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The Last Exorcism [2010]

This Film looks awful, and I mean awful in a good way... I do not like this style of me the gee-bees. Don't take my word for it, you need to go to the Official Site....

Chicago Comic Con [2010]

Getting ready for a weekend at the convention... Sorry for lack of post this week, but you can always look at the "Midnight Movie" entries... just below. And pick the soundtrack up at "Howlin Wolf Records", tell them Jeremy sent you...


Midnight Movie - Score Released...

Howlin' Wolf Records is proud to present the first official film score release for Penka Kouneva, a prominent Hollywood orchestrator and rising composer for video games, television, and film. In 2008 Jack Messitt wrote and directed MIDNIGHT MOVIE, a supernatural horror/thriller about a maniacal filmmaker who breaks the barrier between celluloid and reality to stalk attendees at a midnight screening of his black and white cult horror classic THE DARK BENEATH. To score this film Penka Kouneva was presented with the challenge of providing scores for both the vintage film and the modern film, which beautifully blend and intersect seamlessly throughout the storyline. MIDNIGHT MOVIE, premiered in 2008 at the Chicago Horror Film Festival winning "Best Feature Film." It is currently available on both DVD and Blu-ray through Bigfoot Entertainment and Phase 4 Films respectively.

Penka Kouneva has long been recognized in Hollywood for her amazing talent as the orchestrator of blockbuster scores including HOSTEL, HOSTEL: PART II, TRANSFORMERS, TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN, ANGELS AND DEMONS, as well as Tim Burton's "9." Recently Penka worked alongside renowned film composer Steve Jablonsky to score the video game PRINCE OF PERSIA: THE FORGOTTEN SANDS - download from Amazon. A Sundance Composer Fellow, Penka has also scored a number of films other than MIDNIGHT MOVIE, including CHUPACABRA TERROR, ICE SPIDERS, THE THIRD NAIL and the upcoming features ROUGH HUSTLE and REJOUER.

The score for MIDNIGHT MOVIE is an earnest composition with gentle piano in addition to dark string tremolos, brass textures, ambient electronics with heavy percussion and ethereal voices. For the vintage film featured in the storyline, THE DARK BENEATH, thin, high violins, bassoon, synth patches, and meandering chords for suspense are employed. A newly composed accompanying suite "Darkness And Fear" as well as an expanded cue for "Bridget, Your Father Is Not Here" are bonus features. Visit the MIDNIGHT MOVIE store link for more information and to hear excerpts from select score cues.

This release is a limited edition pressing of 1000 featuring a complete score and full color inserts with vivid imagery from the film. The 16-page insert booklet includes detailed liner notes by Jack Messitt, the writer and director of MIDNIGHT MOVIE, along with notes from Penka Kouneva, the composer. This collector's limited edition packaging is lavishly designed by Luis Miguel Rojas.

Howlin' Wolf Records - website
MIDNIGHT MOVIE - Official Film website
Penka Kouneva - Official website
Jack Messitt - Official website
Luis Miguel Rojas - Official website

Man Behind The Mask Is Back....

...And he is out of control!

I just got the great news from Director Jack Messitt this morning and I could not be more happy about this as I am a huge fan.

I am proud to announce that a NEW CUT of Midnight Movie will be premiering later this year.

Midnight Movie: The Killer Cut, slated for a limited theatrical release, will feature newly shot scenes, restored footage from the original shoot, new VFX and new score composed just for this version of the film.

A movie of our size rarely gets a chance like this. But Bigfoot Entertainment was impressed with the performance of the original version and gave us the opportunity to revisit our work. It was a lot of fun to go in after two years and change some things around.

Because the original version of the movie was well received, we didn’t try to create a different movie. But I think that the changes that were made, along with the additional footage and enhanced VFX, make this version a better movie.

After taking the summer to re-cut the film and shoot some new footage, we just completed re-mixing the audio and adding the score composed just for this new cut. We are in the midst of completing the new VFX and Midnight Movie: The Killer Cut should be ready by the end of the Summer.

