Here We Come... Planet Comicon, Kansas City

Planet Comicon Kansas City is the largest comic book and pop culture convention not just in the Kansas City area, but within this entire region of the Midwest. It has a 19 year history, with the first Planet Comicon Kansas City being held in Overland Park, KS in March 1999. The 2018 show is our 20th show and will be held at Bartle Hall in downtown Kansas City. For more information about the show please go to the following link. We will be adding information as the show approaches to help you find out more about what is offered at Planet Comicon Kansas City. 

Planet Comicon, Kansas City
February 16th - February 18th, 2018
Bartle Hall - Kansas City Convention Center
301 W. 13th St.
Kansas City, MO

We are bringing you to the Planet Comicon in Kansas City... well our favorite photographer has moved and he is ready to share with you all. If you live close maybe you can go to this convention... well maybe?
Jeremy [Six Strings]

Universal Studios Home Entertainment: "DARKEST HOUR" with Gary Oldman,

As Hitler’s army nears the United Kingdom, it is up to Winston Churchill to decide between negotiating peace or fighting against impossible odds in Darkest Hour, coming to Digital February 6, 2018 and Blu-ray™, DVD and On Demand February 27, 2018, from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment. With outstanding filmmaker pedigree, Darkest Hour is directed by BAFTA Award® winner Joe Wright (Atonement, Pride and Prejudice), written by Academy Award® nominee Anthony McCarten (The Theory of Everything) and stars Academy Award® nominee Gary Oldman (Harry Potter, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy) in his 2018 Golden Globe® Award winning role.  The critically acclaimed Darkest Hour received six Academy Award® nominations including Best Picture, Best Actor in a Leading Role, Best Cinematography, Best Costume Design, Best Makeup and Hairstyling and Best Production Design.

Darkest Hour on Blu-ray™ and DVD comes with a feature commentary from Director Joe Wright and two exclusive behind-the-scenes featurettes that show Oldman’s extraordinary transformation into Churchill and gives an inside look at the making of this incredible film.

Academy Award® nominee Gary Oldman gives a “towering performance” (Richard Lawson, Vanity Fair) in acclaimed director Joe Wright’s soaring drama Darkest Hour. As Hitler’s forces storm across the European landscape and close in on the United Kingdom, Winston Churchill (Oldman) is elected the new Prime Minister. With his party questioning his every move, and King George VI (Mendelsohn) skeptical of his new political leader, it is up to Churchill to lead his nation and protect them from the most dangerous threat ever seen. Also starring Academy Award® nominee Kristin Scott Thomas (Tomb Raider, The English Patient, Only God Forgives) and Lily James (Baby Driver, Cinderella), Darkest Hour is a powerful, inspirational drama.

Simply... Amazing!
Jeremy [Six Strings]

Kino Lorber: "The Master" [1984] (Complete TV Series) (Blu-ray)

Newly Re-Mastered in HD! This ‘80s ninja-themed action-packed TV series created by Michael Sloan (The Equalizer) focused on the adventures of John Peter McAllister (Lee Van Cleef, For a Few Dollars More), an aging master ninja and his young pupil, Max Keller (Timothy Van Patten, Class of 1984). The mismatched duo drive around from town to town in a custom van, helping people in need, while being pursued by McAllister’s old nemesis, master ninja Okasa (Sho Kosugi, Revenge of the Ninja). 

Guest stars included Crystal Bernard (TV’s Wings), George Lazenby (On Her Majesty’s Secret Service), George Maharis (The Satan Bug), David McCallum (TV’s The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and NCIS), Doug McClure (At the Earth’s Core), Bill McKinney (Deliverance), Demi Moore (Ghost), William Smith (Seven), Stuart Whitman (Rio Conchos) and many more.
I watched this then and now, does it hold up... no not at all, is it fun... YES, YES IT IS!
Jeremy [Six Strings]

Kino Lorber and Redemption Release: "Jess Franco's Cult Classic The Diabolical Dr. Z" on Blu-ray & DVD

Kino Lorber and Redemption proudly announce the release of Jess Franco's cult horror classic The Diabolical Dr. Z, in a new Blu-ray and DVD edition that will be released on February 6, 2018.

The Blu-ray and DVD include an audio commentary by film historian Tim Lucas, co-author of Obsession: The Films of Jess Franco, and feature the option of both the French language soundtrack with English subtitles, and the English language soundtrack, plus the original theatrical trailer.

A stylish medical-horror thriller that brings to mind the work of Georges Franju and David Cronenberg, The Diabolical Dr. Z is a vitally important film in the horror cinema's transition from spooky scares to a more dreamy and erotic variety that would become the signature of Spanish-born filmmaker Jess Franco. 

