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Robert Feigenblatt... Rest In Peace.

Robert Feigenblatt
We have learned and saddened by the loss of a close dear friend "Robert Feigenblatt" to each of us at Howlin' Wolf Records... Robert was a talented and energetic person. Our thoughts go out to everyone who knew him and to his family... he will be missed.

-Jeremy and the Howlin' Wolf Family...

The best advice I was ever given was by  fellow film  composer, Terry Plumeri (Scarecrows, Black Sea Raid). He listened to my music and told me I could have a career if I stopped listening to myself and got out of my own way. In short, we impose limits and restrictions on ourselves and that is true. It has taken me 54 years to realize my childhood dream of writing music for movies, but I've done it. Another shining example of an overnight success. Hopefully, future scores will have a shorter gestation period. 
 - Robert Feigenblatt

Millennium Entertainment: So Undercover [2013]

So Undercover [2013]

STARRING: Miley Cyrus, Jeremy Piven, Mike O'Malley, Kelly Osbourne, Autumn Reeser, Alexis Knapp, Joshua Bowman  

RELEASE DATE: February 5, 2013
RUN TIME: 94 minutes

Story: She may be a tough-as-nails, street-smart private investigator, but when Molly is drafted by the FBI to go undercover in a college sorority, she quickly discovers she’s way out of her element amongst a sisterhood of snooty, high maintenance, materialistic college girls. But Molly accepts the top-secret mission in order to protect the daughter of a key witness in a case against the mob.  

Yes, you read it right... me and Miley are sharing an adventure, something you might have known about me I am a huge fan of Jeremy Piven, so here we go. So that leads me to this middle of a film that I find myself oddly enjoying, it's very light as you could imagine. It wants to be just another teen/adult comedy and it is, but once again... I was entertained. Piven is always the same... PCU entertaining, Miley is cute in a Sandra Bullock-way [for being so undercover] and the rest of the cast is well placed with a few surprises. So shoot me... I even fell asleep and restarted it from where I remember last. You all know I will watch an entire film in fast-forward mode to say I watched it, so I will state it now... I watched it.

Want to see something really scary, the fan base for this: SO UNDERCOVER!
I could only hope for this kind of attention, totally!
-Jeremy [Retro-Z]

Ps. Friend/composer of the Wolf "Edwin Wendler" had worked on the soundtrack/score... just a little bit more information to share. [Click Here]


Varese Sarabande: Bullet To The Head [2013] - Steve Mazzaro

Bullet To The Head [2013]
Music by: Steve Mazzaro
Release Date: 02/19/13


From director Walter Hill comes the action thriller BULLET TO THE HEAD.  Sylvester Stallone stars as Jimmy Bobo, a New Orleans hitman who forms an alliance with Washington D.C. detective Taylor Kwon to bring down the killer of their respective partners.

4/5 It's good rousing, rustic... and gritty! It's a people person movie... well that is what Stallone said, we will see... yes we will!
-Jeremy [Retro-Z]


Perseverance Records: Three Amigos [1987]

Three Amigos [1987-2013]
Music by: Elmer Bernstein/Randy Newman

Released By: Perseverance Records

Perseverance Records is proud to announce the reissue of the Three Amigos soundtrack. Originally released by Warner Bros Records in 1987, it features a mix of score and songs performed in the movie by its stars, Steve Martin, Martin Short and Chevy Chase. Randy Newman wrote the songs and performs on a track as the "Singing Bush". The legendary Elmer Bernstein composed the score.

Previously reissued by Collectors Choice Music, this was one of their best selling releases. We felt that a lot of people missed out on this release so we asked Warner if we could put it back out. Fortunately they agreed as the rights languished due to the Collectors Choice label being shut down by its new owners who didn't want to own a record label and only wanted the catalog and distribution assets. We are proud to add this title to our growing catalog of excellent Warner Bros LP reissues.

5/5 Who does not love this movie, then why wouldn't you love to have the soundtrack... just for this track alone.
-Jeremy [Retro-Z]


MovieScore Media: Flight Of The Storks - Eric Neveux [2013]

Flight Of The Storks [2013]
Music by: Eric Neveux


Based on the 1994 novel by Jean-Christophe Grangé, Flight of the Storks (Le Vol des Cigognes in French) is an international thriller that takes off when a young academic teams up with an amateur ornithologist to follow storks on their migration to Africa. Shot in South Africa, Istanbul and in various European locations, the miniseries produced by EuropaCorp Television and directed by Jan Kounen, the two-part film is a dark action thriller that is graced by a mesmerizing score by French composer Eric Neveux. His score underscores both the geographical and emotional journeys of the protagonists using beautiful flourishes of orchestral colours, subtle ethnical instrumentation and engaging thematic ideas.
-Jeremy [Retro-Z]

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Intrada: JOE KIDD - Lalo Schifrin [2013]

Music by: Lalo Schifrin

Released By: INTRADA

Special Collection Volume 234
Date: 1972
Tracks: 18
Time = 43:21

Cool CD for Lalo Schifrin fans! World premiere release of flavorful western score for John Sturges picture starring Clint Eastwood finds composer offering one of his most exciting, evocative soundtracks of an amazing career. Main theme is tentative melody with somewhat muted harmonies underneath. Idea grows in considerable strength during course of score. Dynamic action cues get spotlight numerous times as well. Spanish-tinged motifs add further strength to musical tapestry! Intrada presents complete score from pristine condition multi-track stereo session elements courtesy Universal Pictures.

