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Interview2 - Wall Crumpler "HWR" - Part 01

2v8: What advice has been given to you from friends, family, strangers since you began "Howlin' Wolf Records"?

Wall Crumpler: The soundest advice given me is to establish a solid business plan – being a long-time collector and film score enthusiast, first and foremost my interest is in having the opportunity to present great film scores and package them in a way that I as a collector would appreciate and enjoy. The determination to present the best possible audio and provide packaging befitting great film scores remain the most important driving forces, but I likewise understand the importance of wise management of resources to ensure the success of Howlin’ Wolf Records.

2v8: What is different since your first production/projects, and what have you learned from any possible mistakes?

Wall Crumpler: I love visuals and graphic design and spent tireless hours, days, and weeks working to produce the art inserts for MALEVOLENCE, the label’s first release. I feel I utilized the full breadth of my talents to create the inserts for MALEVOLENCE and feel very proud of the end result. That said, I also realize that there are professionals who have trained in graphic design who will generate more interesting and inspired designs. I feel so strongly about this that I am planning on having a redesign of the MALEVOLENCE inserts. I will not reprint the inserts but I will provide press quality pdf files that individuals will be able to download for free and have printed on quality paper using a color laser printer to have nice alternative inserts to go with their release of MALEVOLENCE.

2v8: Do you find yourself getting more noticed the more projects you do, any autographs yet?
Wall Crumpler: Howlin’ Wolf Records is certainly more recognized with two titles in release than prior to the second project. Our third project is an exciting release from a very talented orchestrator and composer. The label also has a new creative partner, Zach Tow whom I have known for several years as a fellow film score enthusiast, but we have just recently united forces on this label. Zach possesses an incredible knowledge of film scores and composers and provides a lot of direction and energy for the label.

2v8: What is the best part of your job, from the start of the day to the end of it?

Wall Crumpler: The best part of this job is unquestionably listening to and enjoying film scores. I have film scores that I listen to complementing every mood I experience and most every activity I participate in. Having the opportunity to interact with other film score enthusiasts, composers, and interesting individuals such as yourself is definitely the icing on the cake. It may sound very cliché but I am definitely pursuing a lifelong dream through HWR.

2v8: What is your latest project, and how did that come about?

Wall Crumpler: MIDNIGHT MOVIE, a film score composed by Penka Kouneva for a film directed by Jack Messitt is the wolf’s latest project. This opportunity is one we pursued due to a great appreciation for both the film Jack directed and the score Penka composed. MIDNIGHT MOVIE is an interesting film and score since the story-line involves a vintage horror film being screened at a midnight showing. Whereas the film is set as a movie within a movie, likewise the score is constructed as a blending of scores for both. Very cool! One really interesting story about the composer Penka Kouneva – After watching MIDNIGHT MOVIE and really digging her score, I contacted her on the west coast where she currently resides having no idea that she had once been a close neighbor of mine here on the east coast in North Carolina. Penka lived here for several years back in the 90’s while she was completing her PhD in music composition at Duke University, just a mere 20 minute drive from where I live. I was already very actively engaged in working to acquire licensing for her score for MIDNIGHT MOVIE before I was aware of this.

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