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Interview2 - Wall Crumpler "HWR" - Part 02

2vs8: Where do you see yourself in one year?
Wall Crumpler: With regard to Howlin’ Wolf Records, our game plan is to steadily and strategically continue developing our catalogue of film score offerings. Howlin’ Wolf Records is also still in search of a solid web interface that best reflects our theme and needs. We are trying many different approaches in these first few years and want to experiment with different looks and navigation designs to find what works best. Since we are solely on-line based for distribution, our web interface is very important.

2vs8: Coolest things you have seen in the prior year, and hopes to see in the future?
Wall Crumpler: Interacting with composers, sound engineers, artists, and other film score aficionados through meetings, gatherings, conventions, and message boards is the most awesome experience and I look forward to continued opportunities. We are also very interested in beginning to attend more conventions to showcase our film scores as our catalogue expands.

2vs8: What has scared you lately?
Wall Crumpler: The economy is a great concern for us all. We hope for everyone’s sake that things will move in a positive direction. With regard to film scores, the tendency to abandon pressed media in favor of duplicated CDrs or digital-download-only is also a concern. Film scores are a unique and specialized market and many of us remain very interested in having discs that are pressed for archival purposes with great inserts and liner notes. Howlin’ Wolf Records will certainly push to keep this important tradition alive in our label. Not that we do not support and understand the importance for the availability of media in many different forms – just as many audiophiles still desire pressed vinyl recordings, we need to maintain a rich and diverse array of media options.

2vs8: Something you question in your life?
Wall Crumpler: I am certainly at a point in my life where I think it is vital to invest time and energy in projects that excite me. Howlin’ Wolf Records is a direct manifestation of this pursuit. So long live Howlin’ Wolf Records!

2v8: How do you feel about "Howlin' Wolf Records"?
Wall Crumpler: I am extremely proud of this label and its commitment to composers, film scores, collectors, and the critical importance of preserving film scores. For me personally, I am excited about the different directions HWR leads me and the great experiences it provides.

2vs8: Any hints on the next project after "Midnight Movie"?
Wall Crumpler: HWR is very interested in a number of projects and hope to add at least three new releases to our catalogue of offerings in 2010. One composer that we hope to have the opportunity to work with is Richard Einhorn. He is a brilliant musician and composer and has done so many wonderful recordings and film scores – it would be awesome to release one of his scores from the 1970’s and 80’s. We will keep you on the front edge of anything that emerges with Howlin’ Wolf.

2vs8: Three things or words or both, that best describe you?
Wall Crumpler: Let me state three concepts that define my interest in Howlin’ Wolf Records - my love for music, a passion for the imagery of art and cinematography, and the emotion they inspire when put together effectively.

Thanks again for allowing us to participate in another fun Q and A!

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