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MovieScore Media: "Barcelona 1714" music by Gerard Pastor

MovieScore Media continues its exploration of the best of film music with Gerard Pastor’s highly thematic, epic historical score for Anna M. Bofarull’s Barcelona 1714. Taking place at the end of the War of Spanish Succession, the film tells the story of Agnés (Alba Brunet), a young woman who only wants to escape from the horrors of the war and live somewhere else freely. But Jan, (Bernat Quintana), a young officer devoted to the defence of his city, refuses to leave with her. As forty thousand enemy soldiers are preparing to assault the city against a defense of six thousand soldiers, Agnés must choose between her heart and her homeland in the last siege of Barcelona.

"Barcelona 1714 is my very first epic movie,” says composer Gerard Pastor about the picture. “Its magnitude, orchestration and complexity have all been a challenge for me, mostly because the music is so full of leitmotivs for the different characters and musical references. In this film, the instrumentation plays a key role as the clarinet sings the theme of love, the trumpet is used for the theme of Barcelona while the violoncelli represent the theme of the children. These themes are very self-contained and clear, unlike the music written for the villains, which all show a strong element of confusion. Bassoons, trombones and horns are mixed together with much more ambiguous themes so that the audience doubts who the traitor is till the end."

Born in Barcelona in 1984, Gerard Pastor studied piano at the Escola Superior de Musica de Catalunya. Together with Armando Merino, in 2005 he founded the Martinu Ensemble, an ensemble dedicated to the recovery of lost and rarely-performed repertories. He composed music for different short and long films with Anna M. Bofarull, including Notes al peu (2009) and Sonata per a violoncel (2015), which won Best Music at Idyllwild International Film Festival. In 2011, he worked with the composer Michael Nyman and director Trisha Ziff on The Mexican Suitcase. More recently he was won the Best Music Gaudí Award for Jean-François and the Meaning of Life (2018). []
On the link below, you can view a video, featuring a suite from the score: [CLICK HERE]
Jeremy [Six Strings]

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