Mabel Karr stars as Irma Zimmer, the daughter of a visionary scientist (Antonio Jiménez Escribano) who has developed a morbid system of mind control. After the slightly mad doctor's death, Irma carries on her father's work, and uses a telepathically-controlled exotic dancer with poisoned fingernails (Estella Blain) as an instrument of revenge upon three doctors who mocked Dr. Z's theories. But can Irma eliminate the names on her hit list before a pair of detectives (played by Franco and the film's composer, Daniel White) expose her plot?
Jeremy [Six Strings]


Kino Classics is proud to announce the release of the silent film classic The Covered Wagon, available on Blu-ray and DVD for the first time. Directed by James Cruze and produced by Paramount in 1923, this romantic drama set against the backdrop of the westward expansion was the first epic Western. Long unavailable on home video, this new edition from Kino Classics gives audiences the chance to re-discover this overlooked but highly influential landmark of American cinema and the Western genre.

The Covered Wagon comes to Blu-ray and DVD on February 20, with and features a Wurlitzer organ score by the great silent film composer Gaylord Carter. Special features include an audio commentary by film historian Toby Roan, a booklet essay by film scholar Matt Hauske, and "The Pie-Covered Wagon", a 1932 one-reel spoof starring Shirley Temple.

A great caravan of covered wagons, filled with hearty pioneers and their families and possessions, are waiting for the Spring "jump off" at Westport Landing, now Kansas City. The time is 1848, and the destination is far-off Oregon, in The Covered Wagon (1923), the first big-budget Western epic. Where countless pilgrims fell, a love triangle flourishes, as Molly Wingate (Lois Wilson) must choose between the brutish Sam (Alan Hale) and the dashing Will (J. Warren Kerrigan). Complicating her decision are the perils of the trail: a mile-wide river, prairie fire, heavy snowfall, a buffalo stampede, crippling hunger, and Native American attacks. Boasting a cast of thousands and an unparalleled commitment to authenticity, The Covered Wagon was an enormous box-office success in 1923 and became one of the major milestones in the history of the Western.
Jeremy [Six Strings]

Wellgo USA Entertainment: "GINTAMA" on BLU-RAY/DVD

GINTAMA, the visually spectacular feature film based on the long-running manga, debuts on digital, Blu-ray™ and DVD March 6 from Well Go USA Entertainment. The live-action film adaptation of the blockbuster manga is set in an era where aliens have invaded and taken over feudal Tokyo, and a young samurai finds work however he can. Written and directed by Yûichi Fukuda (Psychic Kusuo), GINTAMA stars Masaki Suda, Kanna Hashimoto, Yuya Yagira, Hirofumi Arai, Ryo Yoshizawa, Akari Hayami, Murotsuyoshi, Masami Nagasawa, Masaki Okada, Jiro Sato, Nanao Ken Yasuda, with Kankuro Nakamura, and Tsuyoshi Domoto.

Based on the best-selling action comedy manga by Hideaki Sorachi, GINTAMA takes place in an alternate Edo-period Japan, where an Alien race has taken control, forcing Samurai to lay down their swords. Once feared as the "White Demon," former samurai Gintoki Sakata now works as an everyday handyman--until a master swordsman tasks Gintoki and his friends with finding the cursed sword Benizakura to keep it from falling into the wrong hands. Packed with the sword-swinging sci-fi action and offbeat humor that have made the manga a classic, GINTAMA is bound to delight both fans and anyone looking for a journey to a visually-stunning universe where fantastical action lurks just around every corner.
Jeremy [Six Strings]

Rest in Peace, Jóhann Jóhannsson...

Known for his compositions that often blended electronics with classical orchestrations, Jóhannsson had come to be one of the most in-demand film composers of his generation. In 2015, Jóhannsson won the Golden Globe and received Oscar, BAFTA and Grammy nominations for his critically acclaimed score for The Theory of Everything. In 2016, Jóhann was nominated for Oscar and BAFTA awards for his score for director Denis Villeneuve’s film Sicario. 2016 also saw the release of Arrival, another collaboration with Villeneuve, for which Jóhannsson received Golden Globe, BAFTA and Grammy nominations. He most recently collaborated with director Darren Aronofsky on mother!.

Very sad... rest in peace, Jóhann Jóhannsson
Jeremy [Six Strings]


Walt Disney Records The Legacy Collection: "Beauty and the Beast" [2Cd-Set]

Walt Disney Records’ collectible series, Walt Disney Records The Legacy Collection, celebrates Disney’s most cherished and classic films that have been enchanting audiences for generations.  Walt Disney Records The Legacy Collection: Beauty and the Beast newly remastered two-disc set is the latest installment celebrating the timeless 1991 classic animated film. The set is available on both physical and digital formats today.

