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Tim Burton's "Alice In Wonderland" [2010]

What: ALICE IN WONDERLAND In Disney Digital 3D™ and IMAX® 3D.
When: MARCH 5
Who: Walt Disney Pictures
Why: Burton - Depp - Glover
How: i think this film is first going to take the public by fear, then they will understand... then it will be magical. Burton is known for his wild retelling of modern classics, from Sweeney Todd to Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, which he seems to make things a fantasy that he hopes will last a life time. He uses the ever talented Johnny Depp as his lead or of some form of distorted charactor, and loves to use one of my favorites Danny Elfman to score. Now there is always a handful of loyal actors who make the appearence and a newcomer well known in his own right, but yeah for Crispin Glover playing "Knave of Hearts". So keep your eyes open and your mind free from what you believe...

Will it be creepy?
Will it be different?
Will we forgot the Alice we know?

Answer: YES


watch alice in wonderland said...

Keep working, great job! I honestly appreciate your time that you have put to write this post.

Unknown said...

no problem, i am really excited to see burton's vision on this!

youngelfman said...

tweedle dee and tweedle dum are seriously creepy looking. If I woke up and the two of them were standing beside my bed I would freak! god bless the twisted mind of tim burton!

Unknown said...

they are standing next to your beside... singing you "soft kitty"... and buron is writing your reaction down. yes i believe they are a tad on the creepy side.