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Interview with Peter Murray - Bassist for Druckfarben

Always giving you more, something cool, something different... I give you a chance to know Peter Murray - Bassist for Druckfarben. I thank him and Anne for getting this together, thank you.
Jeremy [Howlin' Wolf]

Howlin' Wolf: Please tell us who are you, what part do you have within "Druckfarben" and how did you come to be in the group "Druckfarben"?

Peter Murray: I’m Peter Murray, bass player for Druckfarben. I also sing some backup vocals with the band. Our drummer Troy was an old friend of mine---we had played in a band together in the early 90s. He called me one day and asked me if I wanted to be in a prog band with him. I’ve always been a progressive rock fan, and I knew everyone in the band were amazing musicians, so I had to say yes!

Howlin' Wolf: Tell us something you will take away from your release "Second Sound" and how this may differ from previous releases?

Peter Murray: The main thing for me is that this record *sounds* better than our first record. I think it’s much more enjoyable to listen to. It also “feels” better, mostly because we recorded more of it together in the studio. We want to go more and more in that direction. At least speaking for myself, I want to make records more like they were made in the 70s---rely less on technology, and more on the chemistry that we have as musicians playing together.

Howlin' Wolf: Do you feel you connect with any song from "Second Sound" on a personal level, when you hear it you say "that is about me"?

Peter Murray: I was not involved in writing the lyrics. Ed and Phil both wrote lyrics, and they wrote them from their perspective. It’s a little disappointing, but I don’t think they wrote any of the songs about me. ;)

Howlin' Wolf: Share a story that happened on stage, how as a group do you handle the situation?

Peter Murray: We seem to play a lot of outdoor shows in the middle of rain storms. It’s frustrating when we’re not playing very often, and we rehearse a lot for a show, get everything ready, and then we end up waiting backstage in a trailer for the rain to stop. I especially remember one gig at the Canadian National Exhibition. We set everything up and did soundcheck, and then is started to rain really hard. It stopped eventually but we probably only played for 20 minutes. In situations like that, there’s not much you can do. So I guess we handled it well!

Howlin' Wolf: Do you find that places like "You-tube" helps get groups message out, since places like MTV don't actually share music anymore?

Peter Murray: The internet is definitely the main way that music is spread now, and our band would definitely be nowhere without it. We are fortunate to have sold a very decent amount of CDs and DVDs in Europe and other places around the world where we have never performed. This is only because people there have been able to hear our music and see our videos on the internet.


Peter started playing bass at age 15, after seeing a band perform “Supper’s Ready” by Genesis at his sister’s high school. Within a couple of years he was gigging in clubs. Throughout the 90s he was the bassist for Surrender Dorothy, touring in Europe seven times and releasing a major label album on Universal Records in 1997. Countless sideman stints followed, placing Peter on stages around the world with such artists as Ron Sexsmith, Damhnait Doyle, Honeymoon Suite, Jian Ghomeshi, Sass Jordan, Suzie McNeil, Rita Chiarelli, Mad Violet, Jerome Godboo and many others. Studio work included sessions and albums with such artists as the Cash Brothers, Ghandarvas, Lights, Dayna Manning, Mia Sheard and David Celia. Peter has performed on stage with Carmine Appice, SeymourDuncan, Stevie Salas, Jeff Healey, Alain Caron, Jeff Martin (The Tea Party),Bobby Economou (Jaco Pastorius, Blood Sweat & Tears), Andy Kim, Richard Bell (Janis Joplin, The Band, Bob Dylan) and many others. Along the way Peter has kept busy with musical endeavors outside of clubs and studios. His book Essential Bass Technique (published by Hal Leonard Corp.) was endorsed by Billy Sheehan, Michael Manring, Alain Caron, Tom Hamilton (Aerosmith) and others, and was given an A+ review in Bass Player magazine. For four years he wrote a regular bass column for Canadian Musician, and feature articles for Bass Player. He also taught bass, and produced several albums (Wooden Stars, Morgan Finlay, Snailhouse, Pamela Brennan).In 2007, Peter released his debut CD as a singer-songwriter, Ants and Angels. The album was met with widespread critical acclaim and charting positions on several triple-A radio stations in the US. Peter performed his music in Korea, Ireland, Japan, the US and Canada.

La-La Land Records: 1941 [2Cd] - John Williams

La-La Land Records, in association with Sony Music and Universal Pictures, presents the glorious return of our previously-out-of-print, remastered and expanded 2-CD SET of Academy Award-Winning composer John Williams’ (JAWS, BLACK SUNDAY, STAR WARS, RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK) amazing score to the 1979 Universal Pictures and Columbia Pictures comedy spectacular 1941, starring Dan Aykroyd, Ned Beatty, John Belushi and Warren Oates, and directed by Steven Spielberg. Williams provides a delightful, full-on orchestra assault (featuring one of the most infectious marches ever written for film) to compliment this cult-classic’s slapstick tapestry of WWII-era paranoia exploding in Hollywood. Produced by Mike Matessino, Didier C. Deutsch and Mark G. Wilder, remixed and assembled by Mike Matessino and mastered by Mark G. Wilder, this special release is expanded by more than 70 minutes with never-before-released music, including alternates and source cues. The original 1979 album presentation is also presented on disc 2, remastered. 1941 Re-issue producer Mike Matessino provides exclusive, in-depth liner notes. Limited Edition of 1000 Units.

This release is identical to our 2011 edition.  
If you missed this, I did... you have to get it!! Some of the greatest music from a film of a fact-filled-fantasy-comedy.
Jeremy [Howlin' Wolf]

Men, Men, Men... Manly Men!

Feel the fury of Mother Nature when the third season of HISTORY®’s fan-favorite series, Mountain Men® arrives on DVD February 24 from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. Experience the thrills and excitement of the extraordinary outdoors as five men attempt to survive in some of America’s harshest environments. The four-disc collection is packed with 15 episodes and over an hour of never-before-seen-on-TV footage. The Mountain Men®: Season 3 DVD.