5/5 You all ready know I am a fan of all of composer Lalo Schifrin's work, this is no... no different!
-Jeremy [Retro-Z]


Intrada: FLIGHT OF THE INTRUDER - Basil Poledouris

Music by: Basil Poledouris

Released By: INTRADA

Special Collection Volume 227
Date: 1991
Tracks: 20
Time = 55:25

World premiere release of Basil Poledouris score for John Milius actioner set during Vietnam war, starring Danny Glover, Willem Dafoe, Brad Johnson. Poledouris excelled when working for close friend Milius. Current score is prime example! Muscular action and melody combine. Neat architecture: Score opens with reflection, progresses with melody, degree of power. Action rears, intensity of music increases. Finally, symphonic march takes center stage, brings everything to rousing finish. Intrada presents entire score from original Dolby SR-encoded two-track stereo session mixes, courtesy Paramount Pictures. Two alternates appear as extras.

5/5 I don't even have to tell you, you should be getting this for your collection... right now!
-Jeremy [Retro-Z]

HANSEL AND GRETEL: WITCH HUNTERS...Hansel?...Hansel...Hansel?...

HANSEL AND GRETEL: WITCH HUNTERS is a simple but fun story.  It looks like a colorful PG-13 HARRY POTTER but you immediately see that this fairy tale is for adults.  This film has blood and guts, violent fights, gruesome spells and a woman's bare bottom.  Actually back in the 80's we would have called this a 'kids film' too but the 90's kind of ruined that.  Speaking about HARRY POTTER I wonder what would happen if Hansel and Gretel visited Hogwarts.  Now that is a film I would want to see.

The story that takes place in H&G is not a very compelling one.  Hansel and Gretel are siblings who hunt witches for a living.  It is kind of easy for them since they are immune to the spells witches cast.  They are investigating a rash of kidnappings involving a large amount of children.  Maybe it is because I watch a lot of movies but all the twists and turns the movie takes are really predictable.  For instance at the beginning a woman is accused of being a witch and is saved by the two witch hunters.  Hansel (Oh, hey its that guy from THE AVENGERS!) checks her out for the signs of being a witch and clears her but you just know she is going to turn out to be one anyway.  The whole movie is like that.  Even though there is some character development it barely registers on the screen.  The love story between Hansel and the woman he saved at the beginning is touched upon and then quickly taken away at the end without leaving much impression on the audience.  Or at least me anyway.  I am not going to speak for everybody else.  I may have a blog but my ego isn't that big.  CLICK here to read the rest...


Monstrous Movie Music: Rocketship X-M - Ferde Grofe

Rocketship X-M [1950]
Music by: Ferde Grofe 

The great American composer Ferde Grofe was best known for his colorful orchestral concert works like “Grand Canyon Suite” and “Mississippi Suite,” but on rare occasion he did some work in the movies, and his landmark score for the 1950 science fiction film Rocketship X-M [MMM-1965] is one of his major accomplishments. The score was the first fifties science fiction film to use the Theremin, an electronic instrument that helped define the sound of space that decade.

Monstrous Movie Music

5/5 What a wonderful world this could be, if we could leave it!
-Jeremy [Retro-Z]


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Last please read my interview with composer "Edwin Wendler" there is always something interesting here...

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MIND'S EYE! What could this be, you wonder.


                                               Click here to watch MIND'S EYE

Who doesn't want to see a movie for free?  Just click the link above to watch the psychological thriller MIND'S EYE.  Writer/Director Mark Atkins was kind enough to contact me to review his film and let others know about it.  The fact that I am posting about it should let you know it is a good film and worth a watch.

The story is about a young man named David who has been recently released from prison and is trying to get his life back on track.  His father shows up and tells David he is dying of cancer.  David almost beats his father up right then and there.  We learn that David's father left his mother and him when he was only twelve.  Full of hatred and conflicting emotions David lets his father speak giving him no words of sympathy.  Soon after David receives word that his father has died and he wants his ashes spread in his home town.  David reluctantly obliges and soon after driving to his father's hometown meets a mysterious woman at a bar whom he has a one night stand with.  After waking the next day David discovers that the woman is gone along with his father's ashes.  So now he has to go and investigate who the woman was and why she took the ashes.  CLICK HERE TO READ THE REST....


Six Strings with... Edwin Wendler

Friends come into your life just as quick as some old friends fall out... I am pleased to say that is just one of those really cool friends you hope to keep. I have been working with the new sponsor "Perseverance Records" and I was looking at their awesome release I recognized Edwin's name. I am a friend and a fan from his posting on Facebook... and now I found his work. I am thrilled to be able to bring it to you and his talent.
Thank you!
-Jeremy [Retro-Z]

-How did you get started in the field of music and how did that lead you to composing?

Edwin Wendler: I've been planning to be a film composer since watching Krull in a movie theater in Vienna, at age 9. As a Vienna Choir Boy, I got a very good music education and experience performing hundreds of concerts, in Vienna and on tour (Southeast Asia, Europe, North America). After graduating from school, I would write and direct a few short films in order to give myself the opportunity to compose music for those shorts. Some of them even won awards. I later completed the Film Scoring Certificate Program at UCLA Extension. I loved those classes, and the teachers were wonderful. Once I got my first work visa, I was able to make contacts and start working in this profession I love so much.

-How much involvement do you have with any project from the first contact to the last note?

Edwin Wendler: Depending on who you're working with, your main job as a composer is either to follow orders or to offer your valued opinion, or anything in-between. I do my best at being as pragmatic and practical as possible, as far as the process is concerned. Creative ideas can, and should, go wild, but the workflow needs to be super-efficient and in control. It's important to think at least one step ahead. It'll save you time later on, and as we know, so often on scoring projects, time is of the essence.

