Jacob [Soundtrack]

THE BOOGEY MAN [Soundtrack]

Howlin' Wolf Records Releases: "The Boogey Man" [1980] and "Jacob [2014]"

Music by: Tim Krog 
One of several horror films released at the height of the slasher movie craze of the late 1970s and early 1980s, The Boogey Man is an effective mash-up of supernatural cinema’s greatest hits that has developed a strong cult following. Director and co-writer Ulli Lommel was born into a show business family, and began his career as an actor in the German film industry in the 1960s. Striking up a relationship with the celebrated filmmaker Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Lommel went on to collaborate with him on over twenty projects.
Proud to announce for the first time on Cd and a great iconic score that is music composed and performed by Tim Krog. From our label, Howlin' Wolf Records... we bring you the score to 1980's cult classic "THE BOOGEY MAN"!

Music by: Iain Kelso 
The Kell household is far from what you would call an ideal family. Otis is the new head of the household and he makes sure that everyone abides to his rules – when his wife Edith makes a small mistake, Otis severely beats her for her misdemeanor. The violent attack is witnessed by Edith’s young daughter Sissy, who is so accustomed to these attacks that she tends to her mother’s wounds between tea parties. Her guest at these parties is her older brother Jacob, a dimwitted young man who is insanely protective of his sister. When one of Otis’ rage attacks is targeted against the girl, Jacob immediately kills him and lets the decades of regret and humiliation take over his mind. Add in a supernatural twist and with nothing to lose, Jacob turns his wrath against the town that let this tragedy happen.

You know we all have a special friend like Jacob, always looking out for you... well then you should always look over your shoulder. Howlin' Wolf Record releases it's 21st score to the disturbing film "JACOB" composed by Iain Kelso and it's dark piece. I like it, it's good to listen to as you make your way home in the deepest darkest woods. 


For more information please click on the link just above, if you like to hear a sample of either just click on their titles..
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Chicago Comic Con [2014]... Wrap Up!

J. August Richards
I will be sharing up some of the great stories and awesome people I was able to meet at the "Chicago Comic Con [2014]"... I have been dealing with some sad [More Information: CLICK HERE] about one of my great friends and the same time I was leaving for a week or more to visit family. I am feeling like an AGENT OF SHIELD, cause I had an encounter with DEATHLOK... it was the best part of the whole convention. If you guys want to see the photos please visit my "FACEBOOK" page, you may have to be signed in.

Please look to see if this Comic Con is coming to city near you... http://www.wizardworld.com/
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Screamworks Records: Dead Within [2014] - Joshua Bradford and Clayton Worbeck

Screamworks Records presents the chilling ambient horror soundtrack to the Canadian survival horror Dead Within, composed by Joshua Bradford and Clayton Worbeck (Stayte, Revolting Cocks, Ministry). Directed by Ben Wagner, the film is set six months after a devastating outbreak that has all but ended the human race. A man named Mike (Dean Chekvala, True Blood) and a woman named Kin (Amy Cale Peterson, Southbounders) have survived for such a long time only by isolating themselves in a remote cabin and never opening the door. Now that they are finally starved for resources, they have no choice but to confront the horrors awaiting inside and outside.

The soundtrack for Dead Within is courtesy of Joshua Bradford and Clayton Worbeck, two veteran heavyweights of the Canadian industrial music scene. Bradford and Worbeck first played together in the industrial rock band Stayte, then later joined Revolting Cocks as a singer and keyboardist respectively. Worbeck also frequently worked together with Ministry, his remix of the band's "Death and Destruction" was featured on the Saw V Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. Their collaboration on Dead Within marks the duo’s first, but hopefully not last venture into feature film scoring.

"It was a pleasure to work on this score because of the clear intent to blur the lines between the score and the sound design" explains co-composer Clayton Worbeck. "This approach gave us the freedom to create some incredibly dark, tense compositions that creep and claw into each other as the two characters make their way through hell on Earth. Embedded in all this darkness and insanity is a strong bond of love and trust slowly eroding away. This decay of faith influenced much of my work on the score."

The soundtrack has a digital release date of  September 9, 2014.  

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In case you think I don't give you something special!

