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Howlin' Wolf Records: Six Strings - Issue 8 [2016]

Here is the latest issue of Six Strings, biggest issue yet...!!

BLUE ROOM [INTERVIEW] - Musical Artist... Stan Bush - VIDEO GAME “Shadow Warrior 2” [2016]
"Final Girls [2015]" by: Jason Lee Knight [KNIGHT at the MOVIES]
"Grandma Drove a Hearse (or, Why I Write Horror)" By: KC Redding-Gonzalez
RED ROOM [INTERVIEW] - Model/Actress  “Kelsey Zukowski” [2016]
with composer Donald Rubinstein
Interview with Joseph LoDuca - ASH VS. EVIL DEAD (courtesy of VARESE SARABANDE)
Fans Of Film Music [2016] |
coverage by: Kaya Savas (Film.Music.Media)

And all our favorite things; FILMS, MUSIC, BOOKS, ETC.
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Six Strings - Issue 8 [2016]

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Some needed changes, I updated the service to better suit the SIX STRINGS MAGAZINE... so one link to each available issue.
Jeremy [Six Strings]

INFO: Here like we have said, it's a compilation of this website's items compiled... compressed into something more and we hope you stick around for all the changes. It's going to be a free styled magazine for those of you who like the read without all the fluff as this site has become. We want to give you what is out there, what is cool... who is cool and to do this we give you "SIX STRINGS". Featuring music, film, book, interviews, etc. hopefully you will find something great within the pages. 

A Howlin' Wolf Records "Exclusive" announcement from Director Ulli Lommel's Project!

In 2016 Hollywood Action House began developing "Boogeyman Chronicles," a series of eight 45-minute episodes. The first episode is currently in post-production and the series will start airing on Halloween 2018 world-wide. It is inspired by Ulli Lommel's 1980 cult hit "The Boogeyman." The new story line was developed after test audiences in the U.S. and Europe saw various cuts of a series of plot-possibilities and characters entitled "Boogeyman Reincarnation." The writing team headed by Colin McCracken is currently working on episodes 2 - 8 with the plan to create a total of up to 64 episodes. Lommel has indicated that, even though he directed episode 1, most of the remaining episodes will be directed by a series of young directors from the U.S, Europe and Asia. Starring in episode 1 are Skylar Radzion, Laurence R. Harvey, Andreea Boyer and Tristan Risk. It was produced by Frank Dragun, Ulli Lommel and David Bond.
Jeremy [Six Strings]


SUMTHING ELSE MUSIC WORKS AND CAPCOM RELEASE DEAD RISING® 4 ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK... Download 12 Christmas songs from the soundtrack for free...for a limited time only!

Sumthing Else Music Works, the premier record label dedicated to licensing and distributing video game soundtracks, proudly presents the Dead Rising 4 Original Soundtrack featuring the original music score from the new chapter of one of the most popular zombie game franchises of all time. The Dead Rising 4 Original Soundtrack will be available digitally at iTunes,, and other music sites on December 2, 2016. As a bonus, Sumthing Else and Capcom are giving away 12 Christmas songs from the Dead Rising 4 Original Soundtrack, until December 2nd. To download these free tracks, visit and enter the code: dr42016. For a limited time, the Dead Rising 4 Original Soundtrack will also be available at a discount price of $9.99.

The Dead Rising 4 Original Soundtrack features four and a half hours of original score composed and produced by Canadian Academy Award nominee Oleksa Lozowchuk (Dead Rising Watchtower, Dead Rising 3, Dead Rising® 2, Dead Rising® 2: Off The Record, Dead Rising® 2: Case Zero, Dead Rising® 2: Case West) including additional music by various artists such as Traz Damji, Boris Salchow, Jamie Christopherson, Robert Elhai, Stu Goldberg, Kevin Doucette, Melissa Kaplan, the Braxton Cook Quartet, Dominic and Rachael Davis and Jon Hassell. The soundtrack features all original music written for orchestra, string ensembles, big band, jazz combos, crooners, country duos, Americana roots/bluegrass bands and much more...

"Dead Rising 4's soundtrack is best described as - atonal zombie action meets Classic Christmas in the Midwest," said Oleksa Lozowchuk, Dead Rising 4 composer and soundtrack producer. "Our hero, Frank West, returns to Willamette, Colorado this holiday season, amidst a glorious cacophony of Americana, swooning sounds of Christmas cheer, and pure orchestral horror bliss."



DOCTOR STRANGE is Magically Delicious!

I have to admit that I didn't expect a lot from DOCTOR STRANGE.  ANOTHER ORIGIN STORY?!!!  Is it really necessary to do another story about the beginnings of another super hero?  I know next to nothing about Doctor Strange but I don't feel the need to have my hand held and explained how he came to be even with all the magic mumbo-jumbo.  I have seen enough to know how this whole super hero thing works.  The whole movie looked like it was going to be some kind of INCEPTION knock-off.  Now that I have seen the movie I can say that I was wrong.  Not only is DOCTOR STRANGE good, it's one of Marvel's best!

Dr. Strange is one of the best surgeons in the world.  He is a man of great arrogance fully aware of how much smarter he is than everyone else around him.  Not a bad guy but he has a couple of large character flaws.  After a car wreck of his own doing, Strange finds himself no longer able to be a surgeon due to the crippling of his hands.  Humbled in body but not in mind, Strange's desperation to get his former life back leads him to look into possible magic remedies.  This journey leads him to the discovery that there is real magic in the universe and there are unseen threats that will use magic to bring destruction to our world.  CLICK HERE TO READ THE REST!!!!