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KeepMoving Records: FORT ROSS - Yuri Poteyenko

Directed by Yuriy Moroz, Fort Ross is a Russian adventure film based around the history of Russia's most important colony in California. The story shifts between St. Petersburg in 1825, Fort Ross in 1820 and modern times as a group of Russian journalists travel to San Francisco. Thanks to an iPhone struck by lightning, the group gets transported back to the 19th century where they immediately witness the hardships of Russian colonists. While battling a motley group of pirates and forging an alliance with the local Pomo Indians, the people of Fort Ross turn out to be real adventurers who can stand their own ground, even though all they wish for is to be left on their own and prosper.

The score for Fort Ross was written by Yuri Poteyenko, one of the busiest Russian film composers. He graduated from the Moscow Conservatory in 1986, his majors were composing (class of N. N. Sidelnikov) and choral conducting (class of the professor Lyashko). Some of his most widely seen works are Timur Bekmambetov’s Night Watch and Day Watch and the haunting Shostakovich-inspired score to Leningrad. Other scores by Yuri Poteyenko available on our label include Sea Dogs, Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales, Wind Man, Georg, The Irony of Fate 2 and The Salamander Key.

Limited Edition of 300 copies
Label: KMRCD 034
Date: 2014
Tracks: 24
Time: 57"41
Another, great release coming from Russia!
Jeremy [The Wolf]

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