The struggle for survival continues with the Mountain Men®: Season 3 DVD. Your favorite Mountain Men — Marty, Tom, Eustace, Rich, Charlie and Kyle — face life-changing decisions and impending loss when a polar vortex threatens them. Unwelcome visitors and dwindling provisions loom in “Valley of the Wolves.” Will Tom and Eustace's attempts at homemade contraptions go up in flames in “Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire”? How will Kyle’s son Ben’s colt-breaking skills fare in “Rite of Passage”? Time is ticking as empty traps, vicious predators and winter storms plague the efforts of these wilderness warriors. Trek across the nation from Alaska to the Carolinas with this 15-episode, rugged expedition across some of America’s wildest terrain.
Jeremy [Howlin' Wolf]

Lakeshore Records: MERCHANTS OF DOUBT [2015] - Mark Adler

MERCHANTS OF DOUBT – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack digitally on March 3rd and on CD April 7, 2015.  The album features the original song “You Fooled Me” by Eg White and original score by Mark Adler (FOOD INC., BOTTLE SHOCK), which earned the Hollywood Music In Media Award for Best Score for a Documentary in November of 2014.

Lionsgate Brings 3 Films Home for you... SCARE, FIGHT and the MASTER!

FINAL PRAYER [DVD] - A team of Vatican investigators is sent to the British West Country following reports of paranormal activity at a remote church.  As the team begins to doubt its judgement, events take a darker turn, and it seems that something deeply sinister has been awakened.

GREEN STREET HOOLIGANS: UNDERGROUND [DVD] - Once the leader of the Green Street Elite – the top hooligan football firm – Danny has turned his back on the lifestyle, and the trouble that comes with it. When he gets a call that his younger brother has died in a fight against another firm, Danny returns to London to find the people responsible for his death. 
THE MASTER [DVD] - In 19th Century China amidst the corrupt Qing Dynasty, the people are suffering at the hands of greedy landlords, crooked officials and unwelcome invaders.  To bring his people together, Chen Xiang opens a martial arts school combining teaching techniques from both the North and the South.  When Chen refuses to join the armies of the Qing Prince, he seeks revenge on Chen’s school and family. To survive, Chen must rise up and fight to free his students and protect his home.  

What will you be watching tonight?
Jeremy [Howlin' Wolf]

Big Bad Film: BASTARD is almost here!

Indie horror film BASTARD has revealed its first official one-sheet. The film takes influence from such cult horror films as Friday the 13th and The Burning.
In Powell Robinson and Patrick R Young's vision, the slaughter begins when newlywed, hitch-hiking serial killers, a brother and sister on the run, and a suicidal, alcoholic cop get caught in an increasingly bizarre series of murders committed by a masked killer near a mountain-town bed and breakfast. The poster was realized by Shawn Coss (

Gets it's poster in order... please keep on this film, it's just around the corner for it's release and where might you be? Under the table, with friends? [CLICK HERE]... we will be bringing more soon!!
Jeremy [Howlin' Wolf]



Infamous, rarely seen 80's cult classic ROAR stars Tippi Hedren, Melanie Griffith and over 150 lions, tigers, and other untamed animals slated for a theatrical release April 2015

AUSTIN, TEXAS — Drafthouse Films has partnered with Olive Films to release Noel Marshall’s sole––and career-derailing––directorial effort, the notorious 1981 family affair with big cats, ROAR. The film will have a limited theatrical release across the US this spring and will be available on Blu-ray, DVD and On Demand platforms later this summer. 

An unprecedented––and wholly unpredictable––action-adventure, Roar follows wildlife preservationist Hank (Marshall), who lives harmoniously alongside a menagerie of untamed animals, including cheetahs, elephants, lions and tigers on a preservation in the African plains. When his wife and children arrive for a visit, a long-brewing battle for dominance between two lions erupts and threatens their very lives.

“Traditionally press releases give you a single press quote to sell you on a movie,” says Drafthouse Films CEO and founder Tim League.  “ROAR is so singular, so breathtaking, I have decided instead to deliver an essay that better contextualizes the incredible awesomeness of this film.  You’ve never seen a movie like ROAR and there will never, ever be a movie like ROAR again.”

Olive Films |

Just Announced!
Jeremy [Howlin' Wolf]


Lionsgate: TARZAN [Animated] [BLU-RAY/DVD]

Kellan Lutz (The Twilight Saga franchise) headlines the newest incarnation of the iconic tale Tarzan®, available on Blu-ray (plus Digital HD) and DVD (plus Digital) exclusively at Walmart August 5 from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. The film will be available on Video on Demand and Pay-Per-View everywhere the same day. Tarzan will be available three weeks earlier on Digital HD July 15. Based on the 'Tarzan' stories created by Edgar Rice Burroughs, one of the most classic coming of age stories of all time is now completely re-imagined for a new generation in stunning CGI-animation. In its initial theatrical release the film has grossed over $35 million globally. Directed by Reinhard Klooss (Animals United) from a screen story and screenplay by him as well, Tarzan also features the voice talents of Spencer Locke (Resident Evil: Afterlife) and Jaime Ray Newman (TV's "Mind Games").

During an expedition to a remote African jungle, the Greystoke family's helicopter crashes, leaving one survivor: the young boy J.J., nicknamed Tarzan. Raised by gorillas, Tarzan lives by the laws of the jungle - until he encounters another human being, the courageous and beautiful Jane Porter. For Tarzan and Jane, it's love at first sight - and the beginning of a thrilling adventure - as Tarzan uses his instincts and intellect to protect his jungle home and the woman he loves.

With bonus material including three behind-the-scenes featurettes, Tarzan will be available on Blu-ray and DVD exclusively at Walmart
Jeremy [Howlin' Wolf]

Lionsgate: A MOUSE TALE [DVD]

Embark on an epic quest when A Mouse Tale, arrives on DVD (plus Digital), Digital HD and On Demand February 10 from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. Follow two little mice on the adventure of a lifetime as Samantha and Sebastian travel through a mystical world to save their kingdom from destruction. Awarded the Dove Seal of Approval, this “charming little fantasy” (The Dove Foundation) features an all-star voice cast led by Miranda Cosgrove and Drake Bell with music by Brandon and Savannah Hudson from “America’s Got Talent.” A Mouse Tale will be available on DVD.

