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Jack Messitt - Director "Midnight Movie" Part: III

2vs8: What was your involvement with the upcoming score release from Howlin' Wolf Records and what was the first meeting like with Wall Crumpler?

Jack Messitt: Having a Midnight Movie soundtrack CD release is awesome. The best part was that Wall found us. That told me that the movie has definitely taken on a life of its own – well beyond the underground marketing we have done.
When Wall asked to release the score, we jumped at the chance! Penka’s work really helped make the movie what it was and it deserves to put out there. And to see Wall’s enthusiasm for our film and the release was a lot of fun. He was the perfect person to lead this release because he truly believes in the project!
I wrote a lot for the CD liner - lot of details about the film and how certain parts of it came to life. I believe that Penka is also adding her thought so the liner. It should make a great collectible, as well as give some real insight into the movie.

2vs8: How did you come to work with Penka Kouneva and the process on finding a composer for "Midnight Movie" or any of your projects?

Jack Messitt: Penka was recommended to me by another composer and I’m so glad he did. From the minute I met her, we were on the same page creatively. Being a first time director, scoring sessions were new to me, but they remain one of the highlights of my Midnight Movie experience. They were a lot of fun and I look forward to working with Penka again soon.

Penka went well above the call of duty and created a score that truly transcends our film. For a movie of our size/budget, the score is unbelievably rich in depth and texture. Low budget movies rarely sound this good. Our score truly exceeds our budget and rises to the studio level! I think that you will be hearing a lot of Penka’s work in the future. She is that good!

2vs8: With the score release from Howlin' Wolf Records composed by Penka Kouneva will there ever be a regular artist soundtrack?

Jack Messitt: While I think we have a great compilation of wonderful unknown artists in our soundtrack, I doubt that we could make that happen. To hold down costs, we licensed most of the songs for the movie only. So the complications behind that would kill any potential deal.

2vs8: According to "" The Killer in "Midnight Movie"... is known only as "the Killer" does the character have a name?

I have always called the killer “Radford” because he is technically a young Ted Radford playing the killer in The Dark Beneath, the movie in the movie. More than that, the old Radford imparted his soul into the film – transforming it into the killing machine that it now is.
The confusion comes in when you realize that the character in The Dark Beneath would not have been named Radford.

We had way too many conversations surrounding this issue! Too many people thought that if we listed the killer as “Young Radford” it would cause confusion. Looking back, I think that people were way over thinking things... Too much time in a small dark editing room is my guess - What can you do?

I have a great idea and back story to the killer and his name, but that is waiting for the sequel...

2vs8: With the three parties involved in the score release, what do hope happens once it is released and with it's success will there might be a sequel?

Jack Messitt: I think that it is exciting that the score will live a life of its own beyond the movie itself. It is that strong! It deserves its own time in the sun.
There is talk of a Midnight Movie sequel and I have several ideas brewing. Believe me, once we get the green light, it will be ready to go. But I think we have to sell a few more DVDs before that happens... So if you want a sequel, help spread the word about the movie!

2vs8: What Are Some Of The Illusions, Delusions About Being In The Film Industry?

Jack Messitt: If you like eating sausage, you should never visit a sausage factory. The entertainment industry is a similar experience.

- Movie sets are boring most of the time.
- Actors and actresses are very rarely like the roles they play.
- It is show business – underline business. That is what propels it for good and for bad.

But for all it’s faults, I would not change careers with anyone! I love going to work every day!

2vs8: Who Is Your Favorite Film Horror Character, And Scare Moment?

Jack Messitt: I have a long list here… But I think that The Shining has to be my all time favorite horror movie. I still get chills when I watch it. Nicholson at his best and those twin girls… Totally creepy!!

2vs8: Advice To Live By?

Jack Messitt: Make sure that what you do for a living will support you and your family. But it better be something you enjoy because you spend way too much of your life at it!

2vs8: What Is Next?

Jack Messitt: I am in the midst of setting up my next project: Remote Control, a thriller.

-- Caught by the mob, an insurance underwriter tries to explain how answering his phone lead him to lie in court, hold the Chief of Police at gunpoint, rob a bank with the help of a prostitute, survive a drug deal gone wrong and ultimately take these mobsters for four million dollars in a gun running scam - all in the last four days...

It should be a lot of fun…


youngelfman said...

Great interview and awesome visuals! I was not aware that a sequel was possibly cooking - it would be awesome to see more from Jack Messitt and Penka Kouneva on whatever project they would collaborate. Give me more original features like "Midnight Movie" any day over some of these awful remakes! Speaking of which, any word on a "Midnight Movie" remake? LOL!

Anonymous said...

i enjoyed the midnight movie, it would be cool if there was another...

Anonymous said...

interesting stuff, i want a sequel..

Gabriela said...

I really liked this movie and for those of you who don't know the director's cut, midnight movie the killer cut, will be coming out soon! I can't wait to go see it.