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Halloween - Rob Zombie Style... Re-telling...

I enjoyed this film for it gives a different look into this boy we have grown to love...

Halloween II [2009] - Rob Zombie's Vision Fizzles...

Though this film was a tanker, it still provides us with some great visuals..

Howlin Wolf Records - New And Improved!

MALEVOLENCE [Score] By Stevan Mena

Howlin' Wolf Records is pleased to present, for the first time, the score for the film MALEVOLENCE...A film written, produced, directed, and scored by Stevan Mena. MALEVOLENCE, released theatrically in 2004 by Anchor Bay Entertainment, has been hailed as a stunning debut by film viewers and critics alike, winning Best Feature in 2003 at both the Long Island International Film Expo and the New York City Horror Film Festival prior to its theatrical release.

Stevan Mena's score for MALEVOLENCE is an incredible combination of tension building chords, eerie and effective sound design, percussion, and haunting, beautiful, mood-setting themes. Mena's film is an entertaining, genuinely scary, and atmospheric cinematic experience and the same can be said of his wonderful score. The composition and texture of the film score for MALEVOLENCE has been likened to works by John Carpenter, Charles Bernstein, Harry Manfredini, and Wayne Bell.

This release is a limited edition pressing of 1500 and features a complete score and full color inserts. The 12-panel full color insert includes lavish imagery from the film, a forward by Robert Galluzzo of, and liner notes by Stevan Mena the composer. This collector's limited edition also features a full color pressed CD and full color tray-liner, all professionally designed and printed.

Sorry i just took the text... go visit this site, good things are coming!

SAW - tribute...jigsaw we love you!

Island Of Dr. Moreau [Remake]

Val Kilmer and Academy Award(R) winner Marlon Brando star in this fantastic sci-fi thriller. Dr. Moreau uses the key of science to turn animal life forms into human-like beasts who threaten not only Moreau's island laboratory, but ultimately all mankind!

as good as this should have been, the images are fun...

Blood Wars

THE FIGHT OVER GOOD AND EVIL IS ON Will (Draven) is a laid-back college student who enjoys a quiet lifestyle with his small group of friends. Unfortunately for Will, everything he knows is about to change when he is bitten by a vampire seductress - part of clan that has been living near his campus in the search for fresh blood. The coven leader, Julian (Todd) has been looking to pass his throne to a worthy successor. In order to relinquish his coveted title, one of the vampires in his coven must fight and kill a sentry - a member of an elite order of vampire hunters. As the legend holds, sentries have fought vampires for millennia, protecting the world and maintaining a necessary balance between good and evil. But the destiny of vampires and sentries alike are forever changed when Will becomes the center of this eternal war. BLOOD WARS Directed by Tom Shell (The Far Side of Jericho) from a screenplay and story by Ramesh Thadani, and is produced by Mark Burman (The Spreading Ground), A.J. Draven, Scott Pearlman (Brotherhood of Blood), and Tom Shell.

Infestation... Something Buggy is Going On!

This movie looks like a whole amount of fun, and i hate the thought
of bugs... especially giant ones!

Albino Farm

Watch as the Horrific Night of Horrors Unfolds

An Ozark Mountain town - with a century-old history of religious fanaticism -
has inadvertently created a modern sadistic society full of in-bred misfits
who prey on stray travelers. Four young college students - lured in to
explore the legend of the ALBINO FARM - uncover its disturbing past while
enduring a horrific night of horrors.
The film stars Chris Jericho (WWE superstar), Tammin Sursok (Crossing
Over, Aquamarine), Richard Christy (The Howard Stern Show, Harold &
Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay), Sunkrish Bala (Get Smart’s Bruce
and Lloyd Out of Control), Alicia Lagano (Prison Break), Nick Richey
(Welcome to the Jungle), Kevin Spirtas (Days of Our Lives, One Life to
Live), Bianca Barnett (The Devil’s Muse) and Duane Whitaker (Feast, Pulp
The film was written, directed and produced by Joe Anderson and Sean
McEwen (Happy’s Last Wish), with Rachelle Ryan and Jason Stewart also
producing. Original music is by Scott Rockenfield (Queensryche).

Critters, Critters, Critters!

What can i say, "I love those little critters"
someone thought it was a good idea to tag my stuff, so if someone wanted
more they knew where to go...

Welcome to Zombie Town...

goofy, fun... don't expect anything more than zombies and more zombies!