In order to save their kingdom from evil rodents, Sebastian (Bell) and Samantha (Cosgrove) are sent on a quest by the King of Rodencia (Jon Lovitz), and the wise Wizard Dalliwog (Tom Arnold), to obtain a legendary magical crystal, which has the power to defeat the rodents. With the help of two trustworthy knights (Carey Elwes and Jon Heder) they must venture deep into the forest and enter the forbidden world of giants in order to accomplish their mission and restore order to the kingdom.

Jeremy [Howlin' Wolf]


An animated story of heroism, bravery and friendship, Brad Garrett (Finding Nemo, Ratatouille) and Jeff Foxworthy (Smurfs, Fox & The Hound) headline the family-friendly, high-flying tale, The Aviators, arriving on Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD and Digital HD February 3 from VIVA Pictures and Cinedigm (NASDAQ: CIDM). Directed by famed animator Miquel Pujol, the unforgettable adventure features the original song “We’re Fighting For Survival,” performed by Foxworthy.

Join The Aviators in this thrilling and patriotic tale based on an incredible true story. When life on a peaceful farm is disrupted, a brave group of carrier pigeons and their quirky mouse friend (Jeff Foxworthy) team up to defeat the enemy. Following their fearless—and feathered—leader (Brad Garrett), the unlikely heroes work together to save the lives of American soldiers.
Jeremy [Howlin' Wolf]


Chicago, IL – In addition to the 19 guests previously announced, Walker Stalker Con has announced that Melissa McBride, Danai Gurira, and David Morrissey, will be attending the convention, located at the Navy Pier, downtown in Chicago, IL on February 21 & 22, 2015.

Interview with Ed Bernard - Guitarist/Violinist for Druckfarben

Always giving you more, something cool, something different... I give you a chance to know Ed Bernard - Guitarist/Violinist for Druckfarben. I thank him and Anne for getting this together, thank you.
Jeremy [Howlin' Wolf]

Howlin' Wolf: Please tell us who are you,  what part do you have within "Druckfarben"

Ed Bernard: I'm Ed Bernard and I play guitar, violin, mandolin, sometimes sing, and I'm also the band's producer.

Howlin' Wolf: How did you come to be in the group "Druckfarben"?

Ed Bernard: An early version of Druckfarben existed way back in the mid/late 80s with myself and drummer Troy Feener. This current version started in 2008 after the majority of us played an evening of Yes music. After a couple rehearsals I sent an email around asking who'd be interested in playing original music. Will, Phil and Troy were interested and Troy suggested Peter on bass. We did our first rehearsal in March of 2008.

Howlin' Wolf: Tell us something you will take away from your release "Second Sound" and how this may differ from your previous release?

Ed Bernard: Second Sound is in some respects a continuation of our first record but we'd played many live shows by the time we recorded it so we had a greater sense of our style and abilities. Second Sound has a much better vibe and the songs are more focused, even if they are more adventurous. I like the combination of actual songs with complex playing and I think we achieved this on Second Sound.

Howlin' Wolf: Do you feel you connect with any song from "Second Sound" on a personal level, when you hear it you say "that is about me"?

Ed Bernard: Liberated Dream is the song I connect with most from a lyrical perspective. I kept the lyrics fairly abstract but if someone spends the time I think they'll get a sense of what I mean. It's a very tricky song to play correctly and it rocks too.

Howlin' Wolf: Share a story that happened on stage, how as a group do you handle the situation?

Ed Bernard: A couple years back when we were still playing a lot of cover tunes we played a show at a Polish cultural centre. We were playing "Court of the Crimson King" by King Crimson. We got a little lost somehow and when it came time for Peter to sing the next verse, he sang "the gardner..." then waited for us. We were stumbling along still so Peter sang again :"the gardner..." and again... We finally got it together and finished the song but we were all cracking up and so was the audience. Later in the show I spontaneously blurted out "the gardner" and we all cracked up again.

Howlin' Wolf: Do you find that places like "You-tube" helps get groups message out, since places like MTV don't actually share music anymore?

Ed Bernard: Youtube is a great resource for bands. The internet in general has made it possible for bands to get exposure across the globe. Before this it was a very expensive and nearly impossible thing for 99 percent of bands to achieve.

Technology has made it possible for anyone to make an album. The Internet has made it possible for anyone to get their art to a wider audience. People are always complaining about people downloading their music, and the end of the music industry etc. While I agree there are challenges, it's still infinitely better than under the record company system. Under the old system, Druckfarben would most likely have not been considered marketable or profitable enough to be "allowed" to make an album. As far as MTV goes, I just find it strange that they don't support music, but I guess that's the economic reality of their situation. At least Druckfarben didn't have to spend 300,000 dollars to make a video and give it to MTV for free.

Guitarist Ed Bernard is an in-demand Toronto multi-instrumentalist and composer. A normal workday for him might involve laying down tracks of blistering rock guitar, Dixieland banjo or delta blues resophonic guitar,multi-tracking a string quartet or arranging a full-blown orchestral score. At age 14, Ed was featured performing solo guitar on the popular TV show,The New Music. Within a few years, he was busy touring across North America with several acts including Shania Twin, with whom he appeared on the Jenny Jones show. Eventually tiring of the road, Ed started his own studio, ED ID Productions. Ed has produced numerous independent artists, and composed and performed on television and radio spots for a wide variety of clients including Kraft, Hydroxycut, Dodge Ram, Jeep and Tostitos. He has been avaluable resource to such notable producers as Matthew Gerrard and Richard Evans. Ed played guitar, violin, dobro, banjo, mandolin and ukulele on the soundtracks for 40 episodes of the Gemini Award-winning animated series Glenn Martin D.D.S. and also sang and played guitar on episodes of The Wumblers. He recently scored the music for a documentary about the Group of Seven and is proud to have produced and played on all of the four Druckfarben recordings.

