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MIND'S EYE! What could this be, you wonder.


                                               Click here to watch MIND'S EYE

Who doesn't want to see a movie for free?  Just click the link above to watch the psychological thriller MIND'S EYE.  Writer/Director Mark Atkins was kind enough to contact me to review his film and let others know about it.  The fact that I am posting about it should let you know it is a good film and worth a watch.

The story is about a young man named David who has been recently released from prison and is trying to get his life back on track.  His father shows up and tells David he is dying of cancer.  David almost beats his father up right then and there.  We learn that David's father left his mother and him when he was only twelve.  Full of hatred and conflicting emotions David lets his father speak giving him no words of sympathy.  Soon after David receives word that his father has died and he wants his ashes spread in his home town.  David reluctantly obliges and soon after driving to his father's hometown meets a mysterious woman at a bar whom he has a one night stand with.  After waking the next day David discovers that the woman is gone along with his father's ashes.  So now he has to go and investigate who the woman was and why she took the ashes.  CLICK HERE TO READ THE REST....



Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Intriguing storyline.

Anonymous said...

Most interesting to read.


Maurice Mitchell said...

Trippy flick!