!


Deja Vu Blogfest... On with the Show!

"Deja Vu Blogfest" 
Hosted by: DL Hammons 
"Cruising Altitude 2.0"

December 16th all of those taking part will re-post their favorite blog offering, or one that never received the exposure it should have.  Then as the day unfolds and everyone hops from one blog to another, what they will be reading is the best of the best (as determined by you).  That day the blogosphere will be chock full of past writing brilliance!  Encouragement, enlightenment, knowledge, bared souls, stimulation, hilarity, insecurities, success stories!  All on display…the very same day…like no other time before.  Some of them will no doubt be familiar, well-deserving a second read, but a good many will be the first time you’ve seen them.  And it couldn't be any easier to take writing necessary!

Thank you,

HERE IS MY RE-POST WITH THE SUPER CROONERS "THE BLANKS" AND THE INTERVIEW I HAD WITH THEM... [also if you would like to read both parts, please follow the buttons on the right side to The Blanks: Bio, Videos and More]

Set the scene: I walk down to my office as I hear the some voices, and one screams, "hey man don't eat all those chips"... My pace picks up because the door to my office is locked, and it's like 3am in the morning. I shuffle the doorknob to warn the intruders I am a force to be dealt with... the door swings open [dramatic music]. You ever seen raccoons in your backyard that you flicker light into their eyes, well that is what I saw... four guys scarfing down the last crumbs of the bag of chips. A little jolt as we got our focus to the situation as I came to realize it was my good friends "The Blanks", I can call them friends... cause I can. As I greet... George, Paul, Sam, and Philip... welcoming them to my little internet office... It went something like this: 

[2vs8]: Please tell us a little more about you, that is not on the website, the real you?

We are George [George Miserlis], Paul [Paul F. Perry], Sam [Sam Lloyd], and Philip [Philip McNiven], just four average small-town kids who had a dream to sing acapella on a medical sitcom.   But once success hit, like so many pop idols in mega-star boy bands, we each got pigeonholed, given labels like The Cute One, the Bad Boy, the Good-Looking Idiot and the Shy Loner with the Large Doll Collection.  But we’re more than that.  For example we all enjoy scrap-booking, and are avid falconers.

[2vs8]: Careers outside of the band, any telemarketers or snake oil salesman?

Paul F. Perry:  I once worked in a factory putting glue onto flypaper, but I didn’t stick to it.
Sam Lloyd:  I used to be trainer for a dog, but it didn’t sit well.
Philip McNiven:  I wanted to be a tennis instructor, but I lacked the follow-through.
George Miserlis:  I teach English as a Second language to foreigners, but it’s hard to make them talk good.

[2vs8]: If you could have a dinner party with famous dead people, who would you invite?

Philip McNiven:  Everyone picks Jesus, Mohammed, Leonardo da Vinci, and Hitler.  But if I’m having a dinner party, I want guests to bring a nice dish.  And Da Vinci’s risotto, to be honest, is mediocre at best.
Paul F. Perry:  Mother Theresa does a surprisingly good tiramisu.  She does anything well that you don’t need all your teeth to eat.
George Miserlis:  I hear Hitler makes a nice blintz.  His blintz-kreig, he calls it.
Sam Lloyd:  I’d invite Coco Chanel.  She makes all the dead people smell real nice.
Philip McNiven:  And here’s a tip, never serve brains.  Once those dead get into that, the party’s over.

[2vs8]: What scares you more puppets with strings or without?

It’s funny how often we get this question.
Sam Lloyd:  Puppets are scary when move by themselves without an operator.
Paul F. Perry:  Chucky.
George Miserlis:  Oh, I know, I can never set foot in a Chucky Cheese.  Just the thought of that puppet making those pizzas.
Philip McNiven:  The scariest puppet was Roberto Benigni in that Pinocchio movie.
Paul F. Perry:  Puppets with strings are soothing.  Puppets with a Dixieland brass section are terrifying.

[2vs8]: When did you know what you wanted to do, that led you to here "The Blanks"?

When did we know we wanted to tour the world as members of an acappella group?   We started small, with a silly song at a party, trying to impress a girl.  That led to another party, and then to a tv show, which happened to run for nine years before expanding into syndication.  Then we started getting fan mail from places like Platteville, WI.  So we went there and did a show.  Now we are heading to play a sold-out hall in Vienna, the city of Mozart and Liszt.  All of this, and we’re still trying to impress that girl.

[2vs8]: If you could be a super hero or super villain, which one and what would be your powers and why?