A&E®: Wahlburgers: The Complete Second Season

Bring home the Emmy®-nominated program when A&E®’s hit series, Wahlburgers: The Complete Second Season arrives on DVD February 17th from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. Go behind the scenes of one of Boston’s most well-known families with brothers Mark Wahlberg (The Gambler), Donnie Wahlberg (TV’s “Blue Bloods”), Paul Wahlberg, their mother, Alma Wahlberg and family friend Johnny “Drama” Alves. The Wahlburgers: The Complete Second Season DVD includes never-before-seen-on-TV bonus footage.

A&E® serves up a homegrown array of Boston-baked shenanigans and family fun in season two of Wahlburgers as Donnie, Mark, Paul and Bob are joined by mom Alma, additional family members, their restaurant crew and an eccentric array of close friends from Nacho to Johnny Drama. Look into the Wahlberg world, from the stress of running a restaurant to worldwide travels to domestic bonds, strengthened and frayed. Will the New Kids be able to stomach British fare in “An American Wahlberg in London”? Find out what happens when a father-son bonding experience takes a colorful turn in “Something’s Fishy.” Can Donnie live up to the challenge, and his self-proclaimed hype, of running the restaurant for a day?
Not sure why we have this, but it brings light to this family of famous brothers and the craziness of a family. It a delightful romp within the family unit, so pull up a chair have a burger... wait something like that.
Jeremy [Howlin' Wolf]

Keira Knightley, Sam Rockwell, Grace Moretz and Ellie Kemper...

Keira Knightley (The Imitation Game, Pirates of the Caribbean franchise) headlines the cross-generational comedy, Laggies, arriving on Blu-ray™ (plus Digital HD) and DVD (plus Digital) February 10th from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. Theatrically released by A24 and referred to as "a feel-good, crowd-pleasing comedy" (The Playlist), the hilarious rom-com also features Chloë Grace Moretz (If I Stay, Carrie, Kick-Ass franchise), Ellie Kemper (Bridesmaids, TV's "The Office") and Sam Rockwell (Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, The Way Way Back).

Knightley and Moretz shine in this feel-good comedy about two unlikely friends: Megan, a 28-year-old who's not ready for adulthood, and Annika, a 16-year-old who wonders if there's life after high school. Panicked after her boyfriend proposes, Megan hides out in the house Annika shares with her single dad (Rockwell). As their paths intertwine in surprising and hilarious ways, Megan and Annika help each other to stop lagging...and start living!

Great cast, interesting film... it was a little laggie for me :)... it's just a simple "What the Hell do I do with my LIFE" film that just keeps a side of humor we all might need.
Jeremy [Howlin' Wolf]


Intrada: ESCAPE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN - Johnny Mandel [1975-2015]

When composer Johnny Mandel was hired to score the 1975 film Escape to Witch Mountain, he had never scored a fantasy or science fiction film and certainly never a Disney production.  Mandel scored the film for an orchestra of around 50 players, including Paul Beaver on synthesizer and harmonica player Tommy Morgan lending his talents both for source effects and musical lines and effects. To accompany the film’s stylized opening title sequence, Mandel composed an exciting piece of chase music centered around an ascending/descending title melody on high strings and woodwinds.  The theme is supported by churning rhythms from low strings and pounding brass accents, guitar and tambourine beats—with braying horns to represent the dogs chasing the animated children on screen.  In addition to the many exciting moments for strings and woodwinds in the score’s numerous chase and action cues, Mandel also maintained a light touch in keeping with the film’s Disney brand.

The scoring sessions were captured on 35mm three-channel magnetic film. While this was typical for the studio, less typical was the large number of 35mm reels recorded in separate sessions, intended for synchronization during the music mixing phase of production. This layered method of recording allowed the engineers access to twelve separate channels of recorded material, including reels for the orchestra, reels for the percussion (including harp, organ and vibraphone), reels for the synthesizers and, finally, reels for special “gimmick” effects that included harmonica and high-pitched electronic wails. After mixing everything for the picture, Disney then transferred the numerous disparate elements onto 2″ 24-track tape for long-term storage, where every individual layer of music survived in pristine condition, including all of the complex gimmicks.

The film follows two children --  Tony and Tia -- with unusual abilities. Tony, with the help of a harmonica, can use telekinesis to move inanimate objects; Tia can communicate with animals.  Although they have shared memories of crashing in a ship with their Uncle Bene (who disappeared in the catastrophe), they know nothing of their origins or other family until they discover a hidden map in Tia’s “star box” that leads to the mysterious West Coast enclave of Witch Mountain. In attempting to reach this destination, they’re pursued by millionaire Aristotle Bolt (Ray Milland) who wants to take advantage of the children’s powers. Opposing Bolt, and providing needed help and support for the children, is a Jason O’Day (Eddie Albert).

INTRADA Special Collection Vol. 309
For track listing and sound samples, please visit:

Just Announced! This is one I remember seeing, this is a got to have in my collection!
Jeremy [Howlin' Wolf]


Hot on the heels of the previous release of Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure, Intrada and Walt Disney Records present the album for the third film in the series, Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue.  Series composer Joel McNeely is again on the job, delivering another magical, exciting, and soaring score that perfectly complements the first two scores and propels Tinker Bell's third adventure forward.  McNeely set the standard for this series, writing for large orchestra comprised of LAs finest musicans to give these direct-to-video adventures an epic, theatrical feel.  The album also features the vocals Summer's Just Begun, How to Believe, Come Flying with Me, and How to Believe.

In this third part, Tinker Bell (Mae Whitman) attends fairy camp in the meadows of England and discovers a fairy house made by a human child, Lizzie, where she gets trapped despite warnings from her friend Vidia.  While the fairies plot their rescue, Tinker Bell befriends Lizzie and they form a special bond.

For track listing and sound samples, please visit:

Just Announced!
Jeremy [Howlin' Wolf]

Intrada: RIO BRAVO [2Cd] - Dimitri Tiomkin [1959-2015]

Composer Dimitri Tiomkin was no stranger to working with director Howard Hawks or the western genre, encompassing Hawks' classics such as Only Angels Have Wings, The Big Sky, Red River, The Thing and Land of the Pharaohs and other westerns including High Noon, Gunfight at the O.K. Corral and Last Train from Gun Hill.  For Rio Bravo, Tiomkin outfitted the director’s leisurely paced but dramatically concentrated western with a genre score that is notably restrained and subtle -- an unusual approach for the composer.  The result is a score that is an essential part of Rio Bravo’s drama. In the opening sequence dialogue is notably absent, yet Tiomkin’s score runs continuously, setting mood and reinforcing the on-screen dramatic tension.