Walt Disney Records The Legacy Collection: Beauty and the Beast set features the songs and score from the film on Disc One, plus previously unreleased demos, and bonus tracks performed by eight-time Oscar®-winning composer Alan Menken and two-time Academy Award winner Howard Ashman on Disc Two. Also included are liner notes by Alan Menken. The CD cover and 20-page booklet feature newly created artwork from Lorelay Bove, a visual development artist at Walt Disney Animation Studios (Tangled, Winnie the Pooh, Wreck-It Ralph).  Bove’s art can be seen in the hardcover book, Lovely: Ladies of Animation: The Art of Lorelay Bove, Brittney Lee, Claire Keane, Lisa Keene, Victoria Ying and Helen Chen.

“Beauty and the Beast” broke ground as the first animated feature film to receive an Academy Award® nomination for best picture.  “Beauty and the Beast” was nominated for six Academy Awards® and was the first animated feature to receive an Academy Award® nomination for best picture. It won two Oscars®, including best song, by the renowned Alan Menken and Howard Ashman, and best original score (Menken), as well as a Golden Globe Award® for best comedy/musical.
“Beauty and the Beast” was Disney’s first animated film adapted into a Broadway musical, which ran for 5,464 performances from 1994-2007 and has delighted more than 35 million people worldwide. On March 17, 2017, audiences experienced the retelling of the original tale through Disney’s live-action film, “Beauty and the Beast,” starring Emma Watson as Belle and Alan Menken’s music score.  “Beauty and the Beast” was one of the top grossing films of 2017 earning over $1.26 billion worldwide.

Walt Disney Pictures’ magical animated classic “Beauty and the Beast” captures the magical journey of Belle (voice of Paige O’Hara), an independent and intelligent, modern-day heroine who’s taken prisoner by a hideous beast (voice of Robby Benson) in his castle. Despite her precarious situation, Belle befriends the castle’s enchanted staff—a teapot, a candelabra and a mantel clock, among others—and ultimately learns to see beneath the Beast’s exterior to discover the heart and soul of a prince.

Walt Disney Records The Legacy Collection:  Beauty and the Beast two-disc set is available at  

Jeremy [Six Strings]

Lakeshore Records: "DEAD SHACK" Music by Robbie Slade and Peter Ricq

DEAD SHACK: On a weekend getaway at a rundown cottage in the woods, a pre-cautious 14 year-old teen, his crude best friend, and his best friend’s fearless older sister will have to grow up, work together, and save their hard partying parents from their predatory cabin neighbor intent on feeding them all to her “undead family.”

It’s shaping up to be a pretty good weekend for shy 14-year-old Jason. He’s driving up to a cottage in the woods with his brash (and a little crude) best friend Colin, Colin’s older sister Summer who comes complete with a permanent chip on her shoulder and pull no-punches attitude, and their father/step-mother duo of Roger and Lisa, who are permanently stuck between “inappropriate for children” or “extremely inappropriate for children” party mode.  Sure the cabin is really rustic (the cheapest Craig’s List could find), and sure Roger and Lisa aren’t the most responsible adults to chaperone a cottage getaway, but Jason is really looking forward to hanging out with his best friend (and Summer!). But things quickly take a turn when Jason, Colin and Summer spy on their neighbor’s cabin where they see a woman drugging two local ‘bros’ and then feeding them to her undead husband and kids. With a shotgun-totting psycho determined to keep them quiet, her slavering zombie family focused on eating them, and party-drunk parents who won’t believe them, it’s up to Jason, Colin and Summer to arm themselves, toughen up, learn to work together and bash in some zombie skulls before they become their freak-of-a-neighbor’s next family dinner. Goonies meets Evil Dead, “DEAD SHACK” is a dark comedy oozing with gory action. 

HUMANS... is a Canadian indie-electronic duo made up of musicians Robbie Slade and Peter Ricq.  Since the beginning, HUMANS have established themselves by creating sounds that successfully fuse experimental electronic elements with catchy indie-pop hooks. Focusing on performance and production styles of both the past and present, HUMANS have consistently impressed upon audiophiles with their technical and compositional skills. Using a combination of synthesizers and instruments, the sound has a certain way of being very unique, while not tied down to one specific genre.