-Musically who do you listen to from your favorite modern composer to iconic composers [Williams, Goldsmith, Morricone, etc.] and who is your inspiration?

Edwin Wendler: I just checked the "Likes" in the music category on my Facebook page: There's 316 of them! I have way too many influences! When time allows, I listen to at least one soundtrack album per day, and I enjoy Classical music on the radio. Any kind of music can be inspiring to me, and I'm not just trying to evade the question here by being non-specific. It really is true. In terms of film music, my idol is Jerry Goldsmith because he managed to be so good so consistently, always exploring new sounds and experimenting with new techniques. The rhythmic variety in his work (odd meters, mixed meters) is practically unparalleled. His music so often exudes excitement and inventiveness. It's wonderful!

-Do you feel that music downloading is hurting the industry, or do you think that artists should release their work on a personal website and include all the download rates and a very limited CD release?

Edwin Wendler: Popular music has moved to digital files long ago, of course. Film music is still in flux, it seems. Soundtrack collectors (and I include myself in that group) are keeping the CD afloat because many of us still do care about the higher audio quality and the easy access to liner notes and music credits. I always read those very carefully, and I know I'm not alone in that regard. Composers often have very little choice about what kind of soundtrack release is possible, or even if there will be an album at all. I've gone through a few album releases, and it's always a big source of stress for me. All I can remember is the constant nail biting and waiting for somebody to agree to something. On my most recent album, Robin Esterhammer of Perseverance Records was so helpful in making sure that everything was in order, and that the process went smoothly. Soundtrack labels in general deserve much more praise than they usually get!

-Walk us throughout a typical day or not so typical?

Edwin Wendler: I do my best to walk my dog twice a day, not only because he needs it but because I need it! Many other composers will tell you that there's something wonderful about being in motion: It helps with ideas. When I get back, I do some email correspondence (communication is SO important!). Once I settle down in the studio, I may finish a cue from the night before. I constantly look at the cue database to see how much work needs to be done that day and to check how much progress I have made. My favorite state is what I would call "being in the zone". It's when you forget about everything else around you, and the music just keeps flowing. It's very important to have the ability to find your way into that zone, no matter how stressful the circumstances may be. I would even go as far as calling it my "safe zone" because it does feel to me like I belong there, and as long as I'm there, I feel great. Then I glance at the cue list again, and I panic! Hehe.

-What is your schedule looking like for 2013, what can we see you being involved in?

Edwin Wendler: World peace! No, I'm just kidding. I work hard at living in the now. Sometimes, I have difficulty believing I actually composed something even if it's about to be released, and there's no time to throw out my music. Even if everybody praises my music and tells me how much they love me, I remain skeptical. It keeps me grounded, I guess. Also, I have been preconditioned by reading about all those composer replacements for so many years, long before I even started composing professionally. No composers want to talk about having been replaced, so there's no guide for how to best avoid it. It scares me that even the most successful composers have been replaced on high-profile projects. So, I never talk about upcoming work because I have become paranoid! In all seriousness, though: I really do focus on the work at hand. Anticipation is often a recipe for disappointment. I get so much joy in the work I'm doing right now, so I don't really feel a need to get excited about upcoming projects.

Thank you so much for this interview!




SHORT BIO: Edwin Wendler’s versatile composing style is evident in his frenetic action cues for NBC’s popular reality series, Fear Factor (Season 6: 2005-2006), the epic choirs of Azureus Rising (winner: Best Original Score - Animated Film at the Los Angeles International Film Festival, 2010), the haunting cello solos in the documentary The Right To Love – An American Family (2012), the cheerful melodies in the family movie, Christmas With A Capital C (2010; starring Ted McGinley and Daniel Baldwin), and the unsettling rhythms of the mystery/thriller series, The Interior (2007), for which Wendler co-wrote the popular theme song, The Gold You Seek, with Houston singer/songwriter Mike Ator.

Leslie Easterbrook - Days of the Dead [Interview]

...Okay as a person I enjoy meeting new people and as a fan I enjoy meeting people who are famous... here is a special case where I just love this woman [respectfully]. Leslie Easterbrook is a talented woman who has been so real, down to earth and open to me... I could listen to her for hours.  She is kind, pleasant and so very interesting I have been holding off on sharing this interview [keeping her all to myself]... it has just been a pleasure. Not talking above me, but to me... that is a wonderful thing.
-Jeremy [Retro-Z]

-With such an amazing career as you have had from a beautiful face to screen icon... what do you find to be your powerful, favorite and memorable roles?

Leslie Easterbrook: Your question is interesting, and flattering.  I’ve never thought of myself as a beautiful face.  Somehow your question has inspired me to look at my career in a new light. 

Young actresses are always trying to look beautiful, when as older Divas, we realize that most of the industry’s female ‘stars’ are far from conventional beauties.  It’s just wasted energy to wish for beauty, and miss the whole picture.  In life we rarely see ourselves as others see us, anyway, so this is just another example.

My first and most memorable to me because it was first, role in the ‘media,’ after I’d worked for several years in live theater productions, both on and off Broadway, was that of Rhonda Lee on “Laverne and Shirley.”

I spent 3 seasons trying madly to be beautiful, when, in reality, I knew I had been hired simply because I possessed the nerve to make a fool of myself.  I would cringe when I watched myself, hating how I looked. And then I’d breathe a sigh of relief when the camera caught me at a flattering angle for a few seconds here and there.  Oh so vain, eh?  

