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Caitlin McIntosh - Bio

Caitlin McIntosh is a fitness model, actress and figure competitor from the small Missouri town of Washington. A graduate of Lindenwood University with a BA in Dance Performance and Choreography, she was also Miss Missouri Teen USA 2000 and a semifinalist in the Miss Teen USA Pageant. During her reign as Miss Missouri Teen she spoke with over 10,000 Missouri school students, various community organizations and logged over 50,000 miles traveling across the state.

In 2003 Caitlin joined the Vee Entertainment Corporation as "Grover" and "Baby Bear" in the "Sesame Street Live - Everybody Makes Music" Tour. That show took her to Puerto Rico, Mexico, the Eastern United States and Bermuda. Then, in a complete change of pace, Caitlin joined the team at Hooters of America, the corporation that runs over 440 bars and restaurants worldwide, where she was chosen to be Miss Hooters International Girl of the Year 2007. She has appeared in the last two Hooters calendars, was chosen Miss December 2008, and was featured in a Hooters magazine layout that was distributed both nationally and internationally.

Caitlin came to the attention of the Shadowland filmmakers when she auditioned for a much smaller supporting part but was singled out and asked to read for the lead role.

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