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Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
So I went to see the forth installment of the hit franchise "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" on Sunday and want to say only good things about it, sort of. Okay when any film reaches it's forth part you should expect certain pitfalls, holes... cast changes, but this doesn't have it. Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is a fun ride, not meant to be taken all that seriously... it was just fun. If you like or love Jack Sparrow, you will not be disappointed in his latest adventure. This film grossed the biggest box office draw this year and will most likely to continue until the next blockbuster film... my guess "Transformers III:  Dark Of The Moon", then "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II". I am off topic if you like pirates, damsels in distress, pirates, zombies, or just a great time out with the family... I say go see it.

21 Questions: Brian Cachia [Composer]

Brian Cachia [Composer]
 -Tell us about your career and what you are currently working on or involved with?
I started out as a drummer, moved into the recording studio and mixing engineer world, music production and then made the transition into film scoring. I am currently working and collaborating with exceptionally talented visionaries who push me everyday to raise the bar.

-Is this what you thought you would be doing with your life, what was your first passion?
I knew I'd be doing something a little out of the ordinary, although let the truth be known I wanted to be a pro skater! when I told my father he looked at me with a puzzled look and said 'you should play music'! Shortly after that time I realized I could loose myself behind the drum kit and maybe I could do this for a job? My knees and bones are thanking me now, and father is proud.

-To whom do you credit your success to, who gives or gave you the most support?
Father! always pushing for me to achieve what he was unable to.

-If you could meet or work with [living or dead], who would that be and why?
I would love to have been a student of M.C Escher, the way he changed the rules of perception with his art was awesome.

-What would you like to be remembered for 100 years from now?
Hopefully I'd have inspired somebody and produced some great work

-Who inspires you?
Music inspires me, when I hear an album I love, my blood boils with the excitement of possibilities.

-How are things different today, than the same day 1 year ago?
I have one more year of ammunition under my belt!

-What is the last song you bought or listened to in your musical device?
Well an hour ago I bought an album by 'My Brightest Diamond' Bring me the Workhorse' before that I bought a copy of the 'Suckerpunch' soundtrack so I could hear me drumming on a few of the tracks! (very lame I know)

-Last good film you had seen, and the best movie you would recommend to someone asking?
Black Swan was the last great film I saw recently, I would recommend it for sure.

-What is the single greatest moment in your life?
I have had a few great musical ones but I feel meeting my unborn child in a few months will probably surpass all the others.

-Favorite Horror Film?
Event Horizon
-Favorite Books? 
The War of Art, Steven Pressfield / The Alchemist, Paul Coelho
-Favorite Song?
oh no fair! I'm putting down two! please!?  You keep on moving – Deep Purple / All My Waves – Horse Head
-Favorite Film Character?
Morphious - Matrix
-Favorite Film Composer?
I like what everyone is doing these days.
-Favorite Things In Your Home?
My cats Bohdi and Floyd – my fish and my wifes wine red - Les
Paul electric guitar
-Favorite First Pet?
Talking Budgerigar named Pretty boy
-Favorite Coffee Or Tea?
Tea but coffee is my evil favorite
-Favorite Phrase?
'Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick'
-Favorite Hiding Place [Not that we are looking]?
On a wave or behind the drum kit

-If you could tell someone something someone told you, "words to live by" what would that be?
'Know your own Voice'

21 Questions: Brian Cachia [Composer] - Contributions

I wanted to thank Brian for his great modesty and being a very cool man for the last couple of years, still talking to me as he makes it up the "Composer's Hill". I had contacted him when the score to the film "Gabriel" had come out, and I had been following his career since. I encourage you all to check out many or all of Brian's musical offerings, which can be followed here: "" and "IMDB.COM". He by himself and working with many musical icons, and I thought I would share some of his accomplishments. I wish him all the best, luck and happiness... I hope he will keep me informed about his latest projects.

