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MovieScore Media: "The Last Fiction" music by Christophe Rezai

MovieScore Media’s latest animated release takes listeners far away both in time and space with a focus on the Medieval world of the Middle East. Written and directed by Ashkan Rahgozar, The Last Fiction builds upon the traditions of immortal Persian literature, bringing it to a wider audience. Based on the literary classic The Book of Kings by Ferdowsi, The Last Fiction follows the parallel stories of young Prince Zahak, who makes a treacherous rise to the throne of Ancient Persia thanks to a deal with the Devil, and young hero Afaridoun, who is destined to save the kingdom's people from the rule of darkness.

The movie’s musical score is steeped in Iranian folk music, re-imagined into a rich, symphonic (and sometimes choral) sound to create a memorable, emotionally-charged and action-packed score. As director Ashkan Rahgozar explains: ”The soundtrack of The Last Fiction presents the pure musical culture of Iranian music, we spent five years on researching Iranian folk music all around the country, even the smallest of villages. We decided to do this because the film is about Shahnameh (The Book of Kings), so we felt that the country’s entire musical culture should be represented with one of the greatest Iranian books ever written.” For instance, there are vocal elements of the score which incorporates so called Zar Music, based on a traditional exorcism ceremony practiced in Southern Iran.

French-born, Tehran-based composer Christophe Rezai studied music alongside engineering and marketing. He has been working extensively in national television, but has also written feature-length scores for directors like Dariush Mehrjui, Mani Haghighi or Shahram Mokri. His side projects include the Baroque music ensemble Aria Music and the Nour ensemble, focusing on  Medieval, Baroque, Kurdish and Persian vocal music. In 2003, Rezai won the first prize of the Avignon Film Festival for the best Film Music and in 2017 he won the Crystal Symorgh from the 35th Fajr Film Festival for the movie Negar directed by Rambod Javan. []
On the link below, you can view a video, featuring a suite from the score: [CLICK HERE]

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