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Music.Film Recordings: "MIDWAY" music by Thomas Wander and Harald Kloser

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to Roland Emmerich’s World War II epic MIDWAY with music by Thomas Wander and Harald Kloser has been released digitally today and will be available on CD on November 22nd, exclusively from Music.Film Recordings.

“We agreed that the music for Midway should not be a traditional wall-to-wall orchestral score, with sweeping action cues where every change in mood and sentiment will be followed musically. We also set ourselves the goal that the orchestral pieces should be limited to the emotional moments of the film. Early on we asked our long-time collaborator Tommy Schobel to create some sort of musically driven sound design, using synth-based versions of sounds old war planes would make, but in a way so they make sense within the bigger picture of the score. When you hear these cues in the film, married with all the sound effects, it all becomes — quoting our re-recording mixer Greg P. Russel — ‘A Thing.’” – Thomas Wander & Harald Kloser, Composers

The highly anticipated action drama, starring Woody Harrelson, Luke Evans, Nick Jonas, and Mandy Moore, premiered in US theaters today via Lionsgate, alongside the soundtrack release. The compelling 23-track album features two songs by singer Annie Trousseau, who gives the film set in 1942 a unique vintage note.
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