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21 Questions: Brian Cachia [Composer] - Contributions

I wanted to thank Brian for his great modesty and being a very cool man for the last couple of years, still talking to me as he makes it up the "Composer's Hill". I had contacted him when the score to the film "Gabriel" had come out, and I had been following his career since. I encourage you all to check out many or all of Brian's musical offerings, which can be followed here: "" and "IMDB.COM". He by himself and working with many musical icons, and I thought I would share some of his accomplishments. I wish him all the best, luck and happiness... I hope he will keep me informed about his latest projects.

Thanks again,
Jeremy [iZombie 2vs8]

Feature Film:

    Undocumented – Christopher Peckover (2010) composer
    Isolation – Stephen Kay (2010) composer
    Super – James Gun (2010) musician / programmer / drummer
    SuckerPunch – Zack Snyder (2010) musician / drummer / percussion
    The Way – Emilio Estevez (2010) musician / percussion
    Halloween 2 – Rob Zombie (2009) musician
    Fragment - Andrew Miles (2009) composer
    Bitter and Twisted - Christopher Weekes (2008) composer
    Gabriel - Shane Abbess (2007) composer / music editor

Video Game:

    Army of Two 40th day – EA (2010) musician / programmer
    Transformers Origins (2010) musician / drummer / programmer
    Transformers Wii Version (2010) musician / programmer /drummer

Television & Documentaries:

    Universal Back Lot Fires 2008 (2010) co-composer
    Down There (2008) composer
    Gabriel Behind the Madness video Documentary (2008) composer
    Still Life (2006) composer
    Real Eyes (2003) composer

Short Feature:

    Dead Air (2008) composer
    Aidens Fable (2004) composer
    Asylum (2004) composer
    Blackout (2004) composer
    Breaking Point (2003) composer
    Mr Todd (2003) composer
    Noir (2003) composer
    Better Daze (2002) composer / sound design
    Befell (2002) composer
    Morning Sunshine (2001) composer / Music Editor / Location Sound
    Under Eight (2001) composer
    Unstoppable Fist (2001) composer
    Ravage (2000) composer

1 comment:

Sharon Day said...

Brilliant guy. I love the magic that happens when a person takes a path that uses their talents and their insight to the full advantage--then they succeed. My son is a drummer and loves Escher. Now, I know I like this guy!