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Cheezy Flicks: Chillers 2 [DVD]

Starlet - Cory loves two things - making movies and Amy. His obsession with both will lead him down a dark path as he strives to make his next horror movie completely realistic. Is Amy ready to become his next starlet?

The Getaway - Adam and Maggie have been fighting for months and each wants a way out of their marriage. Divorce isn't the most lucrative way to put an end to the bickering, so on an impromptu getaway to the country each plots against the other to regain their freedom and cash in on their life insurance. Will they be successful in their endeavors? Or will their efforts be thwarted?

Ah Puch - While on a trip to Belize Moira travels off the beaten path to visit some Mayan ruins and upon her return she and Rachel discover a new key for deciphering Mayan texts. They return to Belize where Rachel recites an ancient Mayan incantation to become a demigod with a fierce legion of deadly mind controlled slaves. Moira must enlist the aid of Matthew and Aleksi in an effort to end the chaos that threatens to take over the world.

Special Features: The Beauty of Belize Slideshow & Madame Torment's "Everybody Hates You" Music Video
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To go along with all the great compilations from films to soundtracks... let me offer one of the craziest films within a film from that wacky and lovable "CHEEZY FLICKS"...
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