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Echo Bridge Entertainment: Saves the Day!

Werewolves, leeches, apes and other maniacal monsters come to life in this ten-movie cult classic collection. Film fans will be dying to get their hands on these creature feature favorites!

THE APE MAN: A driven scientist (Bela Lugosi) injects himself with gorilla spinal fluid and to his horror, begins transforming into an ape.  BEOWULF: In a medieval land, a half man-half god called Beowulf (Christopher Lambert) fights his way through a besieging army and into a mysterious castle to face the ultimate evil.  CREATURE FROM THE HAUNTED SEA: In this Roger Corman classic, a mobster helps Cuban loyalists escape by boat, plotting to kill and rob them and blame their deaths on a mythical sea monster…until the beast actually comes to life.  WEREWOLF IN A GIRLS' DORMITORY:  At a boarding school for wayward girls, a murderous beast is prowling the grounds with razor-sharp claws, skin-shredding teeth and an insatiable lust for blood.  ATTACK OF THE GIANT LEECHES:  In a small swampland town, people are falling prey to a vicious breed of giant leeches.  SEEDPEOPLE: A geologist discovers that alien seeds are pollinating the citizens of Comet Valley and turning them into bad-tempered, blood-thirsty plants.  The SHE-BEAST: Veronica (Barbara Steele) is a beautiful young bride who is possessed by an 18th century Transylvanian witch that was murdered by local villagers.  THE WASP WOMAN: A youth-obsessed cosmetics mogul volunteers to be the test subject for a new beauty cream that has a sinister side effect. Directed by Roger Corman. THE APE: Dr. Adrian (Boris Karloff) discovers a vaccine for polio: pure, unadulterated human spinal fluid. Now all he needs are some donors.  THE KILLER SHREWS: A mad scientist on an isolated island accidentally creates a race of giant shrews that manage to escape during a hurricane.

[Available 2-12-13]

5/5 I was sick last week and I could barely make it out of my bed... and this wonderful set of 10 cult films made it possible to watch. Not having to leave my bed for five hours or more at a time. You have heard of these and most likely have not seen them in years. I wanted to thank "Echo Bridge" for becoming a lifesaver in my bout of the flu.
-Jeremy [Retro-Z]

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Anytime you can stay in bed for five hours in a row, take it. Glad you feel better though. And not surprised to see a Corman film in the mix. And didn't MST3K do The Killer Shrews on one of their shows?