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Silva Screen Records: "Through A Glass Darkly" music by Peter Howell

Through A Glass Darkly is a 1978 playful and stylistically diverse studio album by Peter Howell and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Featuring six original compositions, the album is heavily influenced by prog rock and the electronic style of the Radiophonic Workshop.

Starburst Magazine comments “Howell's work is magical and quite fantastic, in the most literal sense of the world… I'll not spoil where it goes entirely, but you'll be rapt, trust me”, whilst Progarchives awards it 5 stars “This is an often-overlooked instrumental masterpiece… Highly recommended for those who like anything from symphonic prog to ambient to synthpop to folk rock to techno (sometimes within the same song).”

Originally released on BBC label in 1978, Silva Screen Records released Peter Howell’s Through A Glass Darkly on 29th August 2020, as part of the special Radiophonic Workshop Record Store Day 6-CD set titled Four Albums 1968 - 1978, followed by the 180-gram vinyl release in November 2020. Completing the reissues, the digital album is to be released on 9th April 2021.

Peter Howell joined the BBC Radiophonic Workshop in 1974, coming from a career in various psychedelic folk bands, which saw him record five albums with fellow musician John Ferdinando. He composed his first Doctor Who output in ’75 in the form of additional incidental music and electronic overdubs for Revenge of the Cybermen, and Special Sound for Planet of Evil. In 1980, he was asked by the programme’s then new producer, John Nathan-Turner, to update the iconic Doctor Who theme. In the same year, Howell's new arrangement appeared on The Leisure Hive, continuing to be used through the remaining Tom Baker’s series and throughout Peter Davison’s tenure as the Doctor.

Currently, Peter Howell is part of the revived independent “Radiophonic Workshop” which has been playing major festivals (Glastonbury and Womad). He is composing new music including the score for the recent feature film by Matthew Holness, Possum.

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