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Robert Feigenblatt... Rest In Peace.

Robert Feigenblatt
We have learned and saddened by the loss of a close dear friend "Robert Feigenblatt" to each of us at Howlin' Wolf Records... Robert was a talented and energetic person. Our thoughts go out to everyone who knew him and to his family... he will be missed.

-Jeremy and the Howlin' Wolf Family...

The best advice I was ever given was by  fellow film  composer, Terry Plumeri (Scarecrows, Black Sea Raid). He listened to my music and told me I could have a career if I stopped listening to myself and got out of my own way. In short, we impose limits and restrictions on ourselves and that is true. It has taken me 54 years to realize my childhood dream of writing music for movies, but I've done it. Another shining example of an overnight success. Hopefully, future scores will have a shorter gestation period. 
 - Robert Feigenblatt


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'm so sorry! If that quote was recent, then he was way too young.

Unknown said...

How awful... I am so sorry for your loss. I love that quote you included from him and it is something I should definitely heed. Hugs, my friend and my prayers to all of you who knew and loved him.

pamelahazelton said...

Thanks so much for posting this. Robert was a dear friend (we produced the film he composed), and he loved working with you guys. Yes, he was way too young, and we'll miss him terribly.

DWei said...

Oh my. I never met this man but he sounds like an extraordinary individual. :(

He will certainly be missed.