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KeepMoving Records: "THE CODE" music by Yuri Poteyenko (Limited Edition of 100 copies)

Vera Storozheva’s The Code is the Russian adaptation of the British television series  The Benchley Circle with four different women getting down to investigate seemingly unsolvable crimes. Anna is a waitress in a restaurant, Irina is a beloved math teacher with two beautiful children, Katerina is a former prisoner who has been recently pardoned, while Sonya hasn’t really found any new meaning in her life since the war. When Anna finds a dead body on the job, she calls together her former friends to find solve the first – and later, several other crimes.

The music for The Code us provided by Russian composer Yuri Poteyenko, whose versatile cinematic career have been thoroughly explored by KeepMoving Records – making way for the first of hopefully several releases dealing with the composer’s scores written for the small screen. Over the years, Poteyenko has written music for the civil war drama The White Guard (2012) inspired by Bulgakov’s novel, the identity theft drama Ash (2013), the World War I-based television event Road to Calvary (2017) and the recent adaptation of Leo Tolstoy’s eternal classic, Anna Karenina (2018). With works based on mostly recent historical events or classics of Russian literature, the small screen has given Poteyenko enough projects worthy of further discovery. []

Wonderful release from composer Yuri Poteyenko, you should really get all the details.
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