Monstrous Movie Music
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La-La Land Records: Coming next Tuesday Sept 23, 2014 at 12 pm pst

Music by Mark Mothersbaugh
LLLCD 1321
Limited edition of 2000 units

La-La Land Records and Sony Pictures are jumping for joy over the release of Mark Mothersbaugh's (The Lego Movie, The Life Aquatic) fantastic score to the hit films 22 Jump Street and its predecessor 21 Jump Street! Thematic, bold and heroic action music fills up this brand new 2 cd set featuring one of the most infectious “HERO” themes we have heard in a long time on the silver screen. We are thrilled and delighted to be releasing these 2 wonderful scores for the first time anywhere! The "Jump Street" franchise joins that long list of fantastic buddy cop action comedy flicks filled with suspenseful cues, action packed motifs and just a hint of lunacy to all the shenanigans Jenko (Tatum) and Schmidt (Hill) get themselves into. As bonus tracks, Composer Mark Mothersbaugh has included fun remixes of his themes from both films. Booklet features a nice reversible cover.

The first 100 people who purchase the cd directly through the La-La Land Records website will receive an autographed booklet signed by composer Mark Mothersbaugh at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. Quantities are very limited. Orders are processed on a first come first served basis and you are not guaranteed a signed booklet. 

Music by Blake Neely
LLLCD 1317

 La-La Land Records, Watertower Music and Warner Bros. Television presents Arrow - Season 2, an all-new collection of exhilarating score music tracks from the hit television series Arrow, starring Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy, David Ramsey and Willa Holland. Acclaimed composer Blake Neely (The Wedding Date, Everwood, The Mentalist) supports the continued, thrilling adventures of the famed hooded vigilante with an intense musical soundscape that has a power all its own. Neely personally selected, assembled and produced this compilation of Season 2's biggest musical moments! A must-have for all ARROW fans and film/tv music enthusiasts. Arrow currently airs on the CW network.

CD features extra music NOT on the digital release!

The first 100 or so people who purchase the cd directly through the La-La Land Records website will receive an autographed booklet signed by composer Blake Neely at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. Quantities are very limited. Orders are processed on a first come first served basis and you are not guaranteed a signed booklet.

Both cds go on sale next Tuesday at 12 pm pst at www.lalalandrecords.com
Announced.. if you are a fan you know I am.
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La-La Land Records: EYE FOR AN EYE [1996-2014] - James Newton Howard

La-La Land Records and Paramount Pictures present the world premiere release of renowned composer James Newton Howard’s (GRAND CANYON, THE FUGITIVE, DAVE, WYATT EARP) original motion picture score to the 1996 Paramount Pictures dramatic thriller EYE FOR AN EYE, starring Sally Field, Ed Harris and Kiefer Sutherland, and directed by John Schlesinger. Brooding, suspenseful and driving, this never-before-released gem of a score from a prime period in Howard’s career is a knockout! Fans of the composer’s THE FUGITIVE and PRIMAL FEAR in particular will be quite excited by this listen! Produced by Dan Goldwasser and mastered by Noah Scot Synder, this special release of 1500 Units features exclusive liner notes from writer Kaya Savas and thrilling art design by Dan Goldwasser.

"Exact Revenge" from the latest score offerings from La-La Land Records!
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Intrada: SEE NO EVIL [1971-2014] - Elmer Bernstein

The 1971 Columbia thriller See No Evil pits a blind woman against a savage killer. The film is spotted very sparingly, allowing many tense scenes to play out unscored. Even within composer Elmer Bernstein’s cues the music is often made more powerful by being silent. Chamber music textures abound throughout the orchestration. Bernstein’s use of strings, alto flute, piano, electric guitar, forceful trombone octaves, bass clarinet, glittering glockenspiel, brittle xylophone, clarinet doubled two octaves higher by piccolo are colors carefully calculated to make the most impact but often with the least “noise.” Everything in this
concise-but-superb score has its point.

For this premiere release of Elmer Bernstein’s complete soundtrack (the third and final score commissioned for the film), Intrada fortunately was able to locate the two-track stereo session masters, recorded and mixed by Richard Lewzey at Cine-Tele Sound Studios (CTS) in London in July 1971. For decades these tapes appeared to have been lost but, in fact, they survived in full stereo and in beautiful condition, with every cue present—including Bernstein’s three brief original source music cues.