A trailer will be on its way to you sometime soon and I will be in touch with you about attending the premier this Fall.

Special Thanks...

I have been working with some great people in the last few months and I wanted to thank them for the support and great attention to detail to their crafts. Talking to them about what makes them tick, and getting to know them as interesting people. I enjoyed taking the art provided for the film "Midnight Movie" and turning it into more... Hopefully they will continue to let me cover all upcoming projects and releases.

Jack Messitt - Director [Midnight Movie]
Penka Kouneva - Composer
Wall Crumpler - Howlin' Wolf Records

Thank you, Thank you...

Midnight Movie - Desktops

Interview2 - Wall Crumpler "HWR" - Part 02

2vs8: Where do you see yourself in one year?
Wall Crumpler: With regard to Howlin’ Wolf Records, our game plan is to steadily and strategically continue developing our catalogue of film score offerings. Howlin’ Wolf Records is also still in search of a solid web interface that best reflects our theme and needs. We are trying many different approaches in these first few years and want to experiment with different looks and navigation designs to find what works best. Since we are solely on-line based for distribution, our web interface is very important.

2vs8: Coolest things you have seen in the prior year, and hopes to see in the future?
Wall Crumpler: Interacting with composers, sound engineers, artists, and other film score aficionados through meetings, gatherings, conventions, and message boards is the most awesome experience and I look forward to continued opportunities. We are also very interested in beginning to attend more conventions to showcase our film scores as our catalogue expands.

2vs8: What has scared you lately?
Wall Crumpler: The economy is a great concern for us all. We hope for everyone’s sake that things will move in a positive direction. With regard to film scores, the tendency to abandon pressed media in favor of duplicated CDrs or digital-download-only is also a concern. Film scores are a unique and specialized market and many of us remain very interested in having discs that are pressed for archival purposes with great inserts and liner notes. Howlin’ Wolf Records will certainly push to keep this important tradition alive in our label. Not that we do not support and understand the importance for the availability of media in many different forms – just as many audiophiles still desire pressed vinyl recordings, we need to maintain a rich and diverse array of media options.

2vs8: Something you question in your life?
Wall Crumpler: I am certainly at a point in my life where I think it is vital to invest time and energy in projects that excite me. Howlin’ Wolf Records is a direct manifestation of this pursuit. So long live Howlin’ Wolf Records!

2v8: How do you feel about "Howlin' Wolf Records"?
Wall Crumpler: I am extremely proud of this label and its commitment to composers, film scores, collectors, and the critical importance of preserving film scores. For me personally, I am excited about the different directions HWR leads me and the great experiences it provides.

2vs8: Any hints on the next project after "Midnight Movie"?
Wall Crumpler: HWR is very interested in a number of projects and hope to add at least three new releases to our catalogue of offerings in 2010. One composer that we hope to have the opportunity to work with is Richard Einhorn. He is a brilliant musician and composer and has done so many wonderful recordings and film scores – it would be awesome to release one of his scores from the 1970’s and 80’s. We will keep you on the front edge of anything that emerges with Howlin’ Wolf.

2vs8: Three things or words or both, that best describe you?
Wall Crumpler: Let me state three concepts that define my interest in Howlin’ Wolf Records - my love for music, a passion for the imagery of art and cinematography, and the emotion they inspire when put together effectively.

Thanks again for allowing us to participate in another fun Q and A!

Penka Kouneva...

To find out more about: "Penka Kouneva"

I wanted to thank her for the time we had it was a real pleasure, she is very sweet and talented to her craft... and as a person.

thanks again,

Interview - Penka Kouneva - Part II

2vs8: Working with "Howlin' Wolf Records" do you feel like they really care about this project?
Penka Kouneva: Working with Wall Crumpler has been just the best. He is so amazingly supportive, enthusiastic and patient. I am so grateful to him. I am writing a new Suite based on the themes from my score, as my token of appreciation to his enthusiasm. A solid piece like that would go well on a soundtrack CD.

