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MovieScore Media: Free Fall [2013] - Dürbeck and Dohmen

Free Fall [2013]
Music Composed by DÜRBECK and DOHMEN
Release Date (Digital): May 21, 2013


Telling the story about a policeman who lives the perfect life with a woman and a baby on the way but falls in love with a male colleague, Free Fall (original title: Freier Fall) has been compared to Brokeback Mountain and was met with good reviews after its premiere at the Berlin Film Festival in February. Co-inciding with its German theatrical release on May 23, MovieScore Media releases the beautiful soundtrack by film music duo Dürbeck & Dohmen digitally online. The music is intimate and, for the most part, guitar-driven and somewhat minimalist in style, perfectly capturing the intricate emotions of the main character in the film.

-Jeremy [Retro-Z]

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