Sam Lloyd:   I’d be Super Interview-Answer-Man, and my power would be to answer all questions in a witty and informative way.
Paul F. Perry:  Dude, go for a power you don’t already have.
Sam Lloyd:  Thanks, man.
George Miserlis:  Can I say my Mom?  The way she raised me was super.
Sam Lloyd:  Dude, you can’t be your mom, that’s a little psycho.
Philip McNiven:  I’d like to be Captain BlowMyself.  I’d have the ability to – well, you get the idea.

[2vs8]: Something your mother caught you doing, that you said was something else... only want to know the "something else"?

Sam Lloyd: I was embarrassed to be caught reading the New York Review of Books in bed, so I told my mom that I was masturbating.
Paul F. Perry: I often tell people I’m saving the world.  But I’m usually just being Captain Blowmyself, bent over under a desk, trying to – well, you get the idea.

[2vs8]: People say this is my best feature and why… nothing to do with the last question?

Paul F. Perry:  Our best feature is the film we made of “Guy Love”.  You can find it on YouTube.
Sam Lloyd: My best feature is my ability not to repeat myself. Not to repeat myself, that’s my best feature. 
George Miserlis:   My best feature is my thick, glossy mane of luxurious hair.
Philip McNiven:  Me too.  It’s just mine grows on my back.

[2vs8]: If you could tell someone something about anything, what would that be and why?  

We’d say that if you like the Blue Man group, or Cirque de Soleil, but are tired of toilet paper on your head and French Canadians on trapezes and want something fresh, come see the Blanks.  It’s a show for all ages, from 6 to 96.  Even at 97, you’ll enjoy the show, because frankly, it’s nice to get out.
A few hours has passed...
I heard a whistle blow and the guys had to be on the next plane to Germany and another sold out show. I wanted to thank them all for the time and a shout out to Adam Sloat for making this all happen, he is the man making it all happen behind the scenes. So best of luck to all the guys... maybe a xxl new logo shirt, signed autograph and backstage passes when they are in Chicago... wink!

21 Questions: Jaclyn Hales [Unicorn City]

Jaclyn Hales [Actress]

Jaclyn Hales was born in Syracuse, New York, September 4, 1986. Her first acting debut came quickly after her family moved to Portsmouth, New Hampshire at the age of 6. She was cast as the “Shrunken Alice” in Alice in Wonderland at a small hometown theater. Since then she has been addicted to the art of theater and acting. As a teenager her family moved to Utah and It was there that she switched gears from stage to film. Her first TV appearance was on the WB series Everwood, playing Katherine Adams, the ex-girlfriend of the show’s leading man.

After four years of studying acting at Utah Valley University she graduated with a BS in Theater Performance and a couple of prestigious awards from the department including: “Best Actress of the Year 2009” and “Best Student Director 2009”.

Her resume was filling up with award winning short films, and local commercials, but her first real break was landing the leading lady in Unicorn City (2009). Her participation in this SAG feature-film allowed her to join the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) which helped launch her career towards more feature films. Jaclyn hopes to continue acting for as long as people are willing to watch!

-Tell us about your career and what you are currently working on or involved with?  
My career started at age five on the stage in a tiny repertory theater in Portsmouth NH, where I grew up. My film career didn't really professionally start until I graduated college from Utah Valley University (BS in Theater performance). I was booking mostly local commercials at first and finally got my break as the Lead in a feature film with Unicorn City. Since then I've booked two more films due to be out next year, Scents and Sensibility, and The Mill. Currently I'm making the transition to LA and tackling the insanely saturated competition....WISH ME LUCK!

-Is this what you thought you would be doing with your life, what was your first passion?
YES, like I said, I started acting at five and haven't stopped since. I haven't gone a year of my life without being in some kind of play or film.

-To whom do you credit your success to, who gives or gave you the most support? 
My parents definitely. Both have supported me financially when I was scraping by but needed head shots, or a ride to an audition, or what ever, as well as emotional support always!

-If you could meet or work with [living or dead], who would that be and why? 
Meryl Streep hands down. I think I would start crying when I met her even if I was a big star myself...she will always be a perfect example to me of who I want to model my career after.

-What would you like to be remembered for 100 years from now? 
For being a charitable person. Not greedy.

-When you were growing up, what was your favorite role playing game and character, if not role playing... what game [Monopoly, Clue, Uno, e.t.c]? 
Always "dress up". My favorite part of any role I play today or even as a kid, was the costumes. As an actress its the final touch and shove that brings my character to life.

-How are things different today, than the same day 1 year ago? 
Uhhhh......My whole world is different. I don't even live in the same state, I'm single now, I have union status as an actor, I've made twice the amount of friends in the "industry" and I'm scared out of my mind for what the future holds. Kids don't try this at home!