2vs8: Gaining a mass of praise and working on rather large productions from film, to television and video games music, what is your favorite?
Penka Kouneva: I must say, I enjoy them all. My most recent experience, composing all in-game music for "PRINCE OF PERSIA" 2010 videogame alongside the main composer, Steve Jablonsky, was also fantastic. I'll definitely pursue scoring for games. I've loved writing for TV, and of course, I very much love scoring genre films, fantasy, but also dramas - human interest, family. Comedies are fun too.

2vs8: Are you reaching your goal and what is that you strive for day to day?
Penka Kouneva: I hope to write great music to films, TV and games, and projects that mean something to me. I mentor my young associates who help me with these impossibly hard jobs and mentoring and giving back is also very inspiring. I also strive to have good regimen and be healthy, in body and spirit, to balance the grueling long days of work.

2vs8: What inspires you, outside of music?
Penka Kouneva: I have a family and a 4-year old daughter who is a ball of energy. Besides work, all my other time and energy goes to my child. We are having great times playing together.

2vs8: Advice that was given to you that you would pass along to someone else?
Penka Kouneva: I've had amazing mentors along the way. Some of the most meaningful advice was to align with people with whom I share similar values, world view and even temperament, and whom I respect as creative artists. Also, to tirelessly reach out and cultivate relationships in our industry as you never know who might need you. Also, to give my very best, to be committed and resourceful as it takes very long time to build reputation. To take risks and be bold. To strive for artistic integrity and authenticity even in most ridiculous situations or when it's the hardest.

2vs8: What is next?
Penka Kouneva: Building new relationships now that the game "Prince of Persia" is out (May 2010) and completing two indie features: the drama-romance ROUGH HUSTLE and the mystery REJOUER.

2vs8: And last, three words that describe you best?
Penka Kouneva: Passionate, kind, energetic.

Getting Back On Track...


A Gift From God...

Elias: Since God created man, and man created the Transformers, the Transformers are like a gift from God, Randal!
Randal Graves: No sir. They are not a gift from God. They are an unholy curse from the beast we call the Desolate One.
Elias: I don't really want to hear this Randal.
Randal Graves: The First of the Fallen. The Spoiler of Virgins, the Master of Abortions!
Elias: You know I don't like to talk about dark forces Randal.
Randal Graves: [singing into P.A. microphone] Let me help you out of your chair, Grandma!
Jay: [climbing through the drive-thru window] Grandma what was it like? To be on a holiday sight?
Randal Graves: Late that night I awoke from my sleep.
Jay: Hearing! Unknown! Voices!
Randal Graves, Jay: Laughing insane!

Caitlin McIntosh - Bio

Caitlin McIntosh is a fitness model, actress and figure competitor from the small Missouri town of Washington. A graduate of Lindenwood University with a BA in Dance Performance and Choreography, she was also Miss Missouri Teen USA 2000 and a semifinalist in the Miss Teen USA Pageant. During her reign as Miss Missouri Teen she spoke with over 10,000 Missouri school students, various community organizations and logged over 50,000 miles traveling across the state.

In 2003 Caitlin joined the Vee Entertainment Corporation as "Grover" and "Baby Bear" in the "Sesame Street Live - Everybody Makes Music" Tour. That show took her to Puerto Rico, Mexico, the Eastern United States and Bermuda. Then, in a complete change of pace, Caitlin joined the team at Hooters of America, the corporation that runs over 440 bars and restaurants worldwide, where she was chosen to be Miss Hooters International Girl of the Year 2007. She has appeared in the last two Hooters calendars, was chosen Miss December 2008, and was featured in a Hooters magazine layout that was distributed both nationally and internationally.

Caitlin came to the attention of the Shadowland filmmakers when she auditioned for a much smaller supporting part but was singled out and asked to read for the lead role.

Color Me... Jack Sparrow...

Pirates 4... Arrggghhh!

Now I do not get worked up on movies as I once did... but "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" I cannot wait to see my good old friend Jack Sparrow. I know cast change and certain doom script, but it will be a great.

Here be some set photos of this upcoming movie, I hope there is not to many spoilers...