Well, Rhonda was an outrageous character, and I loved her.  It was pure joy to run around on stage in skimpy costumes, and utter inane pieces of vapid, conceited dialogue. 

I’ve always been happiest when I get to ‘create’ a character that doesn’t feel like me, but has aspects of me that I can relate to.  Thus, I am a character actress through and through – and I’ve been a very lucky one.

My most powerful character has to be ‘Callahan’ in the Police Academy movies – she trains and toughens new recruits.  Alas, in spite of being good at her job, she often can’t resist sampling a student or two along the way.  A weakness, decidedly, even potentially illegal – but understandable, considering her need to ‘relax’ after a tough day at the gym!  

She’s a good cop, always on the side of safety and justice. She always gets her guy -- or some guy, depending on her occasional dubious motivations.  But, if you look on the bright side, that makes her a double winner!

-Were you happy with the outcome of the "Days of the Dead" convention, is there anyone you were happy to see/meet of a celebrity nature?

Leslie Easterbrook: I’ve never had a better time at a convention than I did at “Days of the Dead,” and I always enjoy attending gatherings of like-minded movie buffs.  The fans, and our conversations together, were not only interesting, they were inspiring.  I learned from everyone I spoke to, and only regret we didn’t have more time together.  Many of them were moviemakers themselves, and I left with the feeling that they will continue to improve and deepen the scope and breadth of our industry.

There really wasn’t much time to socialize with celebrities.  When the show was over each day, I had to run off and recharge.  It was overwhelming on the floor, and I didn’t want to miss a thing.  What struck me was the number of celebrities there that I had worked with.  It was startling, really.  I was surrounded by love.  When you work together on a movie, and you’re lucky, you create a family.  When a shoot is over, you miss everyone like you would miss a sister or a brother.  The fact that I was surrounded by so many former cast members, from different projects, was overwhelming.  I just kept feeling so proud of everyone.  It was as if I was in that ‘safe place’ again.

I really enjoyed participating in the Q and A with my “The Devil’s Rejects” cast members.  It was extremely well attended, and I felt like I was in the audience listening to my fellow cast member’s stories and anecdotes.  At one point, Bill Mosely passed the mic to me, and I was startled.  I forgot I was on the panel – that’s how engaged I was in what they were saying. It felt like old home week with Sid Haig, Bill Moseley and Michael Berryman.  Rob Zombie had a lot to do with creating our family of actors, within the movie family, on that shoot.  He threw backyard parties, believe it or not. He gave us all a chance to bond – and we did.

On the convention floor, to my right were Derek Mears and Todd Farmer.  They are both a part of “Compound Fracture,” a new film written and produced by Tyler Mane and his wife Renae Gerlings.  I’m in it, too, and we’ve all become family – open house at the Mains’ provided the glue.  It was so nice to have those ‘brothers’ so close for the weekend.  There wasn’t much time to talk, but warmth and love flowed between the tables.

Another wonderful surprise was seeing Keith David.  He directed a beautiful play, “The Shadow Box,” in Santa Monica last year.  I was in the cast, but when the opening date got pushed, I had to drop out of the production because of a prior film commitment.  It broke my heart, and I wasn’t sure if Keith would ever forgive me.  Well, his warm greeting and kind words at the convention let me know that we’re still family.  I think the world of him – and his considerable talent.

-Working with Rob Zombie in recent years, do you find he is also very respectful to your contributions to film/television work and what was the process to getting the roles?

Leslie Easterbrook: Yes, Rob is very respectful of the TV and film work all of us had done before he cast us in “The Devil’s Rejects.”  I think he was very aware of it, and it’s possibly why he was open to casting us – certainly in my case.  It was almost like he saw something in our prior work that made him believe there were deeper, and more extreme, sides to our creative personalities.  If it had just been me that made the leap to the dark side, I would say it was a blip, but if you examine the cast, you could almost say it was a syndrome.  He went for experience in front of the camera, and reached way down into our souls, to extract what he wanted and needed in his movie.  I am convinced that if I’d never played Callahan, or even Rhonda, Rob would never have considered me for Mother Firefly – my most favorite role of all time.  I don’t understand his process, really, but I am surely thankful for it.

In my case, being cast in “Devil’s” was a several pronged process.

The amazing Monika Mikkelsen, casting director extraordinaire, is to blame, really.  She first brought me in to ‘read’ for Priscilla Barnes’ part.  I loved the scenes, and did my best to become the character, although I didn’t feel a strong director would cast me in the part – my being so tall, etc..  I was right!  A couple of weeks later, though, when I was in NYC, I got a call from my agent, and a fax from Monika.  The part was Mother Firefly, and the material was both disgusting and fantastic.  I loved it, and I was hooked – I wanted the part so badly I could taste it.  I immediately hit the subway and started to work on the character, by way of the interrogation scene.  You see, the subway was my only hope – you can scream your lungs out on it, and no one notices.  Just another day in New York…eh?

I flew back to LA a couple of days later, picked up my car at the airport, and headed directly to Monika’s office.  The rest is history.  Rob even put my audition scene on his “30 Days from Hell.”  He must have liked it…it certainly changed my life – and I couldn’t be happier.  Best darn day of my life!

If any fledgling filmmakers are reading this, my one word of advice to you is: Hire Monika Mikkelsen.

-If your life was a song title, what would that be and why?