Warner Bros. provided access to their entire scoring session elements, including the lengthy session masters stored on 2″ monaural tape. As the composer had scored a longer picture than what was finally released, Intrada discovered a number of additional cues not in the finished picture, as well as two versions of the trailer music and some fascinating alternates.  Closing the extras portion of this release of Rio Bravo are two studio recordings of the movie’s main vocal themes, sung by Dean Martin, prepared for the Capitol label and released in 1959 on a 45 rpm record.  All presented on this 2-CD set.

In the film, John T. Chance (John Wayne), sheriff of Presidio County, Texas, has a bull by the tail. There is a cold-blooded killer locked up in his jail, but he must wait several days for the U.S. marshal to take his prisoner into custody. Meanwhile, the murderer’s brother, wealthy rancher Nathan Burdette, has the town in a stranglehold, with hired guns waiting to pounce. Chance has only two deputies to help him—a gimpy old coot named Stumpy (Ricky Nelson) and Dude, a friend who was once a skilled marksman but is now nicknamed Barachón (drunk) (Dean Martin) by the local Mexicans. And when a beautiful lady gambler named Feathers (Angie Dickinson) comes to town, Chance’s problems multiply.

INTRADA Special Collection Vol. 300
For track listing and sound samples, please visit:

Dang, this is going to be great, Just Announced!
Jeremy [Howlin' Wolf]

Cinedigm: ALTAR [DVD]

Matthew Modine And Olivia Williams Give A Spellbinding Performance In Terrifying Supernatural Thriller Arriving On DVD And Digital HD February 17

Witness the aftermath of a demonic ritual when the spine-tingling thriller, Altar, terrifies on DVD and Digital HD February 17 from Cinedigm (NASDAQ: CIDM) and Great Point Media.  From Nick Willing, the mastermind writer who brought audiences “Tin Man” and “Neverland,” comes the creepy, satanic tale full of ghostly torture and sorcery, headlined by Matthew Modine (Full Metal Jacket, Married to the Mob), Olivia Williams (“Manhattan,” The Sixth Sense) and Antonia Clarke (Les Misérables, The Thirteenth Tale).

When four family members move into a remote English country estate, danger looms when they learn about the original owner’s unhallowed past.

Filmed in the brooding moors of Yorkshire, England in early 2014, the psychological terror will be available on DVD,

Altar follows a family, who moves into a timeworn, dilapidated country mansion in order to restore its former splendor. But, in the process, they awaken the ghosts of the house’s original inhabitants whose curse still looms darkly over the haunted estate. What follows is a hair-raising ordeal of spectral apparitions and demonic possession that threatens to destroy the lives of the desperate protagonists in this early realm and beyond.
Just when you thought your house was safe, you turnaround and see something not quite right... do you move, stay in the house or sneak around your own home hoping that they don't get you. Who are they anyway?
Jeremy [Howlin' Wolf]

Magnet Releasing: V/H/S:VIRAL [BLU-RAY/DVD]

Fame-obsessed teens hell-bent on capturing the next viral video discover they are the stars of the next Internet sensation. V/H/S Viral is the third installment in the found-footage horror franchise... 


“Vicious Circles” Dir. Marcel Sarmiento
“Dante the Great” Dir. Gregg Bishop
“Parallel Monsters” Dir. Nacho Vigalondo
“Bonestorm” Dirs. Justin Benson  Aaron Moorehead
Maybe cause it's the third, I knew what was going to know what happens... without really knowing what was to happen. Not that it's not good, just more of the same... I think that is the whole idea.
Jeremy [Howlin' Wolf]


Films from Heaven to Hell! or is this is just pushing the buttons of your Faith?

Brain Damage Films: The Bible Belt Slasher is the brain child of writer/director/producer/star/cinematographer/composer/editor/80's fanatic Bradly Creanzo.  Some may remember him from the 2013 documentary Adjust Your Tracking, in which he shows off the replica retro video store he built that lives in his basement (which also appears in Bible Belt).

The Holy Terror is actually the second film in the series -- the first is a half hour short included on the DVD -- described by Creanzo as having "Something for everyone whether it be violence, blood & gore, 80's music, suspense, black comedy or that walk down slasher memory lane."

Both films premiered together to a sold out theater in New Jersey, followed by a very limited DVD, VHS and Betamax (yes, you read that right) release.  Brain Damage Films has no plans for a wider Betamax release but we're excited to bring this uniquely entertaining piece of cinema to the masses!

It's December 1989, and Wilkins, Tennessee native Jason Fry returns to wreak more havoc on the survivors, friends and families of the teenagers whom he killed in the first film. Fry is committed back to the Hillside Sanitarium for his brutal crimes, but he doesn't stay there long. Fry kills his doctor and escapes going on a bloodbath crusade of revenge against those he believes to be sinners in his eyes. Only Dr. Landers knows what Fry is and he will do anything in his power to stop him, but will he save everyone from the holy terror that Fry brings this Christmas season?

Official Trailer and More Information:


Midnight Releasing presents: Hell Fire, an action packed, blood soaked, roller coaster about inner demons and the Hell that is unleashed upon four prostitutes when they mistakenly kidnap the son of the Devil.  The movie is available at rental/retail chains including Family Video and Hastings, as well as On Demand through most major cable, satellite, and internet VOD providers.  DVD Extras include audio commentary with the cast and director Marc Fratto, the "No Budget Films of Cinnamon", and plenty of deleted scenes and outtakes!

Hell Fire comes from the depths of writer/director Marc Fratto's (Strange Things Happen At Sundown, Zombies Anonymous) twisted and stylized mind. Although the film takes place almost entirely in one remote cabin location there are thrills, horror, gore, and humor around every corner. Extreme stunts, practical makeup, and inventive cinematography put Hell Fire in a league of its own.