The duo’s self-released EP Avec Mes Mecs captured the blind, wild, captivating joy of unrestrained youth, and seminal lyrics like “Who knew all we had to do was party” quickly made the EP a house party staple. The follow up EP, Traps was released with Hybridity Music. The release saw critical acclaim and college radio success, holding the #1 position for 6 weeks on the earshot electronic charts, and ranking in the top ten on BPM. Traps received a 4/5 on Resident Advisor, and the record was featured on XLR8R, Prefix, Indie Shuffle, Spinner, Interview Magazine, Rcrd Lbl, and scored the cover of Beatroute Magazine. Remixes included acclaimed producers Nautiluss and Max Ulis.

The EP lead HUMANS on a North American tour including slots at Osheaga, Shambhala, and CMJ. Recent 2016 dates included SXSW, CMW, Coachella as well as the duo’s first North American headlining tour. Producing their own art, videos & live puppets the band has incorporated a new visual live show with Tangible Interaction. Known as “The Blob” (featured in the official video for “Ennio”) it is an inflatable structure that houses LED lights and sensors.

Their debut LP, Noontide, was Juno-nominated for “Electronic Album of the Year” (2015). The LP is an evolution of HUMANS carefully constructed, innovative mix of heavy electronics and modern pop sensibilities. The album is a synthesis of time and space, and a testament to the many influences that make up the band’s core. Noontide was released February 24th 2015 via Hybridity Music, one of Canada’s leading independent electronic labels.

The Water Water EP was on March of 2016 via Mom + Pop in the US and Haven Sounds in Canada, and brought Humans new fans at press including premiere partners at The Fader, Pigeons & Planes, and Zane Lowe at Apple’s Beats1.

HUMANS is set to release the musical score of the theatrical motion picture Dead Shack early 2018 alongside with Lakeshore Records. HUMANS produced the official soundtrack and score for Peter Ricq’s film in 2017 witch premiered at Sitges, NIFFF, Fantasia, VIFF and Morbido Film Fest and more.

Jeremy [Six Strings]

Lakeshore Records: "ALTERED CARBON" Music by Jeff Russo

Lakeshore Records will release ALTERED CARBON - Original Netflix Series Soundtrack digitally February 9, 2018. The album features original music by Composer Jeff Russo (STAR TREK: DISCOVERY, FARGO). In addition to the original score, the album includes three songs including a cover of the Johnny Cash standard “Ain’t No Grave” performed by ALTERED CARBON star Renée Elise Goldsberry (Quellcrist Falconer) and Sune Rose Wagner’s performance of White Zombie’s “More Human Than Human”.

When asked about how he crafted the score for this unique futuristic universe, composer Russo said, “We wanted to play the emotional undercurrent of the story so we decided not to be too on the nose as far as the sci-fi aspect. In ALTERED CARBON, human bodies are interchangable. So in this story, the idea of playing the core of a person becomes very important. I wanted to make sure to create thematic motifs that could be used to keep track of who was who in the ever-changing landscape of the story.”

Based on the classic cyberpunk noir novel by Richard K. Morgan, Altered Carbon is an intriguing story of murder, love, sex, and betrayal, set more than 300 years in the future. In Netflix’s ALTERED CARBON, Society has been transformed by new technology: consciousness can be digitized; human bodies are interchangeable; death is no longer permanent. Takeshi Kovacs is the lone surviving soldier in a group of elite interstellar warriors who were defeated in an uprising against the new world order. His mind was imprisoned – on ice – for centuries until Laurens Bancroft, an impossibly wealthy, long-lived man, offers Kovacs the chance to live again. In exchange, Kovacs has to solve a murder … that of Bancroft himself.

“The first scene I scored was when Kovacs is brought back to life,” Russo explained. “It seemed appropriate to first work on the scene in which our main character is reborn into the body he would occupy for the series. That also allowed me to showcase the threading of voices throughout the score that would become its cornerstone sound.”
Jeremy [Six Strings]

Lakeshore Records: "THE RITUAL" Music by Ben Lovett

Lakeshore Records will release THE RITUAL – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack digitally on February 9, 2018. The album features original music by composer Ben Lovett (SYNCHRONICITY, AMERICAN FOLK).

“It’s really a story about a guy losing friends, and how our relationship dynamics with them change as we get older and become different people,” said Lovett. “We open with a character suffering a moment of weakness that has disastrous consequences, and explore his struggle to reconcile the level of responsibility he may have had in the outcome. That’s what I was drawn to initially, the film within the movie.” 

Reuniting after the tragic death of their friend, four college pals set out to hike through the Scandinavian wilderness. A wrong turn leads them into the mysterious forests of Norse legend, where an ancient evil exists and stalks them at every turn.

“I knew the score needed to help establish the presence of ‘something else’ out there in the woods, long before you see anything menacing onscreen we wanted to create an impression of that inevitable obstacle, a kind of malevolent awareness out there lurking around,” Lovett described.