Leslie Easterbrook: What a great question.  Hmmmm…. “Why Can’t I Be You,” by the Cure

This is the perfect song title for an actor.  We only ‘work’ if we play someone else – anyone else.  The closer we come to really becoming that ‘other’ person, is to wear their clothes, think as they do, and act according.  Why can’t it be anyone, really, as long as it doesn’t feel like ME?  So, why can’t it be YOU?

-What can we look forward to in your upcoming projects?

Leslie Easterbrook: My professional life has been really hectic lately, with a few personal emergencies thrown in, too.  Sometime I think I’m too busy, but then I think about the alternative, and I keep forging ahead.

I’ve been practicing a new approach to work lately – I just say “Yes.”  Like in an improv. I find that if I wait for the perfect project, the most money, or the most prestigious director, I miss practicing my craft, practicing my newly discovered passion for editing, and any and/or all opportunities for professional growth. Thus, I’ve been busy working with very interesting new filmmakers, casts, producers and crews.  Big Smile!

But, alas, toiling for very little money.  Who cares?  If we equate our worth with money, we quickly lose any sense of self- respect!

-Is there one question you are surprised no one has ever asked?

Leslie Easterbrook: Yup.  “Why did you become an actor?”  Since most people who know me know I’m long winded, I think they avoid evoking a novel.

But “why” is interesting to me.  It’s a question I like asking other actors.  There is a kernel of sameness in our answers.  The unique differences usually come from our far pasts – but, isolation, or a feeling of being different from others, always plays a part in it.  Insecurity, pain and/or loneliness seem to be recurring themes, too.  Not always, though. 

Now don’t ask me to elaborate…

Thank you, Leslie... you have a friend and a fan!
And of course to Days of the Dead...

Short Bio: Leslie Easterbrook created Callahan, the tough as nails, over zealous drill instructor in the Police Academy movies.  If you missed her in the original movie, you may have seen her in one of the sequels, punching her way up the ranks, from Sergeant to Captain.

Leslie also created long-running characters Devlin Kowalsky on Ryan's Hope (3 years,) and Rhonda Lee (3 seasons) on Laverne and Shirley.  She has guest starred in over 60 other television shows, including such classics as Matlock, Murder She Wrote, The Dukes of Hazard, Brothers, Baywatch, and the animated series’, Batman and Superman.  Her TV movies include The Song of the Lark, for PBS, A Family Lost, for Lifetime, Murder at the Presidio for USA, and The Taking of Flight 847, The Uli Derickson Story, for NBC.

She was born in Los Angeles, grew up in Nebraska and received a BFA degree in music from Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri.  She began her show business career in the opera, but she quickly gravitated toward theatre, where she has starred in a wide variety of plays and musicals on Broadway and in Regional Theatres, Civic Auditoriums, and Performing Art Centers all around the country.

In 2010 Leslie starred in a brand new musical about four sassy seniors called “Broads, the Musical.”  It premiered at the El Portal Theatre in LA, and may yet be picked up for a US tour.

She has wonderful memories of singing the national anthem at Superbowl XVII, which aired on NBC in 1983.  It wasn’t exactly grand opera, but it was certainly a grand honor.  And she remembered every single lyric!

Leslie played two characters named Bunny.  Bunny has been Leslie’s nickname since childhood.  In Murder at the Presidio, now available on DVD, writer/director John Fasano named Leslie’s character Bunny.  Also, in the original Broadway production of California Suite, Neil Simon named her character Bunny, and it remains Bunny in all publications of his very successful play. Both characters were named after her very own nickname.  She was surprised and flattered at the time, and remains forever grateful.

Leslie considers it an amazing blessing that director, screenwriter, musician, composer and performance artist legend Rob Zombie cast her as Mother Firefly in his box office hit The Devil’s Rejects and, again, as Patty Frost in his first, and very successful, Halloween.  His faith in her dark side seems to have opened the door to a delicious array of juicy villains.  Not only has she had the opportunity to create some remarkably chilling characters, she has greatly enjoyed meeting and greeting many horror fans over the past few years.  

Horror films House, (Betty) with Bill Moseley and Michael Madson, and The Dead Calling, (Marge) with Sid Haig, are both available on DVD. She stars with Kane Hodder in the recently released, The Afflicted, and is a writer, with Jason Stoddard, and producer, with Lee Dashiell and David Hilburn, on the film, as well.

Perseverance Records: Escape [2012] - Edwin Wendler

Escape [2012]
Music by: Edwin Wendler
Limited: 500 Units
Released By: Perseverance Records

We are excited to present this action/drama hybrid score by composer Edwin Wendler. The movie (recently released on BD and DVD) is about two doctors (C. Thomas Howell, Anora Lyn) who volunteer at a clinic in Thailand. One of them gets kidnapped and plans a daring escape with a fellow captive (John Rhys-Davies). Wendler combines sweeping orchestral themes with exciting chase music featuring ethnic percussion. The main theme is among Wendler's very best so far. The City of Prague Philharmonic is conducted by Nic Raine. Produced by Edwin Wendler and Robin Esterhammer, with special thanks to producer James Chankin.

5/5 I was recently introduced to this score and I was just entertained... when I find I listen to a score twice and like this one three times. I just have to share it, stop back soon and there will be more to share.
-Jeremy [Retro-Z]


Rod Abernethy: The Upward Turn [2013]

The Upward Turn [2013]
Music by: Rod Abernethy
January 29, 2013


Abernethy's music-for-picture traverses multiple genres while maintaining an authenticity, originality and integrity which he customizes for each project. He is perhaps best known for his acoustic and electronic instrumentation combined with cinematic scoring. The dark, action-orchestral score for RAGE (Bethesda Softworks). The edgy, action-driven score for WHEELMAN (Tigon Studios) starring Vin Diesel immerses players into the Barcelona setting with flamenco orchestrations. The eclectic and sublime atmospheric score for DEAD HEAD FRED (Soundtrack available on iTunes), inspired by the game's 'twisted noir' setting, blends cinematic orchestrations with a dark panorama of jazz, southwestern guitar, ambient, rock fusion and other seemingly disparate music styles into a cohesive and alluring listening experience. The critically acclaimed score for THE HOBBIT, combining traditional Celtic music with sweeping orchestra, won G.A.N.G.’s Best Soundtrack Award.