Thanks again,
Jeremy [iZombie 2vs8]

Feature Film:

    Undocumented – Christopher Peckover (2010) composer
    Isolation – Stephen Kay (2010) composer
    Super – James Gun (2010) musician / programmer / drummer
    SuckerPunch – Zack Snyder (2010) musician / drummer / percussion
    The Way – Emilio Estevez (2010) musician / percussion
    Halloween 2 – Rob Zombie (2009) musician
    Fragment - Andrew Miles (2009) composer
    Bitter and Twisted - Christopher Weekes (2008) composer
    Gabriel - Shane Abbess (2007) composer / music editor

Video Game:

    Army of Two 40th day – EA (2010) musician / programmer
    Transformers Origins (2010) musician / drummer / programmer
    Transformers Wii Version (2010) musician / programmer /drummer

Television & Documentaries:

    Universal Back Lot Fires 2008 (2010) co-composer
    Down There (2008) composer
    Gabriel Behind the Madness video Documentary (2008) composer
    Still Life (2006) composer
    Real Eyes (2003) composer

Short Feature:

    Dead Air (2008) composer
    Aidens Fable (2004) composer
    Asylum (2004) composer
    Blackout (2004) composer
    Breaking Point (2003) composer
    Mr Todd (2003) composer
    Noir (2003) composer
    Better Daze (2002) composer / sound design
    Befell (2002) composer
    Morning Sunshine (2001) composer / Music Editor / Location Sound
    Under Eight (2001) composer
    Unstoppable Fist (2001) composer
    Ravage (2000) composer

POTC: On Stranger Tides [Is Here]

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
“When three films together bring in $2.6 billion dollars worldwide, you understand pretty quickly that a message is being sent to you by audiences,” notes Producer Jerry Bruckheimer of the international response to the first three “Pirates of the Caribbean” films, subtitled “The Curse of the Black Pearl” (2003), “Dead Man’s Chest” (2005) and “At World’s End” (2007).
“The numbers are wonderful,” Bruckheimer continues, “but what’s even better is that they tell you something of what these films have meant to moviegoers. Audiences fell in love with the pirate genre all over again after an absence of some three decades, and they certainly fell head over heels for Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow! There are more adventures for Captain Jack to take on, and our screenwriters, Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio, had already created a whole world to explore.” And exploring that world is just what the audience will do when they travel with Captain Jack on his action-packed journey to the legendary Fountain of Youth. When Jack crosses paths (and swords) with the enigmatic Angelica (Penélope Cruz), a ravishing pirate with whom he shares a dubious past, she forces him aboard the Queen Anne’s Revenge, the ship belonging to the legendary pirate Blackbeard (Ian McShane).

Finding himself a prisoner on an unexpected journey to the fabled fountain, Jack must use all his wiles to deal with the barbarous Blackbeard and his crew of zombies, Angelica, who can—and will—match him wit for wit and sword for sword, and beautiful, enchanting mermaids whose masterful cunning can lure even the most seasoned sailor to his doom. Johnny Depp, who had fallen unabashedly in love with the character of Captain Jack Sparrow over the course of the first three films, was certainly game for another new adventure. “The idea of a fourth one after finishing ‘Pirates 3’ was somewhere in the back of your head, thinking, ‘I sure hope so,’” notes Depp. “When you’re done playing Captain Jack, there’s a real decompression getting out of that skin, because I like being in that skin,’ says Depp. “There’s a great comfort in playing Captain Jack, because you have license to be completely irreverent, completely subversive, absolutely abstract in all situations. I know him so well that it just comes naturally.

Jack Sparrow.  JOHNNY DEPP
Blackbeard . IAN MCSHANE
Captain Teague. KEITH RICHARDS
Gillette . DAMIAN O’HARE
Lord John Carteret. ANTON LESSER
Prime Minister Henry Pelham. ROGER ALLAM
Society Lady. JUDI DENCH
Quartermaster. IAN MERCER
Tamara—First Mermaid. GEMMA WARD
Spanish Sea Captain . JUAN CARLOS VELLIDO
Spanish Castaway. NORBERTO MORAN
Spanish Officer. GERARD MONACO
Spanish Soldier. TYRONE LOPEZ
Captain of the Guard. LUKE ROBERTS
English Girl . EMILIA JONES
Master-at-Arms. DEREK MEARS
Courtroom Wench. KITT BARRIE
Courtroom Heckler. STEPHEN MORPHEW
Justice Smith . ALAN UTLEY-MOORE

POTC: On Stranger Tides [Gold] - Never Too Many Pirates!!