-What is the last song you bought or listened to in your musical device? 
I have a bad habit of not noting which artist I'm listening to when I listen to the radio, so I wouldn't even know.

-Last good film you had seen, and the best movie you would recommend to someone asking? 

 Last good film I saw was Fright Night. Surprisingly very entertaining and well executed. My favorite movie in the world and I recommend/condemn those who haven't seen it...Jurassic Park. It's a nostalgic thing....As a kid that movie blew my mind!

-Tell us your role or involvement in "Unicorn City"? 
I play Marsha, who is the leading man's leading lady. I was actually the first person cast in the film several years ago, so I've been part of this project for a while and happy to be! I think people will like Marsha cause she'll kill you with kindness.

-Favorite Fantasy Film or Television Show?
Does Jurassic Park count?

-Favorite Memory while working on "Unicorn City"?
The day we shot the "attacking of the monster/grandma's car" scene. We all just had fun and really had to get into character as LARPers (Live. Action. Role. Playing). That scene is really all of us just playing make believe and for a second it was completely understandable why people really go out and do that sort of's FUN!

-Favorite Song?  Theme from Jurassic Park.

-Favorite Film Fantasy Character?  The T-Rex from Jurassic park;-)

-Favorite Film Composer? John Williams....he did Jurassic Park

-Favorite Thing In Your Home? My bed.

-Favorite First Pet? Belle, my boxer dog.

-Favorite Prop you used while working on "Unicorn City"?
NON! I had the privilege of wearing a fanny pack with almost every costume which had several props which was a continuity nightmare! I take it back, I liked my swords.

-Favorite Phrase during the filming of "Unicorn City" [from you or other cast/crew]? Lunch!

-Favorite Hiding Place? Movie theaters.

-If you could tell someone something someone told you, "words to live by" what would that be?
 Probably that, the more you give the more you get back. And I believe that not because I think you'll double your money if you lend it out, but because the self worth you feel when you give to others, whether it's your time, money, respect, or a pair of pants.... that’s what will keep you moving forward with purpose and there for bring you success or what ever else you're looking for in life. 

The Cabin in the Woods [2012]

The Cabin in the Woods [2012]
Santa Monica, CA, July 20, 2011– LIONSGATE® (NYSE: LGF), a leading global entertainment company, acquired worldwide distribution rights to the horror film THE CABIN IN THE WOODS from MGM and scheduled the film to be released on April 13, 2012, it was announced today jointly by Joe Drake, President of the Motion Picture Group, and Jason Constantine, President of Acquisitions and Co-Productions.  The company will be distributing the film in North America and the UK, with Lionsgate’s international sales team handling overseas sales.

The film was co-written by Joss Whedon (BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, FIREFLY, the upcoming Marvel film THE AVENGERS) and writer Drew Goddard (CLOVERFIELD, LOST, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER), and marks Goddard’s directorial debut.  Whedon also produced the film, which he has described as “the horror movie to end all horror movies.” The film is wildly imaginative and intensely horrific, toying with every convention of its genre while at the same time raising their stakes exponentially. 

THOR’s Chris Hemsworth stars as a young professional who visits a quaint cabin in the woods with a group of friends and ends up scratching the surface of something so massive and horrific that they can only begin to fathom it as time quickly runs out.      

Richard Jenkins (LET ME IN), Bradley Whitford (THE WEST WING), Kristen Connolly (THE HAPPENING), Brian J. White (STOMP THE YARD), Amy Acker (ANGEL), Fran Kranz (DONNIE DARKO), and Jesse Williams (BROOKLYN’S FINEST) also star in the film.

“This is a movie that operates on many levels, and it works gloriously on every one of them,” said Joe Drake.  “There is intense fan anticipation for this film, and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to deliver what we’re sure will be a major zeitgeist movie and an instant horror classic- and on a Friday the 13th no less.”

Added Constantine, “Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard are two filmmakers who I have long admired, and it’s an honor and a delight to be in business with them.  They’ve made an incredibly terrifying, mind-blowing movie that simultaneously celebrates and innovates the genre that they both know and love so well.”

Said Goddard, "Lionsgate's passion and enthusiasm for our movie has been so overwhelming, I had to go back and make sure we didn't accidentally screen The Godfather for them.   Fortunately, we did not.  We couldn't be happier at our new home."

Added Whedon, "I'm thrilled that Cabin has landed at Lionsgate because they get and love the film and I'm excited to be working with them on the release."