His music productions enhance numerous high profile video games such as RAGE, DEAD SPACE, ALPHA PROTOCOL, TERA, EAT LEAD, WHEELMAN, DEAD HEAD FRED, THE HOBBIT and RISE OF THE KASAI as well as promotional trailers for DARKSIDERS, WARHAWK, LINEAGE II and PRINCE OF PERSIA. Rod's music has also been featured in programming for major networks including ABC, CBS, Discovery Channel, ESPN, Fox, G4, HBO, Nickelodeon, TLC and PBS. As a signed artist he has recorded in major studios around the world for record industry giants Warner Bros., Elektra, Atlantic, and MCA Records and collaborated with legendary producers Paul Rothchild (The Doors, Bonnie Raitt), John Anthony (Roxy Music, Queen) and David Lord (Peter Gabriel, Tori Amos, Tears for Fears, The Pretenders). 

5/5 I was introduced to this music going in sort of blindly and I was pleasantly surprised it was great and met all my expectation. I am not a big video game player, so I have not followed many games score... this has open my eyes up to this talent.
-Jeremy [Retro-Z]


Lakeshore Records: Stand Up Guys [Score] (2013) - Lyle Workman

Stand Up Guys [Score]
Music by: Lyle Workman

Lakeshore Records will release the Stand Up Guys – Original Score digitally on Tuesday, January 29, 2013.   Lyle Workman (Superbad, American Reunion) composed the original music. In addition, Lakeshore Records will be releasing an original soundtrack, featuring three tracks by Workman and two original songs by Jon Bon Jovi, written for the film.

“Fisher [Stevens, director] wanted the music to feel like it was central to the main characters; music they would listen to, music that would score their lives, so to speak,” said Workman.  “Blues, R&B, soul and early rock and roll fit that template. We talked about it being gritty and soulful, but also playful and lending a subtext of history.” 

Whether it's composing feature film music, studio work for major recording artists, or performing on world stages, Lyle Workman enjoys the fruits of a diversified career.  Workman Lyle composed the music for the films Superbad, The 40 Year Old Virgin, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Win Win, American Reunion and the upcoming release The Incredible Burt Wonderstone (starring Steve Carell and Jim Carrey).

5/5 It's a different direction, a great direction! 
-Jeremy [Retro-Z]

Varese Sarabande: Parker [2013] - David Buckley

Parker [2013]
Music By: David Buckley
Available: 02/05/13, 01/22/13


Parker (Jason Statham) is a professional thief who lives by a personal code of ethics: Don’t steal from people who can’t afford it and don’t hurt people who don’t deserve it. But on his latest heist, his crew double crosses him, steals his stash, and leaves him for dead. Determined to make sure they regret it, Parker tracks them to Palm Beach, playground of the rich and famous, where the crew is planning their biggest heist ever. Donning the disguise of a rich Texan, Parker takes on an unlikely partner, Leslie (Jennifer Lopez), a savvy insider, who’s short on cash, but big on looks, smarts and ambition. Together, they devise a plan to hijack the score, take everyone down and get away clean.  

5/5 Two good things going for this film... Statham and Buckley...
-Jeremy [Retro-Z]

THE LAST STAND....A very violent car commercial?

 What a great time it is to be an action movie fan.  It is also kind of a weird time as well.  Who would have ever imagined that Arnold Schwarzenegger's return to the big screen in a staring role would be a modern day western directed by one of the greatest directors to come out of Korea, Kim Jee-Woon.  If you haven't seen THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE WEIRD, I SAW THE DEVIL or A TALE OF TWO SISTERS then you are missing out.  The action movie hero torch was never successfully passed to a new generation.  I know we saw an attempt with the Rock in THE RUNDOWN but he kind of fumbled it with crap like DOOM and (sigh) THE TOOTH FAIRY along with even more forgettable crap.  FASTER was his best but it's too little too late.  Thankfully Scott Adkins was there to catch the fumble and with the help of director Isaac Florentine was able to bring about a direct-to-video resurgence of truly great action films like NINJA and UNDISPUTED 2 and 3.  But it looks like 2013 is the return of the old guys.  We have THE LAST STAND with Arnold, followed by BULLET TO THE HEAD with Stallone and finally DIE HARD part 5 with the ever charming Bruce 'freakin' Willis.  All three are released in the first two months of 2013.  Hurray!  To say the least I was really excited to see THE LAST STAND.  I even got my picture with the poster.  Look at how happy I am.  That's probably the biggest smile you are going to get out of me.  That poster was across the street by the way.  It was huge.  I am standing on the second floor of a parking garage.