POTC: On Stranger Tides [Gold]

Midnight Movie: The Killer Cut! [Pub Crawl]

Official Release: From Pub Crawl to Premiere,
Stars KILLED it on the Red Carpet for "Midnight Movie: Killer Cut"

   Cinco de Mayo got a killer dose of excitement, as cast, filmmakers, and special celebrity guests got glam for the world premiere of Jack Messitt's MIDNIGHT MOVIE: THE KILLER CUT.   Before hitting the red carpet at Bigfoot Crest Theater, cast members like Brea Grant, Rebekah Brandes, Daniel Bonjour, Dinora Walcott, Ashley Black, and Christopher Page started the night off in a unique way with a Pub Crawl at Westwood Brew Co.  There they enjoyed food and drinks, chatting it up with writer/director Jack Messitt, Bigfoot Entertainment chairman Michael Gleissner (Director, Midnight Movie Executive Producer, actor), Bigfoot Entertainment's CEO Kacy Andrews (Midnight Movie Producer), Bigfoot's Christian Meoli, and more.
   Causing a sensational scene, the group made their way down Westwood Blvd. to the awaiting Red Carpet photographers.  The gorgeous girls of Midnight Movie, shined on the red carpet including Melissa Steach, Mandell Maughan, and stunning supermodel Laury Prudent.  In support of the world premiere, award-winning filmmaker Joe Arias, pop artist Rosie Okumura, and actress Victoria Cruz attended.  The talented men of Midnight Movie rocked the red carpet including Jon Briddell, Michael Swan, Justin Baric, Arthur Roberts, and Michael Schwartz.
   You may think you have seen Midnight Movie before, but not like this.  With new and enhanced visual effects, extended scenes and never before seen footage, Radford is Back and better than ever in Midnight Movie: The Killer Cut. 
   Winner of Best Feature Film & Best Cinematography at the Chicago Horror Film Festival, Midnight Movie tells the story of a midnight screening of a cult horror movie that turns into a bloodbath when the killer from the film comes into the theater and starts picking off the audience one by one.  Caught between reality and the screen's flickering shadows, the audience becomes the unwilling stars of the very horror movie they were watching. 
Midnight Movie: The Killer Cut! is slated for a July 14th DVD release date.

Midnight Movie: The Killer Cut! [Pub Crawl]

Okay, I know I am happy this movie "Midnight Movie" is getting a "Killer Cut" and I encourage you to all go find this movie on DVD (July 2011) and experience all it's horror glory. I wanted to thank Jack Messitt (Writer/Director) and all the folks at Jolson Creative especially  Erin Casement for getting all the things I need. I wished I had lived closer to the premier of "Midnight Movie: The Killer Cut", it looks like it was a great time... at least we can experience it in the photos.

Jeremy [iZombie] 

Midnight Movie: The Killer Cut! [Pub Crawl] Photos Part I

 Writer/Director Jack Messitt

 Midnight Movie's Rebekah Brandes (Bridget)
 with Writer/Director Jack Messitt

 Midnight Movie's Daniel Bonjour (Josh), Rebekah Brandes (Bridget)
and Writer/Director Jack Messitt

Midnight Movie Cast and Filmmakers on the red carpet
at the Crest Majestic Theater for the premiere of
Midnight Movie: Killer Cut.

Special Guest, Kacy Andrews (Midnight Movie Producer,
Bigfoot Entertainment CEO), Writer Director Jack Messitt,
actor Jon Bridell (Detective Barrons).

 Writer/Director Jack Messitt with Bigfoot Entertainment's Michael Gleissner
(Midnight Movie Executive Producer, actor) on the red carpet.

 Writer/Director Jack Messitt, Bigfoot Entertainment's Michael Gleissner (Midnight Movie Executive Producer, actor), and Bigfoot Entertainment's CEO Kacy Andrews (Midnight Movie Producer) on the red carpet.

