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"LIKE" My FB page...please.

So when it comes to computers I am very ungood at using them.  I have tried my best to get a "Like" link on my blog page but I can't get it to connect to THE FACEBOOK.  To heck with it, I say.  I will just post a post and see if any of you guys are interested in connecting through THE FACEBOOK.  I usually don't post much unless I think of something funny and short to write about that doesn't merit a post on a blog.  I do plan on using it more in the near future just to make "funny" comments on what is happening in the movie world today.  If you get bored just click on the link below and "Like" my page for further info on upcoming film or web series projects I am working on.  The pictures above are from when I played a zombie stand in for my friends horror film THE SKY HAS FALLEN.  If you feel like supporting independent horror then pick up a copy.

CLICK to visit my Facebook page thingy.



Maurice Mitchell said...

Cool man. I like to like Facebook likes.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

If I was on Facebook I would!!