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Back To The Future Part III: The Deluxe Edition: Everybody has been waiting for this one! And now’s the time! We’re just nine days away from Back to the Future Day on October 21 and we are thrilled to announce our 2-CD 25th Anniversary Edition of Alan Silvestri’s rousing western finale to the Back To The Future Trilogy … Back To The Future Part III: The Deluxe Edition is here!
Chain Reaction: The Deluxe Edition: Nobody wrote action music like Jerry Goldsmith. His entire career is filled with scores in each era that saw Jerry truly writing and then rewriting the book when it came to action scoring. Of course, he defined and redefined many more genres than action, but it’s his great rhythmic action writing that gets a workout in this 1996 score for 20th Century Fox’s Chain Reaction. For one, the cue Ice Chase is very clearly an “it could only be Jerry” kind of cue. More than doubling the length of the original soundtrack release, we are thrilled to present this greatly expanded Deluxe Edition of Jerry Goldsmith’s Chain Reaction.

Where The River Runs Black: James Horner's early, mystical and exotic score for director Christopher Cain's Where The River Runs Black caught many an ear when it was released. Horner had scored Cain’s earlier film The Stone Boy in 1984 and returned with an exceptionally sophisticated, largely electronic score for this story of an orphaned boy who was raised in the Amazon jungle. The boy is brought back to civilization by a priest who knew his father.
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If this week's releases weren't cool enough... really Varese hits it out of the park with a few more titles of their own.
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