THE LAST STAND is about an aging sheriff who realizes that he and his few deputies are the only ones able to stop a recently escaped drug lord (and part time race car driver) from crossing the border in a super fast Corvette.  The movie as a whole is pretty darn good.  Its not the greatest action movie in the world but it manages to be unique with its crisp dry cinematography and breezy camera movement.  Arnold is showing his age but still maintains a strong screen persona.  Its comes from his stone cold glare that has been missed from the big screen for so long.  Forrest Whitaker is really good in this too playing an agent who is really really pissed off all the time.  I guess I would be too if I let the most dangerous man in my custody get away.  There is a good amount of warmth in this film coming from the cast.  Arnold is the nice sheriff with a bloody past.  He knows what is about to come his way.  His deputies are bored with the quiet life getting themselves in trouble with their sheriff goofing around with Knoxville who they have to deputize out of desperation to use his guns to fight the baddies at the end.  The supporting cast are usually the comic relief and they do a great job especially Luis Guzman.  Is Guzman ever bad in anything he does?  I don't think so.  Click here to read more of my uniformed views...


Monstrous Movie Music: The McCullochs - Ernest Gold

The McCullochs [MMM-1966]
Music by: Ernest Gold

The McCullochs is one of Ernest Gold’s least known scores, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t an extremely well-written and enjoyable work.

The Academy Award-winning composer (Exodus, Inherit the Wind, It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World) wrote an extremely diverse score for this 1975 movie that was a loose remake of The Quiet Man, and which starred  Forrest Tucker, Julie Adams, and Max Baer, Jr. The music combines Americana, Irish melodies, Big Band, jazz, comedy, and other styles, and it was a score the composer was quite proud of.  

Monstrous Movie Music

5/5 It's just that good!
-Jeremy [Retro-Z]


ATM...Should have stayed a romantic comedy.

ATM is a simple story with a very interesting premise.  This kind-of-sort-of horror movie is about a faceless heavy coat wearing killer who traps three young people in a ATM booth in the freezing cold.  If the three try to leave he tries to kill them but if they don't try to escape they freeze to death in the ever dropping temperature.  It kind of reminds me of the movie FROZEN only at a lower elevation and only if I had actually watched FROZEN.  I guess that is the killer's way of murder.  He traps them and forces them to make drastic decisions on how they will escape and when they try he kills them.  Apparently the killer is some kind of jerk with too much time on his hands planning and mapping the view range of nearby surveillance cameras and where he can stand and not get seen at isolated ATM booths.  Sounds like a smart movie right?  It would be smart if I didn't have the time to think of all the incredible coincidences that occur in the film.  Unfortunately for ATM, like the killer, I'm a jerk that has way too much time on my hands too.

Now ATM starts off strong with our leading man clumsily trying to get the nerve up to ask a girl out on a date.  He has a friend who is a little outspoken pushing him to make the move.  The girl too likes our hero and the two start up a short lived romance.  What we have here is a movie that could have easily been a romantic comedy that would have been very entertaining.  ATM has interesting characters that are well acted.  The film is well directed drawing the viewer in with some great shots and scenes never throwing out fake scares to remind the audience that this is a horror movie.  You get a good vibe from the cast and they are like friends to you.  Then the three friends get in a car and decide to go to an ATM machine in the middle of the night after leaving a corporate Christmas party.  Then the bad horror movie stuff happens and the movie loses it's way.  Click here to ready my spoiler heavy review.


Intrada: CROMWELL [2Cd] - Frank Cordell

Music by: Frank Cordell

Special Collection Volume 228
Date: 1970
Time = 124:27

Spectacular find! Frank Cordell's magnificent Oscar-nominated score for lavish Ken Hughes movie about Oliver Cromwell, King Charles I, bloody English Civil War of 1600's and starring Richard Harris, Alec Guinness, was buried beneath an all-dialog LP on Capitol label in 1970. For years our interest in bringing album out on CD was muted by this sad anomaly. Then, in wonderful stroke of fortune, complete stereo session tapes were found in EMI vaults, labeled with other film audio elements (foley work, sound effects, etc.) and seemingly lost forever.


5/5 Period!
-Jeremy [Retro-Z]


La-La Land Records... Doubles Your Score!

La-La Land Records and 20th Century Fox proudly present the remastered and slightly expanded 2-CD release of acclaimed composer John Williams' (JAWS, STAR WARS, RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, SCHINDLER'S LIST) orchestral score to the 1992 blockbuster holiday sequel HOME ALONE 2: LOST IN NEW YORK, starring Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern, and directed by Chris Columbus. Williams builds upon his marvelous HOME ALONE score, giving the Yuletide saga of Kevin McCallister a festive and joyous, Big Apple spin that will have you smiling through the holiday season! Produced by Nick Redman and Mike Matessino, and mastered by Dan Hersch and Mike Matessino, this special release, limited to 3000 units, features exclusive, in-depth liner notes by John Williams historian Mike Matessino. Yesssss! 

La-La Land Records, 20th Century Fox and Sony Music present the remastered and expanded 2-CD release of renowned composer Michael Kamen's (DIE HARD, LETHAL WEAPON, MR. HOLLAND'S OPUS, THE IRON GIANT) full-throttle orchestral score to the 1995 Twentieth Century Fox blockbuster DIE HARD WITH A VENGEANCE, starring Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson and Jeremy Irons, directed by John McTiernan. Long overdue, Michael Kamen's final, sensational DIE HARD score comes roaring back to life in an explosive deluxe version that runs over 2 full hours, greatly expanding its original 1995 soundtrack release with a new presentation worthy of the composer's masterful work. Kamen's score is presented here as initially composed for the film, giving listeners a chance to hear material that was ultimately not used in the final version of the movie. Produced by Nick Redman and Mike Matessino, produced for Sony Music by Didier C. Deutsch, and mastered by Mike Matessino, this special release is limited to 4000 units and features plentiful bonus tracks as well as exclusive, in depth liner notes by film music writer Jeff Bond. Also included is the classic rocker that kicks off the film, "Summer in the City" by The Lovin' Spoonful. As only John McClane and any film music fan would say...Yippee Ki Yay...!