21 Questions: Adrian Lefler [Unicorn City]

Adrian Lefler [Writer/Producer]
Bio: Adrian’s background is in business. He graduated from the University of Utah with a BA in Business Management. Entrepreneurial in every way, he moved into sales where he was extremely successful, eventually working for PEI (Professional Education Institute) where he worked in training and management. While doing this he was dabbling in film related interests. He worked on a number of short films and also assisted in the production of three commercials with his brother, Bryan.

Adrian, along with his brother Bryan and father, Tom, organized Salt Lake Film Productions LLC, a film company dedicated to creating entertaining and enjoyable comedies and dramas.

Adrian and Seth Dahle, his business partner, operate a successful social media marketing company called My Social Practice. He and his wife, Emilie, and their four children live in Highland, Utah.

-Tell us about your career and what you are currently working on or involved with? 
I am in the process of distributing Unicorn City. We have it showing in several festivals. I'm also finishing a scene play called "I Hate My Freaking Brother!" that I've worked on for a few years. It's an eighties coming of age story. Comedy... hilarious... and it's about a boy who is in love with his older brothers girlfriend.

-Is this what you thought you would be doing with your life, what was your first passion? 
 I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life until i hit 29. Then I realized I enjoyed writing. I don't think ahead very well.... I do what is in front of my face.

-To whom do you credit your success to, who gives or gave you the most support? 
 My wife and family.

-If you could meet or work with [living or dead], who would that be and why? 
My grandpa's... My mothers dad died when I was 5 and my fathers dad died when I was 3 months old.

-What would you like to be remembered for 100 years from now? That I was honest and worked hard.

-When you were growing up, what was your favorite role playing game and character, if not role playing... what game [Monopoly, Clue, Uno, e.t.c]? I played a lot of Pac Man... a lot.

-How are things different today, than the same day 1 year ago? 
I year ago we just finished shooting the film and were cutting it together. It was a mess at first and we weren't sure how good it would be. Now I know weve got a great film that will go viral and I'm happy with what we've accomplished.

-What is the last song you bought or listened to in your musical device?
I bought Cage the Elephant the other day... couple songs from them.

-Last good film you had seen, and the best movie you would recommend to someone asking?
I loved "The Road". Best film that teaches you to love humanity that I've ever seen. I just saw Rise of Planet of the Apes twice. I'd recommend that to anyone.

-Tell us your role or involvement in "Unicorn City"?
I was the co-writer and one of the producers.

-Favorite Fantasy Film or Television Show?
Breaking Bad and Battlestar Galactica for television.... fantasy film, I would have to say... LOTR, Pan's Labyrinth and I really like Miyazaki's Animated films.

-Favorite Memory while working on "Unicorn City"? 
First day of shooting... everyone showed up and it blew my mind.

-Favorite Song?
Don't have one but I love Hendrix, Stones, Jethro Tull, 311, Ratatat, Pinback... also really like Brittany Spears new song. I find myself singing to it.

-Favorite Film Fantasy Character? Probably the "Devil" in Legend.

-Favorite Film Composer? I don't know.

-Favorite Thing In Your Home? My bed.

-Favorite First Pet?
I had a bunch of toads when I was a kid. There was one that was deformed and I had to kill it because it was dying slowly. So I killed it. I'll never forget that toad.

-Favorite Prop you used while working on "Unicorn City"? The Centaur.

-Favorite Phrase during the filming of "Unicorn City" [from you or other cast/crew]? Yo!

-Favorite Hiding Place? Mountain trails.

-If you could tell someone something someone told you, "words to live by" what would that be? 
"Live you life as if on the horizon of death." - Socrates

I had the great pleasure of meeting Adrian at the Chicago Comic Con over the summer and the line was long to talk with him, so I definitely wanted to thank him for the time. This film is getting all the buzz and is becoming a fan favorite... so more to come.
Jeremy [2thumbs]

Interview with "The Active Set"... and the Release of "11"

I walked into this bar outside big town everyone has heard of, but by the end of the night couldn't remember where... what they could remember was the headliners "The Active Set". I wander back to a door that says "cool people only" I naturally thought about it for a second, and I looked around at quickly ran in. As I walked down a hallway reading door to door knowing my plan was to talk to the headliners I came to the door at the end that had a piece of thick tape and the black marker words "The Active Set"... I knocked and was greeted...

Hey Guys... would you mind if I asked you some questions... I heard sure come on in...
 MS - Matthew Stolarz - vox/bass
WR - Wayne Russell - guitar/vox
FR - Francis Ramsden - guitar/vox/keys
MC - Michael Castro - drums/vox/keys

-Tell us about the band and your personal favorite things?

