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KeepMoving Records: The Forbiddance and Earthly Eden - Yuri Poteyenko

The Forbiddance and Earthly Eden are two of the most recent projects of Yuri Poteyenko who paired both works on one CD. The Forbiddance is a tragic love story set in the time of World War II when a young novice fells in love with an Italian soldier. Upon the arrival of the Russian army, they must seek refugee on a deserted island on Lake Ladoga... Earthly Eden is an adaption of Aleksandr Vampilov's classic play Duck Hunt, transported into modern times as a young engineer named Zilov sees his life crumble around him with only the titular hunt bringing some relief to his conflicts...

Yuri Poteyenko is one of the busiest Russian film composers. He graduated from the Moscow Conservatory in 1986, his majors were composing (class of N. N. Sidelnikov) and choral conducting (class of the professor Lyashko). Some of his most widely seen works are Timur Bekmambetov’s Night Watch and Day Watch and the haunting Shostakovich-inspired score to Leningrad. Other scores by Yuri Poteyenko available on our label include Sea Dogs, Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales, Wind Man, Georg, The Irony of Fate 2 and The Salamander Key.

Limited Edition of 300 copies
Label: KMRCD 035
Date: 2014
Tracks: 28
Time: 65"56

It's another creative find from Russian composer "Yuri Poteyenko"
Jeremy [The Wolf]

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