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WaterTower Music: "MOTHERLESS BROOKLYN" music by Daniel Pemberton and Songs!

WaterTower Music is proud to announce today’s release of two albums of music from Motherless Brooklyn, the film written, directed and produced by, and starring Edward Norton, and slated for release from Warner Bros. Pictures on November 1, 2019.

The soundtrack album features two versions the song “Daily Battles” which was written by multiple Grammy Award-winning artist Thom Yorke, who, along with his Atoms For Peace bandmate Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers), performs a sparse and emotionally captivating version of the song. The second version of “Daily Battles” was arranged and performed by Wynton Marsalis, the Pulitzer Prize-winning, nine-time Grammy Award-winning jazz trumpet icon, who has been awarded the National Medal of the Arts and the National Humanities Medal, by two United States presidents. Marsalis, along with his hand-picked quintet of heavy-hitting-jazz-stalwarts, delivers an instant jazz standard version of the song that conjures images of the 1950s-era gin-soaked Harlem jazz club seen in the film.  A Split 7” vinyl configuration featuring both versions of "Daily Battles" is now available.

Edward Norton discussed these musical icons. Regarding Yorke, he proclaimed, “No writer of songs from my generation has ever equaled Thom’s capacity for expressing the longing in the heart and the terror in the head at the same time; or for creating gorgeous melody within fracture and dissonance.” When describing Marsalis, he asserted, “A long essay would be needed to encompass the breadth of this man’s musical prowess, let alone what he has done to solidify jazz as America’s classical music.”

Additionally, the soundtrack album features several new recordings of jazz classics by Marsalis with master musicians including Joe Farnsworth, Russell Hall, Isaiah J. Thompson. Willie Jones III, Ted Nash & Jerry Weldon.

The score album features 20 tracks of new music from highly respected Golden Globe-nominated composer Daniel Pemberton (Steve Jobs, All the Money in the World, Ocean’s 8), who Norton hand-picked to compose the Motherless Brooklyn score. The director heaped tremendous praise on Pemberton, “If there’s a more exuberantly protean talent than Daniel Pemberton working in film music today, I haven’t heard their stuff.” The director further enthusiastically described Pemberton’s capacity, output, and abilities.  “With a quarter of the time he should have had for a score this big, he wrote like a possessed savant and then turned into an absolute boss and produced, in one week of recording, not only what I’ll declare one of the best film scores of the last decade but within it pieces that all the players who recorded them called ‘straight up classics.”

Pemberton commented, “Edward Norton who not only made such a wonderful movie but also really encouraged me to take this score somewhere special - I so love how it turned out. Was a real privilege and inspiration to work, hang and to create some unique moments of cinema on that journey.” 

Norton further described how the film’s music came together. “There’s a certain risk entailed in working with people you love and admire because, let’s face it, collaboration can get messy for all kinds of reasons” explained the Motherless Brooklyn director/writer/producer/star. “The safer choice is to stay a fan or a friend, protect the mystery of your favorite artists and keep marveling at the magic they make from a seat in the audience.  But if you’re lucky enough to get to direct your own film, the allure of ringing up people whose work thrills you, well…. it’s irresistible. And if you’re really lucky…it all goes brilliantly, and you make some magic together. This is the bet I made when it came to dreaming up the music for Motherless Brooklyn. And what you’ll hear on these records is a mashup of the geniuses I rang up: Thom Yorke, Wynton Marsalis and Daniel Pemberton.”

The soundtrack album and the score album are now available to stream and purchase. A vinyl release of the soundtrack is planned for December.

About WaterTower Music, the in-house music label for Warner Bros., has been releasing recorded music since 2001 and has released over 200 titles, including the soundtracks and scores to Aquaman, Crazy Rich Asians, Wonder Woman, Interstellar, Game Of Thrones, Westworld, Riverdale, The Hobbit Trilogy, The LEGO® Movie, The Dark Knight Rises, Hairspray, Sex and the City, Elf, and The Notebook, among others.
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