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Dark Moon Digest - Issue #10: Horror Fiction Quarterly

Dark Moon Digest: Issue Number 10

Death is an Assh@le (Christopher Hivner) Tangled, Blue (S.L. Schmitz) Fin (Rose Blackthorn) Norman Rockwell is Dead (Alan Zielinski) The Itch (Jessica Rushing ) Dr. Fulsom's Experiment (P.G. Harvey) Death Takes the Phantom (Michael Arruda) Big Bad (Jack Maddox) Rapture (Chris Castle) Crocodile Rot (Lydia Peever) Ripe (Alice Edward) Simon Dunn: Former-Zombie (Steven Jenkins) Be Careful What You Wish For (Suzie Lockhart) Florida at Night (KC Redding) The Letter (Andy Rigley) Ash (Richard Allden)... [AMAZON]

Just a quick shout out our very own contributor "KC Redding-Gonzalez" has a submission for this publication. Wanted to wish all the success and luck as she climbs upward.
-Jeremy [Retro-Z]