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Walt Disney Records: "SECRETS OF THE WHALES" music by Raphaelle Thibaut

Music from Secrets of the Whales Original Soundtrack from National Geographic’s four-part series for Disney+, featuring score composed and produced by Raphaelle Thibaut (“Introducing Selma Blair”), is available today from Hollywood Records/Disney Music Group.

Commenting on her score Thibaut said, “Music is very often thought of as a man-made thing, but the series has taught me that music is actually all around, especially in nature, especially around the whales. To me, it was like creating music out of the ultimate original music, the whales singing, the waves crashing. I used rolls and cymbals to illustrate the waves, and lush strings to illustrate the majestic movements with these huge animals. And I did it almost instinctively, I believe because of our deep connection with them.”
“I've learned so much about whales through this show. The whales’ societies are very similar to our society as humans, and it's just incredible to find out about all these cultural differences they have depending on where they live. All these things really helped me to relate even more and to convey emotion through my music and I hope the same will happen with the audience. “

The Disney+ original series “Secrets of the Whales,” from National Geographic, premieres Earth Day, April 22. The three-year project is also featured in the new National Geographic book, Secrets of the Whales, on sale now, and the May issue of National Geographic magazine, The Ocean Issue, available online now at

The four-part series features National Geographic Photographer and Explorer Brian Skerry, is executive produced by Academy Award®-winning filmmaker and conservationist James Cameron (“Avatar”) and narrated by award-winning actress and conservationist Sigourney Weaver (“Alien,” “Avatar,” “Gorillas in the Mist”).  A clip from the series can be seen here:

Raphaelle Thibaut discusses her “Secrets of the Whales” score in an upcoming episode of Disney’s For Scores podcast series, out on April 21 wherever podcasts are enjoyed. For more music inspired by nature, listen to the Disney Celebrates Earth Day playlist here.

Experience Secrets of the Whales–live in concert–on a giant screen with a symphony orchestra, coming soon to venues around the world. Visit
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