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Monstrous Movie Music: She Demons & The Astounding She-Monster

Music by Nicholas Carras

Music by Guenther Kauer

Monstrous Movie Music

She Demons & The Astounding She-Monster [MMM-1971] offers music to watch girls by – girls who want to kill you!  This extremely fun CD opens with Nicholas Carras’ rousing 1958 score for She Demons, which is easily his most-requested title.  The music will surely get your toes tapping with its jungle drum rhythms.  Besides demon-dance tunes and horror cues that’ll make you never want to be alone with a woman again, there’s music for evil Nazis, volcanic eruptions, and even some island romance.  You’ll enjoy spending some time with these feminine fiends who’ve definitely got the beat!

One thing you can say about Guenther Kauer’s 1957 score for The Astounding-She Monster – it’s astounding!  Unlike any other soundtrack from a 1950s horror movie, it’s impossible to guess how Kauer was inspired to create something so inventive for this rather pedestrian low-budget film about a deadly female extraterrestrial. 

5/5 I only have good things to say about this release, from cover to art and finally the excellent music given to us... I like it so much I decided to make a small video.
-Jeremy [Retro-Z]


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