In the film, Sarah (Mia Farrow), a young woman recently blinded in a horse-riding accident, is adjusting to her new circumstances under the loving care of her aunt, uncle and cousin. One morning she wakes and, thinking everyone else is still asleep, goes to the kitchen to make coffee. She has no idea that her cousin lies dead in the next bed, that her uncle’s bloody corpse lies in the bathtub and that her aunt’s dead eyes are staring at her from the living room. Nor does she realize that the murderer’s safety will soon hinge on one more death: hers.

For track listing and sound samples, please visit:
Just Announced!
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Intrada: SWITCHBACK (REISSUE) - Basil Poledouris

Back by popular demand, Intrada presents a straight reissue of the first Special Collection release from 2000.  Composer Basil Poledouris chose to anchor his score around a brief 3-note motif, heard at the very beginning of the score on solo flute.  Extremely flexible, this motif worked alone, sometimes expanded into longer ideas, blended with more abstract material and played as a muscular line for the action music. No matter what direction the music takes, the motif is close at hand, opening the score, following characters in and out, boarding the “218” and finishing it all. As the emotional centerpiece to his music, Poledouris chose the Rockies, letting the motif act as a signature for the snowcovered peaks.

For outdoor settings Poledouris used a full symphony orchestra and a rich harmonic palette. For suspenseful segments he utilized electronic timbres and more abstract sounds. The violent scenes received some of the composer’s fiercest orchestral writing. But it was the speeding “218” that inspired a scoring highlight: energetic rhythms for low brass and percussion under fortissimo quotes of the primary motif.    His work for the Conan series, Red Dawn, and Under Siege 2 are forerunners to this large, exciting orchestral work recorded with the Seattle Symphony.

Switchback tells the story of obsessed FBI Special Agent Frank LaCrosse who's been playing cat and mouse for what seems an eternity, tracking a serial killer. His cross-country search takes a startling turn when this same killer kidnaps his son. The resulting conflict of interest pulls him from the case, but LaCrosse becomes more determined than ever to locate his quarry.

For track listing and sound samples, please visit:
Just Announced, if you missed it you get a chance to get this awesome score from Intrada!
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Composed and Conducted by ELMER BERNSTEIN
INTRADA Special Collection Vol. 292
The General Electric Theater presented adaptations of popular plays, short stories, novels and films in a half-hour anthology series starring top Hollywood and Broadway talent. The format accommodated live telecasts originating from both coasts and telefilms, with Ronald Reagan hosting the show from its third season to its last and provided a voice for General Electricâ?'s public relations campaign.

Starting in 1958, the show made the switch from library music to original scores, with composer Elmer Bernstein spearheading the changeover. Each week Bernstein came up with an entirely new score (save for the main theme), usually using an orchestra of 25 players.  To Bernstein, the challenge and fun came from the different kinds of stories and the musical challenges each presented.

General Electric Theater left behind a dramatic legacy of 200 half-hour programs representing some of the best that Golden Age television had to offer. Fortunately for music lovers, Columbia Records in a rare move for 1959 issued this album of score highlights recorded by Bernstein with an orchestra of 45-50 players (nearly double the size used on the series itself), never before available on CD and presented from the original master tapes preserved in the Sony vaults.

For track listing and sound samples, please visit:
Just Announced!
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Robert Pattinson and Guy Pearce engage audiences in the post-apocalyptic thriller, The Rover, arriving on Blu-ray™ Disc (plus Digital HD) and DVD (plus Digital) September 23

Fueled by engaging performances from Golden Globe® nominee Guy Pearce (Memento, L.A. Confidential) and what Variety calls “a career-redefining performance from Robert Pattinson” (The Twilight Saga franchise, Cosmopolis), The Rover arrives on Blu-ray™ Disc (plus Digital HD) and DVD (plus Digital) September 23 from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. The tension-filled film, which was released theatrically by A24, was an Official Selection of the 2014 Cannes Film Festival. The Rover, directed by visionary writer/director David Michôd (Animal Kingdom), also stars Scoot McNairy (TV’s “Halt and Catch Fire,” upcoming Gone Girl).

Set in a world 10 years into the general collapse of society, The Rover follows hardened loner Eric (Pearce) as he travels the desolate towns and roads of the outback. When a gang of thieves steals his car, they leave behind a wounded Rey (Pattinson). Forcing Rey to help track the gang, Eric will go to any lengths to take back the one thing that still matters to him.
Two actors I never thought I would like together, times are changing even if it's apocalyptic.
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