Meet the Antichrist.  He's been kidnapped during a home invasion by a group of prostitutes who've mistaken him for someone else, and now they're about to find out exactly who they're messing with. One by one the women become possessed by demonic forces and turn on each other. As the bodies begin to pile up, the girls fight for their lives.

With these choices I hope that getting scared makes you scared, if this is your thing... then I suggest you check out the mayhem.
Jeremy [Howlin' Wolf]


(Progressive rock/jam band has four singles from 2016 Album Release)

Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius are releasing four singles throughout 2015, culminating in a full-length album in 2016. The songs will be available for downloads (CDBABY, Amazon, BANDCAMP, iTunes) and streaming (SPOTIFY, Reverbnation…) and anywhere that mp3’s are in orbit. The songs are performed and produced by Stratospheerius, and engineered and mastered by Rave Tesar (Renaissance), mixed by Alex Salzman. The first single was “Behind the Curtain” which LET IT ROCK’S Dmitry Epstein writes “Deninzon sings, yet the only magic to happen here comes from his strings attack when Joe loosens it all to get into the eye of the hurricane where the calm reigns. There’s madness, too, but one you would like to be in sometimes – if only for the attention it draws. Step in the zone, the.” Behind the Curtain was also picked up in China for mobile phone distribution.

Interview with William Hare - Keyboards/Vocals for Druckfarben

Always giving you more, something cool, something different... I give you a chance to know William Hare - Keyboards for Druckfarben. I thank him and Anne for getting this together, thank you.
Jeremy [Howlin' Wolf]

Howlin' Wolf: Please tell us who are you,  what part do you have within "Druckfarben"
William Hare: I am William Hare and I play keyboards with Druckfarben as well as contributing to the composition of our music.  I’ve been with the band since its inception (as all of us have) in 2008.  Troy Feener and Ed Bernard had known each other since high school and Ed invited me to participate in a performance of “Close to the Edge” and “The Yes Album” in September of 2007 (a presentation of Classic Albums Live).  Phil Naro was on lead vocals that night.  Really, it was that performance that led to the creation of Druckfarben soon after.

Howlin' Wolf: Tell us something you will take away from your release "Second Sound" and how this may differ from previous releases?

William Hare: Personally, I feel a need to continue to contribute more and more to the song writing with each new album.  I contributed more on this album than on the last and hope to do so  for the next album.   I also feel that we need to continue to record as a band.  The first album was mainly done with each of us providing our parts in isolation – None of us really played together at the same time.  The second album moved away from that towards more “live off the floor” performances and I think the album was better for that.  We need to continue down that path.

Howlin' Wolf: Do you feel you connect with any song from "Second Sound" on a personal level, when you hear it you say "that is about me"?

William Hare: Not exactly.  I feel a close connection to “Long Walk Down” and the first movement of the “Second Sound” suite since those were pieces I had brought to the album that I was very pleased were embraced by the band.  They aren’t really about me but they came from me so I definitely feel that connection.

Howlin' Wolf: Share a story that happened on stage, how as a group do you handle the situation?

William Hare: Hmmmm.  The only thing that comes to mind involves me personally and is with Peter and Troy on stage.  We were performing the first movement of “Tarkus” (this was back when we played covers) and I was playing the opening ostinato on the piano.  When I went to play the Hammond B3, I realized that it had shut down on me.  I kept the ostinato going, Troy and Peter kept playing it over and over while I fiddled with the Hammond trying to get it going.  Finally I dialed up an organ sound on one of my other keyboards and we were able to get the song going.  Stopping the song and starting over is never a good idea – Always best to plow ahead.

Howlin' Wolf: Do you find that places like "You-tube" helps get groups message out, since places like MTV don't actually share music anymore?

William Hare: You-Tube is definitely a great way for bands develop a presence – Internationally, really.  The internet in general has been great for a band like ours since we haven’t been able to tour so far.  You-Tube at least gives our fans in Europe a chance to see what we do on stage.  Definitely a positive thing.

Druckfarben |


William Hare (Keyboards, vocals): Will Hare started his classical training at age eight. From a young age, he had a strong affinity for Bach and Rachmaninoff, and minimalists like Phillip Glass. As he developed into a career musician, he performed with various original artists in genres ranging from country to adult contemporary, classic rock to dance. These included country artist Crystal Shawanda and Canadian chart-toppers from the 70s, Abraham's Children.

Will met Ed Bernard while working with opera singer Angelica Decastro. Since2005, Will has been busy on the tribute circuit, covering the likes of Billy Joel, Elton John, Roy Orbison, Beach Boys, Tina Turner, Santana, Rod Stewart, Eurythmics and many others. He has also been a top-call keyboardist with Classic Albums Live, recreating over 20 legendary albums. Will has been teaching piano for the past 12 years.


Nonesuch Records releases The Staves’ Justin Vernon–produced label debut, If I Was, on March 31, 2015

Nonesuch Records releases The Staves’ Justin Vernon–produced label debut, If I Was, on March 31, 2015, with vinyl to follow on April 21. The Staves, originally from Watford, England, are three sisters: Emily (vocals), Jessica (vocals, guitar), and Camilla (vocals, ukulele) Staveley-Taylor. The album was recorded in Eau Claire, Wisconsin at Vernon’s April Base studios—a former veterinary clinic where he also recorded his 2012 self-titled Bon Iver album. Watch a short film about the making of the album here. If I Was is available to pre-order on iTunes and at, with an instant download of the album tracks “Blood I Bled” and “Black & White” (complete track list on next page). Plans for a North American tour will be announced shortly. 

DYING OF THE LIGHT... Nicolas Cage is back and score by Our Friend Composer Frederik Wiedmann!

DYING OF THE LIGHT stars Nicolas Cage as Evan Lake, a veteran CIA agent, who has been ordered to retire. But when his protégé (Anton Yelchin) uncovers evidence that Lake's nemesis, the terrorist Banir (Alexander Karim), has resurfaced, Lake goes rogue, embarking on a perilous, intercontinental mission to eliminate his sworn enemy. The film will be available on Blu-ray™, DVD, and Digital HD on February 17, 2015. 

