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Interview - Penka Kouneva - Part II

2vs8: Working with "Howlin' Wolf Records" do you feel like they really care about this project?
Penka Kouneva: Working with Wall Crumpler has been just the best. He is so amazingly supportive, enthusiastic and patient. I am so grateful to him. I am writing a new Suite based on the themes from my score, as my token of appreciation to his enthusiasm. A solid piece like that would go well on a soundtrack CD.

2vs8: Gaining a mass of praise and working on rather large productions from film, to television and video games music, what is your favorite?
Penka Kouneva: I must say, I enjoy them all. My most recent experience, composing all in-game music for "PRINCE OF PERSIA" 2010 videogame alongside the main composer, Steve Jablonsky, was also fantastic. I'll definitely pursue scoring for games. I've loved writing for TV, and of course, I very much love scoring genre films, fantasy, but also dramas - human interest, family. Comedies are fun too.

2vs8: Are you reaching your goal and what is that you strive for day to day?
Penka Kouneva: I hope to write great music to films, TV and games, and projects that mean something to me. I mentor my young associates who help me with these impossibly hard jobs and mentoring and giving back is also very inspiring. I also strive to have good regimen and be healthy, in body and spirit, to balance the grueling long days of work.

2vs8: What inspires you, outside of music?
Penka Kouneva: I have a family and a 4-year old daughter who is a ball of energy. Besides work, all my other time and energy goes to my child. We are having great times playing together.

2vs8: Advice that was given to you that you would pass along to someone else?
Penka Kouneva: I've had amazing mentors along the way. Some of the most meaningful advice was to align with people with whom I share similar values, world view and even temperament, and whom I respect as creative artists. Also, to tirelessly reach out and cultivate relationships in our industry as you never know who might need you. Also, to give my very best, to be committed and resourceful as it takes very long time to build reputation. To take risks and be bold. To strive for artistic integrity and authenticity even in most ridiculous situations or when it's the hardest.

2vs8: What is next?
Penka Kouneva: Building new relationships now that the game "Prince of Persia" is out (May 2010) and completing two indie features: the drama-romance ROUGH HUSTLE and the mystery REJOUER.

2vs8: And last, three words that describe you best?
Penka Kouneva: Passionate, kind, energetic.

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