Lakeshore Records: "WINCHESTER" Music Composed by Director Peter Spierig

After the sudden death of her family, firearms heiress Sarah Winchester (Helen Mirren) becomes convinced that she's haunted by the souls of those killed by guns. Winchester then decides to build an enormous mansion that's designed to keep the evil spirits at bay. When skeptical psychiatrist Eric Price (Jason Clarke) visits the estate to evaluate her state of mind, he soon discovers that her obsession may not be so far-fetched after all.

PETER SPIERIG is one half the Writing / Directing team known as THE SPIERIG BROTHERS. WINCHESTER marks the second feature film score for Peter Spierig. The brothers, Peter and Michael, are German-born Australian film directors, writers and producers who have shared prestigious nominations and awards for their collaborative work.

Their critically acclaimed sci-fi thriller PREDESTINATION, based on Robert A. Heinlein’s short story “All You Zombies”, was nominated for nine Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA) Awards, including Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Score for Peter. The film also won four AACTA Awards including Best Actress for Sarah Snook, who stars in WINCHESTER. The Spierig Brothers won the Toronto After Dark Film Festival Special Award for Best Sci-Fi Film and Best Screenplay for Predestination, which also took a second place Audience Award for Best Feature Film. They were the recipients of the Australian Writer’s Guild John Hinde Award for Best Science Fiction Screenwriting and were nominated by the Australian Film Critics Association (AFCA) for Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay.
Jeremy [Six Strings]

MVD Entertainment Group: "JEAN-LUC GODARD + JEAN-PIERRE GORIN: FIVE FILMS, 1968-1971" [Blu-ray]

After finishing his film Weekend in 1967, Jean-Luc Godard shifted gears to embark on engaging more directly with the radical political movements of the era, and thus create a new kind of film, or, as he eventually put it: "new ideas distributed in a new way." This new method in part involved collaborating with the precocious young critic and journalist, Jean-Pierre Gorin. Both as a two-person unit, and as part of the loose collective known as the Groupe Dziga Vertov (named after the early 20th-century Russian filmmaker and theoretician), Godard and Gorin would realize "some political possibilities for the practice of cinema" and craft new frameworks for investigating the relationships between image and sound, spectator and subject, cinema and society.

A superlative box set, with five innovative film collaborations from the legendary French director Jean-Luc Godard and maverick film writer Jean-Pierre Gorin, shot in a revolutionary style in an attempt to disseminate explosive political ideas, and shake up cinema. Included here are five films, all originally shot in 16mm celluloid, that serve as examples of Godard and Gorin's revolutionary project.


* Un film comme les autres [A Film Like Any Other]
* British Sounds, aka: See You at Mao
* Vent d'est [Wind from the East]
* Lotte in Italia / Luttes en Italie [Struggles in Italy]
* Vladimir et Rosa [Vladimir and Rosa]
Jeremy [Six Strings]


Director Lu Yang and star Chang Chen (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) reteam for an action-packed prequel to their 2014 success Brotherhood of Blades when the wuxia martial arts extravaganza BROTHERHOOD OF BLADES II: THE INFERNAL BATTLEFIELD lands on digital, Blu-ray™ Combo Pack and DVD February 13 from Well Go USA Entertainment. Chen recreates his role as Shen Lian and the film depicts how he became such a fearsome imperial guard. BROTHERHOOD OF BLADES II: THE INFERNAL BATTLEFIELD also stars Yang Mi (The Bullet Vanishes), Zhang Yi (Blood of Youth), Lei Jiayin (Guns and Roses), Xin Zhilei (Crosscurrent) and King Shih Chieh (The Guillotines). The bonus material includes behind-the-scenes footage.

An imperial guard searches for the truth behind a conspiracy that framed him and his partners. The proof of his innocence lies with a wanted woman named Bei Zhai... but will she reveal what she knows? In this intense prequel to Brotherhood of Blades, the only thing he can truly trust is his sword.
Jeremy [Six Strings]

Zorya Films: "Inoperable" [DVD] with Danielle Harris

Zorya Films, Millman Productions and ITN Distribution are putting scream queen Danielle Harris under the knife with the February 6th DVD and VOD release of Christopher Lawrence Chapman's Inoperable.  Harris (Halloween 4 & 5, Rob Zombie's Halloween, the Hatchet franchise) stars as Amy, a hospital patient who must battle nature and the supernatural before she ends up trapped for eternity.  Chapman directed from a script he co-wrote with producer Jeff Miller following their collaboration on Clowntown.   Inoperable will be available nationwide on DVD, Cable VOD and Digital HD on February 6th.

