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Wow! All-time classic WWII soundtrack by Jerry Goldsmith finally sees presentation from original multi-track masters for the first time. Crisp, detailed stereo as never before heard with three previously unreleased tracks Goldsmith originally selected for possible inclusion in legendary 1965 RCA album but dropped prior to release. Mammoth Otto Preminger Naval action film set during aftermath of Pearl Harbor attack examines war primarily from the command level. Paramount Pictures presents, John Wayne, Kirk Douglas, Patricia Neal, Henry Fonda, many others star. One of Goldsmith's single greatest cues ever is rousing "Intermission", retitled "The Rock" for the LP and originally planned as closing of Act I (Reel 9) before picture was trimmed during post-production. 

Goldsmith wrote two Hawaiian source pieces for reel 5. He chose one for the album, the other appears here for the first time as well. Also making debut is the very first piece of music in the film, "By The Sleepy Lagoon", which plays over the Saul Bass title card at the film's start and continues as the camera pans by officers caps, a sign advertising the officer's dance on December 6, 1941 and finally settling inside the dance room where Goldsmith himself leads the big band. But the real new treat is powerhouse "Old Swayback" sequence where John Wayne and crew return to their old destroyer to engage the Japanese in battle.

Label: Intrada 7143
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