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Interview with The Blanks - The Build Up!

So There is a time in your life when you get true greatness, such a true greatness and today that happened when "The Blanks" walked onto my stage. Four guys surrounding me like they were going to point their fingers and laugh at, but not these guys from the this international sensation. Now could I get such a great opportunity to talk with these stars of stage, television and stardom... well the truth is I asked. With the great support of Adam Sloat and some friendly follow ups, we were able to bring to you this groundbreaking and yet entertaining chat. Now what I am saying that will make this different is, that it's the four of them at the same time, same place... same site.

I stole this from their official site:

No instruments, no problem.

News flash: A cappella is hip! Leading this pack of cool is a quartet of friends, The Blanks, who appear on the worldwide syndicated television show Scrubs as "Ted's Band." In a case of life imitating art (or is it art imitating life?), the group was written into the script as a quartet of friends who like to sing a cappella music. Bizarre, huh? Group member Sam Lloyd played the recurring role of character "Ted Buckland" on all nine seasons of Scrubs on NBC and later ABC, now airing on Comedy Central, TV Land, WGN, and a host of other local/regional channels just in the US. Sam is joined by Paul F. Perry, George Miserlis and Philip McNiven. In 2004, The Blanks released their debut CD, "Riding the Wave" (Parody Records). In 2008 they began touring. In 2008 they also made shirts. 

Based in Los Angeles, The Blanks perform and sing family‐friendly (cool) entertainment with plenty of (hip) musical and sketch comedy. They sing a cappella versions of popular TV show theme songs ranging from "Charles In Charge" to "Six Million Dollar Man," and commercial jingles like "By Mennen." They've put words to songs without lyrics, such as the "Good Old Days," the theme from The Little Rascals. The only instruments besides a ukulele you'll find on stage are talking toys ‐ that's right, four grown men who still play with action figures. Not ones to rest on their laurels nor teeter on the edge of rebellion and artistic bravado with their choice of deodorant commercials, the Blanks wrote some original numbers that sound like songs even they might want to cover! You haven't seen anything quite like it before. They love to sing, entertain and make people laugh, so their shows include skits, antics, choreography (the kind a 5-year old could memorize), talking toys as lead singers, and costume changes. 


A note on the costume changes: they're not Cher, and they're not Madonna. Because… They're men! Men who sing. Men who dance. Men who'll make the milk you're drinking spray right out your nose with a funny glance.

To tell the story of the Blanks is to tell the tale of four unique individuals that didn't find each other through a reality show contest, Craigslist ads, Social Networking, or even the fallout of doomed bands fighting over the drummer's red M&M's (thus no drummer allowed). Asked individually if this was their dream gig, they might hesitate, but as a collective whole it's pretty clear that there was some cosmic kismet at work. 

And as long as the kids dig it and the adults enjoy it, The Blanks will keep singing it….


Zombie said...

I knew these guys looked familiar!! I love scrubs. :D

Sharon Day said...

What a fun group!

Angela Brown said...

Family friendly? Sounds like a winner!!