A young woman wakes up in a seemingly evacuated hospital with a hurricane approaching. She realizes the storm has awakened malevolent forces, trapping her in a time loop. She must escape the hospital before the storm passes or she will be trapped in its halls forever.

The DVD release of Inoperable will exclusively include a feature-length commentary with writer/producer/director Christopher Lawrence Chapman, writer/producer Jeff Miller, actors Jeff Denton and Katie Keene as well as trailers.
Jeremy [Six Strings]

Intrada: "COSMOS: A SPACETIME ODYSSEY - VOLUME 4" Music by Alan Silvestri

Intrada concludes its series featuring Alan Silvestri's music from the 2014 series COSMOS: A SpaceTime Odyssey with this fourth volume.  Bringing the music to a breathtaking finale, Silvestri expands upon the music from the previous volumes with what is perhaps the strongest of the four volumes.  The themes are familiar, but are developed to cover such expansive topics as the speed of light, the observable universe and black holes -- science more amazing than any fiction one could come up with.

As with the first three volumes, Silvestri's music is gloriously symphonic, with some modern synth-based rhythms. Intrada presents this fourth visit to the Cosmos universe, produced by the composer, including additional bonus tracks not previously released.   The colorful packaging continues offering a generous dose of computer-generated images, animation stills and photographs like the previous volumes and brings this four-volume journey through Silvestri's musical odyssey to a dramatic and inspiring close.

INTRADA Special Collection 398
For track listing and sound samples, please visit:
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Karonte Records: "Sergio Moure: Film Music Works"

Karonte Records has released a special collection celebrating the film music compositions of Sergio Moure de Oteyza (EXTINCTION, LOBOS SUCIOS aka DIRTY WOLVES).  Entitled Film Music Works, the double-album set features an extensive booklet containing an in-depth article about his career, written by David Rodríguez.

The release is a celebration of the first 12 years of a composer who is currently one of Europe’s brightest rising stars. Fresh off Sergio’s moving works for both EXTINCTION and LOBOS SUCIOS, this collection is an examination of the many intricate facets of his style. FILM MUSIC WORKS: 2005-2017 both a work of passion for Karonte Records and the composer himself.

“It is a very carefully considered edition which we have been working on this diligently for almost a year,” said Sergio. “With a booklet of nearly 50 pages, there are extensive comments on all my soundtracks to help give the listener a better understanding of the works. This is also coupled with a very extensive text about my music written by the amazing David Rodríguez. I was incredibly honored to work on the this celebration”

There was so much hear it even extended beyond the selection music fans would expect. “This recording includes a lot of music that had not been released before, including themes from the film HERE’S THE DEAL (2013), and music from some shorts and documentaries like RAILWAY TO HEAVEN. This compilation is nowhere near the end of the journey, but rather a brief stop, a looking back on all these years of music and a look forward towards what’s to come,” Sergio added.

Goya Award-nominated composer Sergio Moure de Oteyza was born in La Coruña, Spain. In 2004 Moure was nominated for “Best Soundtrack” and “Best Original Soundtrack” for his work on Unconscious at the Barcelona Film Awards and The Goya Awards respectively. Moure’s work has also been showcased for television series such as Six Sisters or Summer Grand Mother.

Moure’s feature film projects include — Kidnapped, The Body, Thesis on a Homicide, A Good Man, Here’s the Deal, Dirty Wolves and Miguel Angel Vivas’ Extinction.  His music has been performed by the City of Prague Symphony Orchestra, Galicia Symphony Orchestra, Córdoba Symphony Orchestra, RTVE Symphony Orchestra, SIF 309 of Sofia, Bulgaria, Real Filharmonía of Galicia, Basque National Orchestra, the Mad4Strings Orchestra, and others.

“This project has been a gift; Karonte, the record label with which I have edited the majority of my soundtracks since Unconscious in 2004, has been wonderful.” Said Composer Sergio Moure. “I am incredibly honored to have worked with them on this special project.”

Sergio Moure de Oteyza’s FILM MUSIC WORKS is available digitally from iTunes,Spotify or Amazon.
Jeremy [Six Strings]


Epic Themes II is a follow-up to Silva Screen’s 2015 Epic Themes album. This 16 track digital album collection features the best recent epic themes from films, games and 3 exclusive, specially commissioned tracks from up and coming composers Evan Jolly and Rick Clark - ‘Breaking Through’, ‘Striding Forward’ and ‘This Earth’.