 Head of Bigfoot Entertainment's Michael Gleissner (Midnight Movie Executive Producer, actor) and Laury Prudent (Deep Gold) pose on the red carpet.

 Bigfoot Entertainment's VP of Marketing Christian Meoli talks
with Dinora Walcott (Lucinda).

Writer/Director Jack Messitt and Christopher Page (Dr. Cashin)

Photo Credits: Vivien Killilea

Midnight Movie: The Killer Cut! [Pub Crawl] Photos Part II

 Actor Jim Mahoney (Bobby) at the Pub Crawl

 Midnight Movie actor Justin Baric (Timmy) on the red carpet.

 Midnight Movie Actress Brea Grant (Rachael) on the red carpet.

Midnight Movie's Michael Swan (Dr. Wayne) on the red carpet.

Photo Credits: Vivien Killilea

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides - Behind the Scenes... Best Shot...

Of Course I added some art to it, of course... Director: Rob Marshall... works out the scene with Johnny Depp...

Smallville - Season 10: Finale... [Warning Spoilers].. Sort Of?


Smallville is an American television series developed by writers/producers Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, based on the DC Comics character Superman created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. The television series was initially broadcast by The WB, premiering on October 16, 2001. After its fifth season, The WB and UPN merged to form The CW, which is the current broadcaster for the show in the United States. The longest-running comic book based series in television history, Smallville began its tenth and final season in September 2010. The series follows the adventures of Clark Kent (Tom Welling), who resides in the fictional town of Smallville, Kansas, during the years before he becomes Superman. The first four seasons focused on Clark and his friends' high school years. Since season five, the show has ventured into more adult settings, eventually focusing on his career at the Daily Planet, as well as introducing other DC comic book superheroes and villains.

The concept for Smallville was derived after a potential series chronicling a young Bruce Wayne's journey toward becoming Batman failed to generate interest. After meeting with the president of Warner Bros. Television, Gough and Millar pitched their "no tights, no flights" rule, which would break Superman down to the bare essentials and look at the events that led Clark Kent to become Superman. After seven seasons with the show, series developers Gough and Millar departed without providing a specific reason. Smallville is predominantly filmed in and around Vancouver, British Columbia with some of the local businesses and buildings substituting for Smallville locations. The music for the first six seasons is primarily composed by Mark Snow, who incorporates elements of John Williams's musical score from the original Superman film series. In season seven, Louis Febre—who had worked with Snow from the beginning—took over as primary composer. The song played under the opening titles is "Save Me" by Remy Zero; several episodes also contain songs written and performed by other bands.

The series received generally positive reception when it began broadcasting. Former Superman star Christopher Reeve voiced his approval of the series, and the pilot episode broke the record for highest rated debut for The WB, with 8.4 million viewers. With nine seasons completed, Smallville has averaged approximately 4.47 million viewers per episode, with season two averaging the highest ratings at 6.3 million. By the end of its run, Smallville had become the longest running science fiction television series in the United States. In addition, the series has earned distinctions ranging from Emmy Awards to Teen Choice Awards since its first season. In other media, the show has spawned a series of young-adult novels, a DC Comics bi-monthly comic book and soundtrack releases, as well as Smallville-related merchandise. Currently, nine seasons of Smallville are available on DVD.

21 Questions: Rondal Scott III [Strange Kids Club]

Rondal Scott III [Strange Kids Club]
-Tell us about your career and what you are currently working on or involved with?  
Hey, thanks for having me Jeremy. By profession I am a Web/Graphic Designer, though I suppose Journalist also applies here to some degree. By day I work at a small web design and internet marketing studio in Montgomery, AL where I get to collaborate with clients to design and develop a variety of projects (mostly websites, though). After-hours I am the Editor of Strange Kids Club ( alongside an ever-growing league of my fellow bloggers and artists. I also serve as a Co-Editor for Fuel Your Illustration ( and a part-time contributor to Bloodsprayer (

-Is this what you thought you would be doing with your life, what was your first passion? 
My first passion is definitely illustration, which sorta leads into my interest of animation and video games (neither of which I've attempted yet). When I was young I always wanted to be a comic book artist like my idols; Todd McFarlance, Greg Capullo, and Joe Madureira. Of course, things changed along the way as I discovered the field of graphic design in high school and I somewhat "lost my way" I suppose. After so many years as a designer though, I'm slowly finding my way back to where my true passion lies.