MS - I love a variety of things, and the boys are down to get eclectic. No one is too rigid here. Also, we are punctual.
WR - Football (soccer) West Bromwich Albion. jeeps. Buying things
FR - The Active Set gives me a little different perspective on bands and music. We are all over the place with our music. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing but I like it. 
MC - This band has such a myriad of influences and tastes..we try our best to throw it all into the stew to make a delectable and succulent audio dish.

-What are some of groups/bands you were part of before, how is working in "The Active Set" differ?

MS - I helped start the Briggs. Left to escape monotony. Also had a short lived band called Language Room. It broke up due to personality conflicts. We couldn't be more different in the Active Set, but we all respect each other and do a pretty good job of listening to each other.
FR - I was in a band called Champion The Average. The song writing is easier with The Active Set.
MC - I started a group with a buddy in Oakland, Ca in 2005 called 'system3' based solely on Roland Juno arpeggios, very electronic and organic based; i discovered a vast landscape of music possibilities and it greatly expanded my capabilities and playing; this is when I started playing live electronic percussion sounds with my acoustic kit to form a great hybrid drumkit; i brought this to the Active Set because it's a wonderful thing.

-Best and worst parts of making the video "Famous For Dying"?

MS - Best part was the cast and crew. It could not have been a more relaxed/enjoyable environment, and I really felt the cast 'went there' with their roles. The worst thing was the mess, and actually bite marks left on my face for days.
WR - Best - fun to get eaten alive, zombie fan so to make something with zombies was great, Francis couldn't make it
Worst - fake blood removal is difficult. A good shirt was ruined. Francis wasn't there
FR - Best parts: Watching my bandmates get killed and eaten. Very cathartic for me. Worst parts: I wasn't in it - (had a family obligation on the day of shooting) 
MC - Best parts: acting and living out childhood dreams of being part of great music videos; working with wonderful and talented people/friends Worst part: getting bloody and gooky and messing up my stuff and having to clean it.. and not coming back to life as a zombie to rock out in the video after being ravished by zombies.

-Who do you listen to personally [music] and your musical inspirations/influences?

MS - Let's just go with what I've been listening to lately: Absorbed in the Ziggy-era Bowie catalog. Also, Chairlift, the Drums first album, Butch Walker. I was so engrossed with older music for years, I'm proud of myself for being somewhat current. 
WR - Radiohead, libertines, wilco, Sigur Ros, bloc party, deerhunter, a lot more, the list changes hourly probably
FR - At The Drive In, Sunny Day Real Estate, The Killingtons, Muse, Sigur Ros, Does It Offend You Yeah, Eazy-E, U2, Gorillaz
MC - Pinback..Phoenix..Zappa..Aphex Twin..and a host of deep cut long forgotten or undiscovered soundtrack/instrumental pieces from 80s, 70s, 60s

-Where do you see or want to see "The Active Set" going in the future?

MS - Oh, everywhere I hope. I'm thirsting for some world tour action.
WR -sunset strip
FR - To the UK
MC - Where Duran Duran went

-Fan response to the video "Famous For Dying" and some of the cooler comments about it?

MS - I love how 'interactive' it is. It seems everyone has an opinion about it: it's length, what happens, etc. I'm pleased to have something that engages people, and that they feel they have to express an opinion about.
WR - I've heard mixed, people that like horror totally got the ending and loved the gore. Someone almost threw up, probably because the acting is so convincing or something. Somebody didn't like it because our friends are the zombies. 
FR - I liked the guy who got all up in a bunch when Matt knew he was going to comment about the concept. (On YouTube)

-Strangest fan requests, that made you raise an eyebrow?

MS - Songs? Hmmmm. Nothing too out of the ordinary. Someone asked for a Libertines cover recently.
WR - Fans avoid me. They talk to everyone else but me.
FR - To take us back to their place and make pancakes at 2 am :-| - We didn't go
MC - To cover Kenny Loggins

-Out of all your music, which do feel is your best work?

MS - This new album took a while to get done, but it was worth it. We are quite pleased. It is a perfect snapshot of where we are and where we're going I suppose.
WR - New album, it's a band effort and that's a good thing
FR - I like all for different reasons. 
MC - Best Summer Ever, Counting Out Your Life (from 11)

-Advice that some gave you, that you would pass along to someone you just met?

MS - favorite band advice: "Keep the project going" -anonymous
WR - Don't be a dick. 
FR - "Don't worry, be happy" - Meher Baba
MC - Keep Rokkin like Dokken




I wanted to thank them all... Matthew, Wayne, Francis, Michael and Steve for pulling it all together... getting me those great seats and the backstage passes. Much respect and success to you all!

Jeremy [2Thumbs]