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KeepMoving Records: "THE PRODIGAL CAT" music by Eugen Doga

KeepMoving Records presents the premiere release of Eugen Doga’s music for The Prodigal Cat (aka Not All Cats Are Grey). An international co-production with three directors involved at various stages, The Prodigal Cat is a romantic comedy with elements of mysticism thrown in. The film stars Jaime Murray (Hustle, Dexter) as Jane, an English journalist who travels to Cyprus for a retreat. After a yachting accident that leaves her stranded with a circus, she falls in love with Alex, a Russian gymnast with a recent break-up on his mind. Even though linguistic and cultural barriers suggest otherwise, the two are destined to end up together – while the titular cats are lazily chilling on ancient monuments.

The score by Moldovan-born composer Eugen Doga is our first collaboration with the artist, using his personal tape to release this colorful score. The beautifully diverse music is melding elements of Balkan music with a hint of circus madness and of course a mischievous theme for the felines. The music culminates in an epic end credits cue featuring a solo soprano voice to underscore a literal sail into the sunset. []

Jeremy [Six Strings]

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

The Prodigal Cat - what a title and concept!