“I’ve admired Nicolas Cage as an actor for a very long time, especially his big features like Face Off and Con Air, so I was super excited to get to do a score for one of his films,” Wiedmann explained. “For Dying of the Light I chose a more simple palette, minimalistic writing for the most part, combined with dark electronic synths. Our protagonist Evan Lake (N. Cage) is being diagnosed with a devastating illness early on the story, which slowly progresses throughout the film, so the music had to follow his tragic journey.”
Academy Award® winner Nicolas Cage (Best Actor in a Leading Role, Leaving Las Vegas, 1995) ignites a powder keg of action in the electrifying cloak-and-dagger thriller Dying of the Light, arriving on Blu-ray™ (plus Digital HD), DVD (plus Digital) and Digital HD February 17th from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. The film is currently available On Demand. From the writer of Taxi Driver and co-writer of Raging Bull, Dying of the Light also features Anton Yelchin (Star Trek Into Darkness, Terminator Salvation), Alexander Karim (TV’s “Tyrant,” Zero Dark Thirty) and Irène Jacob (Three Colors: Red, U.S. Marshals). 

Evan Lake (Cage), a veteran CIA agent, has been ordered to retire. But when his protégé (Yelchin) uncovers evidence that Lake's nemesis, the terrorist Banir (Karim), has resurfaced, Lake goes rogue, embarking on a perilous, intercontinental mission to eliminate his sworn enemy.
It's Two for One... Soundtrack and the Film!!
Jeremy [Howlin' Wolf]

MovieScore Media... Brings Us Some of the Best Score Music!

Travel to the Mediterranean with award-winning composer Panu Aaltio’s music for The Island of Secrets, a youth-oriented adventure film directed by Taavi Vartia. The contemporary adventure/action score pays homage to the classic 1980s blockbuster sound perfected by John Williams (the Indiana Jones films) and Alan Silvestri (Back to the Future). The music spans a great main theme for our teenaged heroes as their youthful vigor is mixed with a hint of Mediterranean-flavored escapism. “One of the main characters in the film dreams of becoming Indiana Jones when he grows up, so of course I had to play with that a bit”, explains the composer about his approach to the music.

The Island of Secrets marks the fourth MovieScore Media release with  Panu Aaltio. Their latest collaboration was Tale of a Forest (2012) which was voted as the Best Original Documentary Score by the International Film Music Critics Association (IFMCA). His other previous credits on MovieScore Media are The Home of Dark Butterflies (2009), Finland's official submission for the 2009 Academy Awards and the epic Dawn of the Dragonslayer (2009). Training as a cellist since the age of six, Aaltio also studied music technology and classical composition at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki and film music at the University of Southern California where he received the Harry Warren Scholarship for Excellence in Film Scoring. He is currently working on Tale of a Lake (2015), a sequel to the Tale of a Forest.

Dominik Scherrer’s music for Golden Globe nominated The Missing, whose pilot episode attracted almost 6 million viewers on BBC 1. The story follows Tony Hughes (James Nesbitt), a man devastated by the abduction of his son Oliver during a family vacation in France. He becomes obsessed and spends years searching for him even though his frantic investigation ruins his marriage to Emily (Frances O'Connor). French police detective Julien Baptiste (Tcheky Karyo) is also haunted by the disappearance; he may be retired, but he is also haunted by the notion that Oliver could still be alive. Told using a fascinating narrative puzzle with several time frames, The Missing explores the impact of a child's abduction, the emotional cost of obsession and letting go.

Scherrer’s suspenseful yet lyrical accompaniment covers the investigation after Oliver; the hauntingly memorable title sequence incorporates the song “Come Home" by Belgian post-rock band Amatorski - the full version of the song as well as Scherrer’s arrangement for the opening are both available on the album. “Thematically our emotional core was the pain of the loss of the child” explains the composer. “The story is about the fallout of this event, and how far, into many corners, in several countries, this can reach. Director Tom Shankland, made an analogy: butterflies. They start as one thing then hatch and become another creature. Hence I made a whole series of interrelated themes relating to butterflies: "Butterflies", "Actias Luna", Colias Croceus".
MovieScore Media | 

Just Released and I do recommend both as you will travel far with these great scores from "MovieScore Media"...

Jeremy [Howlin' Wolf]

Get "MAD AS HELL" with Composer Ronen Landa

Composer Ronen Landa is proud to announce the release of the MAD AS HELL – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, currently available digitally via Bandcamp and will be released on Amazon and iTunes later this month. The album features original music by Landa, who also scored the uplifting environmental documentary BURNING IN THE SUN (PBS, Winner of the Cinema for Peace International Green Film Award) as well as PARAÌSO (NYTimes Op-Doc; Best Short Documentary at 2012 Tribeca Film Festival & the Seattle International Film Festival).

Sony Classical - The Order: 1886 [2015] - Jason Graves

British Academy Award-winning composer, Jason Graves, has scored one of this year's biggest video game releases, The Order: 1886. Created and developed by Ready At Dawn Studios, The Order: 1886 launches exclusively for the PlayStation 4 system on February 20, 2015.

In this cinematic experience based on a tense and unique vision of Victorian-Era London, Graves delivers an extraordinary score that brings to life the game's alternate history, inspired by Knights of the Roundtable lore and Lycan mythology. Renowned for his BAFTA-winning score for Dead Space and the acclaimed Tomb Raider reboot, the classically trained American composer employs memorable orchestral writing and unique musical textures in The Order: 1886 to outstanding effect.

Graves masterfully combines cinematic sounds with action-packed cues, empathetic melodies, and powerful passages. Recorded at the legendary Abbey Road Studios, the score for The Order: 1886 deliberately eschews musical clichés, such as heroic French horns and excessive bombast. Instead, the celebrated composer makes use of an impressive choir of 24 men and low, bassy sounds - an elegant, all the more fascinating approach to a title that focuses on blockbuster gameplay and dramatic character performances.

This unique musical arrangement has a truly spectacular effect: Jason Graves' compositions emanate a warm weight that perfectly conveys the tense, industrial feel that colors the world of The Order: 1886. With its authentic acoustics as well as careful, original tone, Graves' music skillfully immerses players in the epic action of The Order: 1886, one of 2015's most anticipated video games.

