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A Message from Our Friend and Photographer on Planet Comicon, Kansas City

Hello. My name is Stephen Bulow and I was the photographer at this years Planet Comicon. I have been involved shooting Every Con both Comic and Anime in the Chicago area the past 6 years. I had recently moved to Kansas City and was thrilled when we were confirmed to shoot as Press my first year at Planet Comicon. First let me say it was a thrill to experience a Con here in KC. Second I had a BLAST! I was pleasantly surprised as to how BIG PC is. It competes with some of the better cons in Chicago. It was run smoothly and the volunteers were helpful and informative.The artists were AMAZING.I even bought some art work for the first time EVER. The 501st Legion were represented in full with the 70th Explorers Garrison. They might have convinced me to join. 

The Cos-players were in full force. Both professional and armature alike. Such Great costuming and everyone was so pleasant to stop and take pictures. Overall, I would say Planet Comicon KC was a BIG A! The only thing I dont understand is why Press has NO ability to photograph the Celebrities. People want to see who was at the Con. That being said. I hope we are invited back next year. With a year under my belt and knowing how things work here we can cover PC even better next year. 

Planet Comicon, Kansas City
Kansas City, MO

THANKS Planet Comicon Kansas City. Until next year.

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