Opening with Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL’s high octane theme from the DC character cross-over movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the album also includes Jablonsky’s sweeping and evocative ‘My Name Is Lincoln’ from The Island, Daft Punk’s explosive, minimal ‘Outlands’ from Tron: Legacy, Hans Zimmer’s electronically morphed tribal drums in “Mombasa” from Inception and concludes with the lustrous 10 minute City of Prague Philharmonic’s version (arrangement by Evan Jolly) of ‘Light of the Seven’ from Game Of Thrones.

Performed by: London Music Works and The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra

Track Listing:
01. Is She With You? (from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice) - Hans Zimmer & Junkie XL
02. Hero's Theme (from Justice League) - Danny Elfman
03. My Name Is Lincoln (from The Island) - Steve Jablonsky
04. Main Theme (from Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty) - Harry Gregson-Williams
05. Outlands (from Tron: Legacy) - Daft Punk (Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo; Thomas Bangalter)
06. It's Our Fight (from Transformers: Dark of the Moon) - Steve Jablonsky
07. Breaking Through - Evan Jolly, Rick Clark
08. Mombasa (from Inception) - Hans Zimmer
09. Warcraft (from Warcraft) - Ramin Djawadi
10. Iron Man 3 (from Iron Man 3) - Brian Tyler
11. Striding Forward - Evan Jolly, Rick Clark
12. Waking Up (from Oblivion) - M83 (Anthony Gonzalez / Joseph Trapanese)
13. Gravity (from Gravity) - Steven Price
14. This Earth - Evan Jolly, Rick Clark
15. Theme (from Battlefield 1942) - Joel Eriksson
16. Light of the Seven (from Game Of Thrones) - Ramin Djawadi

For more information visit  

Jeremy [Six Strings]

Lakeshore Records: "THE ALIENIST" Music by Rupert Gregson-Williams

Lakeshore Records will release THE ALIENIST – Music From the Television Series digitally on February 2nd and on CD later this year. The album features original music by composer Rupert Gregson-Williams (Wonder WomAn, THE CROWN). THE ALIENIST is a co-production between Paramount Television and Turner's Studio T and premiered on Monday, Jan. 22 at 9 p.m. ET/PT across TNT platforms.

When asked about the emotional themes present in the music of THE ALIENIST, composer Gregson-Williams said. “I was excited about exploring the themes of the Alienist Laszlo Kreisler himself, because he is a character with such depth and complexity. Laszlo has an understanding of the human psyche that is pure genius, but he is also very flawed emotionally. He needs a theme that reflected that depth as it would move with him throughout the story.”

An unflinching psychological thriller set amidst the underbelly of New York City’s “Gilded Age,” THE ALIENIST follows Laszlo Kreizler (Daniel Brühl, INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS, RUSH, CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR), a brilliant and obsessive “Alienist” in the controversial new field of treating mental pathologies, who holds the key to hunting down a never-before-seen ritualistic killer murdering young boys.  Based on the award-winning, fan-favorite novel by Caleb Carr, with standout performances from Luke Evans (THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN) and Dakota Fanning (AMERICAN PASTORAL), THE ALIENIST is a gripping, turn-of-the-century murder mystery like none other: the story of the emergence of the world’s most powerful city that will stop at nothing to bury its darkest secrets.

Lakeshore Records: "American Folk" Music by Ben Lovett

When their plane from Los Angeles to New York is grounded on the morning of September 11, 2001, strangers Elliott (Joe Purdy) and Joni (Amber Rubarth) are unexpectedly thrust together amidst the chaos of that historic day. With little in common but both needing to get to NYC urgently, they accept help from Joni's family friend Scottie (Krisha Fairchild) who lends the duo a rusty old 1972 Chevy Van. The shock and stress of 9/11 quickly threatens to derail their cross country journey until the pair discover what they do have in common: a love for old folk songs. Armed with a pile of guitars left in the van from Scottie’s touring days, Elliott and Joni raise their voices together (and with those they meet on the road), re-discovering the healing nature of music and bearing witness to a nation of people who, even while mourning, manage to lift each other up in the wake of tragedy.

With a refreshing gentleness and beauty, AMERICAN FOLK lovingly chronicles the spaces between the suffering and fear, where music has the power to connect. Musicians Joe Purdy and Amber Rubarth give nuanced and thoughtful performances, with voices that are uplifting and achingly gorgeous. Filmed over 3,500 miles in 14 states, AMERICAN FOLK serves as a love letter to the natural beauty of America, to the style of music that has shepherded us through historically tough times and to the kindness of all of the "folk" that make America what it is.

