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Blood Wars

THE FIGHT OVER GOOD AND EVIL IS ON Will (Draven) is a laid-back college student who enjoys a quiet lifestyle with his small group of friends. Unfortunately for Will, everything he knows is about to change when he is bitten by a vampire seductress - part of clan that has been living near his campus in the search for fresh blood. The coven leader, Julian (Todd) has been looking to pass his throne to a worthy successor. In order to relinquish his coveted title, one of the vampires in his coven must fight and kill a sentry - a member of an elite order of vampire hunters. As the legend holds, sentries have fought vampires for millennia, protecting the world and maintaining a necessary balance between good and evil. But the destiny of vampires and sentries alike are forever changed when Will becomes the center of this eternal war. BLOOD WARS Directed by Tom Shell (The Far Side of Jericho) from a screenplay and story by Ramesh Thadani, and is produced by Mark Burman (The Spreading Ground), A.J. Draven, Scott Pearlman (Brotherhood of Blood), and Tom Shell.

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