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The Wraith... What were you Watching in 1986

The Wraith, the cult classic starring Golden Globe winner Charlie Sheen (TV’s “Spin City”), Academy Award nominee Randy Quaid (The Last Detail, Best Actor in a Supporting Role, 1973) and Clint Howard (Frost/Nixon), comes to Special Edition DVD from Lionsgate this March. The action-packed film tells the story of a mysterious figure seeking vengeance on a gang that’s been terrorizing a small town and includes music from some of Rock-n-Roll’s greatest legends including Ozzy Osbourne, Mötley Crüe, Robert Palmer and Billy Idol. The Wraith: Special Edition DVD features fresh packaging and all new special features including audio commentary, interviews with writer/director Mike Marvin (Sunstorm) and Clint Howard along with a featurette on the Dodge M4S that was used in the film.

Charlie Sheen - TV’s “Two and a Half Men,” TV’s “Spin City,” Young Guns, Wall Street
Nick Cassavetes - The Astronaut’s Wife, Life, Face/Off, Broken Trust, Mask
Sherilyn Fenn - TV’s “In Plain Sight,” TV’s “Gilmore Girls,” TV’s “Twin Peaks”
Clint Howard - Frost/Nixon, Redemption, Cinderella Man, EDtv, Halloween
Randy Quaid - The Last Detail, Brokeback Mountain, Kingpin, Independence Day


wiec? said...

haha. this movie was pretty cool when i was a kid but i haven't thought it about since. i do remeber the bd guys in the gang being total dweebs though.

whatever happened to Sheryln Fenn?

Unknown said...

yes, right...

the soundtrack was cool, the actors were cool... the dead guy from heaven.. maybe?, cool. driving a car for revenge... just what the 80s order a dose of the well the 80s.

and of course clint howard on the chubby side... great guy don't get me wrong... i interviewed him about ten years ago... he was so cool...

okay i like this movie, what happened to fenn.... last movie i saw her in she was a mom with santa claus on vacation... and the blurred many of the scenes with her in it... i am sure she is just as hot!