Sony Classical to Release Original Soundtrack on February 16, 2015
Just Announced!
Jeremy [Howlin' Wolf]

La-La Land Records: LADYHAWKE [2Cd] - Andrew Powell... A Love Story for All Times!

La-La Land Records, WEA and Warner Bros. present the latest title in its Expanded Archival Collection, the 2-CD remastered and expanded set of the original score to the beloved 1985 action/fantasy/romance LADYHAWKE, starring Matthew Broderick, Rutger Hauer and Michelle Pfeiffer, and directed by Richard Donner. Composer Andrew Powell (ROCKET GIBRALTAR) fashions a breathtakingly bold orchestral film score in the classic tradition, complimented with propulsive rock performances produced and engineered by Alan Parsons (of the acclaimed Alan Parson’s Project). This groundbreaking score, which perfectly captures the tone of Richard Donner’s delightful romantic fantasy/adventure, remains distinctive today and finally receives the deluxe presentation it has always deserved -- clocking in with a running time of over two full hours. 

Produced by Ford A. Thaxton, Mark Banning and James Nelson, with input and supervision by Powell, and mastered by Nelson, this 2-CD limited edition contains previously unreleased music, including bonus tracks. Writer Tim Greiving provides exclusive, in depth liner notes which feature new interview quotes from Richard Donner, Rutger Hauer, Andrew Powell and Alan Parsons. Fantastic art direction by Mark Banning showcases a striking front cover image by legendary illustrator Drew Struzan.

La-La Land Records |

It's funny I think this was the first film I had seen with my friends and that day will add about 12 more friends... it remains one for my personal life's journey. So this having such an impact on my life, I cannot pass up the film, the music and the great memories... thank you La La Land Records for bringing some great things from my past to the surface.
Jeremy [Howlin' Wolf]

La-La Land Records: THE INTERVIEW/THIS IS THE END [2015] - Henry Jackman

La-La Land Records is proud to announce the CD release of THE INTERVIEW – Original Motion Picture Score, with a special bonus of the score from THIS IS THE END, on CD on February 10, 2015.  The album features the original score by composer Henry Jackman (KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE, BIG HERO 6, CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDER).

La-La Land Records: KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE [2015] - Henry Jackman and Matthew Margeson

La-La Land Records is proud to announce the release of KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack digitally and on CD February 10, 2015.  The album features the original music by composers Henry Jackman (BIG HERO 6, CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDER) and Matthew Margeson (KICK-ASS 2, SKYLINE).

MVD Entertainment Group: Arrow Films second wave of US releases to include Blood and Black Lace (Limited Edition Steelbook and BD/DVD), Massacre Gun (BD/DVD), and The Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll and Miss Osbourne (BD/DVD) in April

MVD Entertainment Group announced the distribution of Arrow Video in North America last month with a host of cult titles receiving deluxe treatment in video, audio, supplements and artwork.

A strong schedule of April titles follows suit with MASSACRE GUN (limited to 3k copies) starring genre icon Jo Shishido on the 7th; BLOOD AND BLACK LACE, the Italian classic that would spearhead the giallo genre and provide a prototype for the slasher movie will be available as a Limited Edition Steelbook and on dual format Blu-ray / DVD on the 14th; and finally, THE STRANGE CASE OF DR JEKYLL AND MISS OSBOURNE, Walerian Borowczyk's visually stunning adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's much-filmed tale will follow on the 21st.

Arrow's global reputation as one of the finest labels in the world has come about through consistent high quality product and a focus on fan-based products always at its core. This includes a major investment on restoring original material through modern techniques as well as pioneering packaging solutions and newly commissioned artwork for each release.

The Cristiana Haute Couture fashion house is a home to models... and backstabbing... and blackmail... and drug deals... and now MURDER. Having established a template for the giallo with The Girl Who Knew Too Much, Mario Bava set about cementing its rules with Blood and Black Lace. In doing so he created one of the most influential films ever made - an Italian classic that would spearhead the giallo genre, provide a prototype for the slasher movie, and have a huge effect on filmmakers as diverse as Dario Argento and Martin Scorsese. Newly restored from the original camera negative and presented here in its original, uncut Italian form, this dual-format release allows fans to see Blood and Black Lace afresh and offers newcomers the ideal introduction to a major piece of cult filmmaking..

Genre icon Jo Shishido stars in this tense and violent yakuza yarn from genre stalwart and Seijun Suzuki's former assistant, Yasuharu Hasebe (Female Prisoner Scorpion: #701's Grudge Song). Shishido stars as Kuroda, a mob hitman who turns on his employers after being forced to execute his lover. Joining forces with his similarly wronged brothers, hot-headed Eiji (Tatsuya Fuji, In the Realm of the Senses) and aspiring boxer Saburô (Jirô Okazaki, Stray Cat Rock: Sex Hunter), the trio escalate their mob retaliation to all-out turf war where no one will stop until one faction emerges victorious. Strikingly violent for the period and gorgeously photographed in monochrome like genre siblings Branded to Kill and A Colt is My Passport (Shishido's other films from 1967), Massacre Gun is a bold iteration on the genre featuring some stunning compositions and the assured direction of Hasebe.

"Potent and poetic, mischievous and macabre, Borowczyk's film shows how many imaginative worlds the horror movie can open up when the right artist holds the keys" (Nigel Andrews, Financial Times) It's the engagement party for brilliant young Dr Henry Jekyll (Udo Kier) and his fiancée, the beautiful Fanny Osbourne (Marina Pierro), attended by various pillars of Victorian society, including the astonishing Patrick Magee in one of his final roles. But when people are found raped and murdered outside and ultimately inside the house, it becomes clear that a madman has broken in to disrupt the festivities - but who is he? And why does Dr Jekyll keep sneaking off to his laboratory? We know the answer, of course, but Walerian Borowczyk's visually stunning adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's much-filmed tale is crammed with wildly imaginative and outrageously perverse touches characteristic of the man who scandalised audiences with Immoral Tales and The Beast, not least the explicitly sexualised nature of Mr Hyde's primal urges.

Part II to an all ready cool bunch of films... this is just the start!
Jeremy [Howlin' Wolf]