BEN LOVETT debuted at Sundance in 2007 as composer for THE SIGNAL (Magnolia Pictures) — an Independent Spirit Award nominee and enduring cult favorite. In the decade that’s followed Lovett has created original scores for a wide range of unique Films including the Duplass Brothers’ thriller BLACK ROCK (Lion’s Gate); critic favorite and Gotham-Award nominee SUN DON’T SHINE (Factory 25) from director Amy Seimetz; and the sci-Fi noir SYNCHRONICITY (Magnolia Pictures) which earned Ben a nomination at the prestigious 2016 World Soundtrack Awards. Lovett recently completed new original scores for upcoming Films THE RITUAL (eOne/Netflix), AMERICAN FOLK (Good Deed), NIGHT SKY (Pop Films), and TOMMY — an ESPN “30 for 30” documentary on the late American boxing champion Tommy Morrison. Ben’s scoring career began on LAST GOODBYE, an indie drama starring Faye Dunaway and the late David Carradine that debuted to praise at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2005, before following up his Sundance success with THE LAST LULLABY, a crime drama starring Tom Sizemore that was awarded Best Original Score at the Brooklyn International Film Festival. In the years since, Lovett has been the recipient of numerous awards and worldwide recognition for numerous collaborative projects such as the visual adaptations of his own original songs EYE OF THE STORM and THE FEAR, and his original music to the Films THE RECONSTRUCTION OF WILLIAM ZERO and GHOST OF OLD HIGHWAYS. 

Jeremy [Six Strings]

Lakeshore Records: "ABE & PHIL’s LAST POKER GAME" Music by Steven Argila

When Dr. Abe Mandelbaum (Martin Landau) moves into the nursing home, Cliffside Manor, with his deteriorating wife Molly, he forms an improbable relationship with gambler and womanizer, Phil Nicoletti (Paul Sorvino). Even though at first Abe feels that moving into the home is the end of the road, he soon realizes that his life is finding a whole new beginning. Abe and Phil's friendship is challenged when a mysterious nurse claims that her biological father resides in the home. Without children of their own, both Abe and Phil jump at the chance to convince Angela, and themselves, that they are her father.

Steven’s musical life began at the age of seven when his parents brought home an electric organ.  By 10, he was winning regional and national competitions on piano and organ.  At 14, he was accepted into the pre-college division of The Juilliard School.  Steven continued his conservatory training for four years on a full scholarship to Juilliard, graduating with a Bachelor of Music degree. A professional musician since the age of 15, Steven has broad experience working in every capacity of the business, including as a composer, producer, songwriter, arranger, music director, orchestrator and performer – often simultaneously.  And his intense classical training gives him the ability to work in a wide variety of styles. Flexibility and versatility are two of Steven’s trademarks, and he particularly enjoys collaboration with directors and producers.   

Jeremy [Six Strings]

Sony Classical: "THE MAZE RUNNER: THE DEATH CURE" Music by John Paesano

Sony Classical proudly announces the release of THE MAZE RUNNER: THE DEATH CURE (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) with original music by award-winning composer John Paesano. The soundtrack will be released digitally on January 26, 2018 and is available for preorder here. The film will be released on January 26th, 2018.

In the epic finale to The Maze Runner Saga, Thomas leads his group of escaped Gladers on their final and most dangerous mission yet. To save their friends, they must break into the legendary last city, a WCKD controlled labyrinth that may turn out to be the deadliest maze of all. Anyone who makes it out alive will get the answers to the questions the Gladers have been asking since they first arrived in the maze.

Based upon the novel The Death Cure by James Dashner, The Maze Runner: The Death Cure is directed by Wes Ball with a screenplay by T.S. Nowlin and stars Dylan O'Brien, Kaya Scodelario, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Nathalie Emmanuel, Giancarlo Esposito, Aidan Gillen, Walton Goggins, Ki Hong Lee, Barry Pepper, Will Poulter and Patricia Clarkson.

John Paesano is a composer, producer, conductor, and arranger for film, television, video games, and records. John studied classical music with Professor Sally Dow Miller of Conservatoire de Paris, and continued his studies at Berklee College of Music where he focused on composition. On his path to scoring films on his own, he served minor roles among some of the industry's most prestigious composers, including Jerry Goldsmith and John Williams.

Paesano received an Annie Award for Best Music for his work on DreamWorks' animated series Dragons: Riders of Berk, which is based on the Academy Award® winning film How To Train Your Dragon. He won a World Soundtrack Award for his score to the hugely successful young adult adaptation, The Maze Runner. He has now completed the trilogy, which includes The Scorch Trials and The Death Cure. His other credits include Universal Picture’s Almost Christmas and Sony Animation’s The Star.

He’s currently scoring both Marvel's hit series Daredevil and Defenders. Forthcoming in 2018 is Spider-Man PS4, which will be released featuring John’s huge orchestral score.

Jeremy [Six Strings]