La-La Land Records, Paramount Pictures and Universal Music Special Markets present the remastered and expanded 2-CD release of acclaimed composer Ennio Morricone's (THE MAN WITH NO NAME TRILOGY, THE MISSION, FAT MAN AND LITTLE BOY, IN THE LINE OF FIRE) masterful orchestral score to the 1987 Paramount Pictures crime classic THE UNTOUCHABLES, starring Kevin Costner, Sean Connery, Andy Garcia and Robert DeNiro, and directed by Brian De Palma. This superb sounding release marks the 25th anniversary of this beloved film and its indelible, powerhouse score. Disc One contains the score mix as heard in the film while Disc Two features the remastered, Grammy-winning original A&M soundtrack (which was mixed differently), along with special bonus tracks that include a song demo "Love Theme From The Untouchables" performed by Randy Edelman! Produced by Dan Goldwasser and Neil S. Bulk and mastered by Doug Schwartz, this special release, limited to 3500 units, features exclusive in-depth liner notes by film music writer Jeff Bond. This is the ultimate release of a film music classic. Here endeth the lesson!

Available Now... and is a LIMITED RELEASE!

5/5... 5/5... 5/5... Maybe you have heard of these?
Can you read that right, these are some of the more popular films in the last 25 years that have had score releases, but left the masses wanting more. Well  those screams have been answered by "La-La Land Records" bringing us Morricone, Williams and the late Kamen... favorites yes! Masterpieces!
-Jeremy [Retro-Z]

La-La Land Records: JACK REACHER [2013]

Music by:  Joe Kraemer

La-La Land Records and Paramount Pictures present the release of composer Joe Kraemer's (THE WAY OF THE GUN, AN UNREASONABLE MAN) original motion picture score to Paramount Pictures' acclaimed thriller JACK REACHER, starring Tom Cruise, Rosamund Pike, Richard Jenkins and Werner Herzog, and directed by Christopher McQuarrie. Kraemer fashions a crackerjack corker of a score, infusing it with an unmistakable 70s vibe that results in a sound that is as knowingly retro as it is freshly contemporary - the perfect compliment to this taught, wildly entertaining mystery/action/thriller cocktail. Produced by Joe Kraemer and mastered by Bruce Botnick, this special CD release features an exclusive Bonus Track that is not available for digital download. Film music writer Tim Greiving provides liner notes, with additional notes from the composer and writer/director. (Note: This is not a limited edition release).

5/5 I love Joe Kraemer... been doing some great edgy and driven scores over the years, this one is no different!
-Jeremy [Retro-Z]


Cheezy Flicks: SWAMP WITCH

There is a 100 year old evil lurking-in the swamp.
Those who go near... never come back.

A young Jamaican girl, Shona, is cursed, making her immortal, but with a price. For 100 years she travel sthe world trying to find a way to lift her curse. She settles in a small Southern town in America. Suddenly there are diappearances and brutal killings. Fear grips the town. It's up to the local law, Sheriff Taylor, with help from a CSI agent, Poe, to solve the mysteries.

Cheezy Flicks

3/5 It's what you might think and then think again... it is!
-Jeremy [Retro-Z]


Echo Bridge Entertainment: Saves the Day!

Werewolves, leeches, apes and other maniacal monsters come to life in this ten-movie cult classic collection. Film fans will be dying to get their hands on these creature feature favorites!

THE APE MAN: A driven scientist (Bela Lugosi) injects himself with gorilla spinal fluid and to his horror, begins transforming into an ape.  BEOWULF: In a medieval land, a half man-half god called Beowulf (Christopher Lambert) fights his way through a besieging army and into a mysterious castle to face the ultimate evil.  CREATURE FROM THE HAUNTED SEA: In this Roger Corman classic, a mobster helps Cuban loyalists escape by boat, plotting to kill and rob them and blame their deaths on a mythical sea monster…until the beast actually comes to life.  WEREWOLF IN A GIRLS' DORMITORY:  At a boarding school for wayward girls, a murderous beast is prowling the grounds with razor-sharp claws, skin-shredding teeth and an insatiable lust for blood.  ATTACK OF THE GIANT LEECHES:  In a small swampland town, people are falling prey to a vicious breed of giant leeches.  SEEDPEOPLE: A geologist discovers that alien seeds are pollinating the citizens of Comet Valley and turning them into bad-tempered, blood-thirsty plants.  The SHE-BEAST: Veronica (Barbara Steele) is a beautiful young bride who is possessed by an 18th century Transylvanian witch that was murdered by local villagers.  THE WASP WOMAN: A youth-obsessed cosmetics mogul volunteers to be the test subject for a new beauty cream that has a sinister side effect. Directed by Roger Corman. THE APE: Dr. Adrian (Boris Karloff) discovers a vaccine for polio: pure, unadulterated human spinal fluid. Now all he needs are some donors.  THE KILLER SHREWS: A mad scientist on an isolated island accidentally creates a race of giant shrews that manage to escape during a hurricane.

[Available 2-12-13]

5/5 I was sick last week and I could barely make it out of my bed... and this wonderful set of 10 cult films made it possible to watch. Not having to leave my bed for five hours or more at a time. You have heard of these and most likely have not seen them in years. I wanted to thank "Echo Bridge" for becoming a lifesaver in my bout of the flu.
-Jeremy [Retro-Z]