-To whom do you credit your success to, who gives or gave you the most support? 
That's a tough one. My parents certainly encouraged me when I was younger, and continue to do so, but I've always been a big believer that "you are your biggest supporter." By that, I mean it's important for people to believe in themselves first and foremost. Then, if others pick up on that sense of self confidence they'll become supporters as well. That's the way that I went about become a graphic designer, how I created Strange Kids Club, and I believe it's what will carry me forward in the future.

-If you could meet or work with [living or dead], who would that be and why? 
Man, it's a long list, but guess I'd want to throw down with Rob Zombie. He just seems like such a wicked awesome guy, not to mention he's an insanely creative artist, musician, and director. Some people don't know this, but Zombie actually started out as a Graphic Artist/Designer before hitting it big with music. I still love the hallucination sequence he did in Beavis and Butt-Head Do America.

-What would you like to be remembered for 100 years from now? 
In 100 years from now I plan on still being alive as some sort of science experiment gone horribly wrong... however, if that doesn't pan out then I'd love to be remembered for inspiring and celebrating the creativity of others. This is something I strive to do on a weekly basis with Strange Kids Club through our interviews and anthologies.

-Who inspires you? 
It's kind of a cop out answer, but I'd have to say: other artists. Whether they're animators, comic book artists, film makers, or other designers I am constantly finding new wellsprings of inspiration everyday. The big ones here would have to be Rob Zombie, Justin Ishmael (, Eric Powell (, Seth Godin (, and John Lasseter.

-How are things different today, than the same day 1 year ago? 
If you mean different for me personally, people are starting to pay attention. A year ago I was really doing what I did for myself and by myself, but now I've gotten to meet and collaborate with so many talented people- it's crazy! My one regret is my lack of being able to meet these people in person, though I'm hoping to become a little more mobile in 2012 if some of these projects really catch on.

-What is the last song you bought or listened to in your musical device [ipod, computer, stereo, etc.]? 
My musical taste is constantly changing, but I've been on a Danko Jones ( trip lately. It really gets me going in the morning when I workout and keeps me going while I'm at work. On the flip side, I'm still a sucker for some 90s era "shoegaze."

-Last good film you had seen, and the best movie you would recommend to someone asking? 
Believe it or not, the last good film I saw was "Hobo with a Shotgun." It's such an incredibly fun and well done love letter to 80s pro-wrestling and Grind-house cinema that I can't help but love it. Jason Eisener has certainly set himself up as a director to watch in the next few years and you can bet my eyes will be peeled. As for giving someone a recommendation I'd go with "Howard the Duck." People give that film a bad rap, but it's really a funny film... plus, where else are you likely to see sexpot Lea Thompson trying to score with a duck?

-What is the single greatest moment in your life?
Another tough one. It's my belief that moment hasn't happened yet. I've had a lot of great moments, but it's encouraging to think that the greatest is yet to come.

-Favorite Horror Film?
Evil Dead 2
-Favorite Book?
The Monster Show by David Skal
-Favorite Song?
Hurt (as performed by Johnny Cash)
-Favorite Film Character?
Freddy Krueger
-Favorite Film Composer?
Trent Reznor
-Favorite Thing In Your Home?
An original My Pet Monster (
-Favorite First Pet?
A cat named Smokey
-Favorite Coffee Or Tea?
-Neither... I'm a Sugarfree Red Bull man
-Favorite Phrase?
"Eat my shorts."
-Favorite Hiding Place [Not that we are looking]?
My studio... it's filled with all the kooky, creepy stuff I love!

If you could tell someone something someone told you, "words to live by" what would that be? 
It's have to be a quote from marketing guru Seth Godin: "Our job is to make change. Our job is to connect to people, to interact with them in a way that leaves them better than we found them, more able to get where they’d like to go."

21 Questions: Rondal Scott III [Strange Kids Club] - Art Show!

Fuel Your Illustration