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Sharon Day - Abandoned Places: Abandoned Memories

I had the extreme pleasure of talking with Sharon Day [Author] and Julie Ferguson [Photographer] about her book "Abandoned Places: Abandoned Memories (Desert Edition)" available at fine internet outlets.
As always I try to change it up with my questions to make it interesting, but Sharon is a good spirit and her Q & A is very open and honest. I don't feel like we were doing an interview, no it felt like we shared coffee looking over landscape being the inspiration for this book. Truth is her and I are great friends and she is my muse to battle the monster that is life, I can not thank her enough for her knowledge and support. Since her and I talk daily I thought I would bring her to you in a different light, read the questions and enjoy her responses.
- Tell us about you and your latest project?
- What is the inspiration for this and all your books/projects?
- Your ability to read people that you meet and how far does your ability reach?
- What do you see in the future?
- Who inspires you?
- If you could see anything, what would it be?
- Your last thought "that's weird" and what was it?
- What is your favorite inanimate object?
- What can you see looking out your window?
- Scariest thing you have ever seen?

I'm just a big goofball. My friends compare me to Julia Roberts and Lucille Ball which is about right as far as personality. I sort of fling myself at life and cause rip tides in everyone's state of mind. I pull them all out with me away from the shore to see what danger we can get into. I'm an instigator. I say "why just talk about it, why not do it?" Right now, I've flung myself at my second book, "Was That a Ghost?" It's a book to help people figure out if something they encountered was paranormal or not. I get asked that the most of people who approach me. I am also working on a few more books, one to help people evolve from being intuitive to psychic called "From Fledgling to Full-Fledged Psychic" and another one based on my haunted formula I am up with a year and a half ago during research called "Spirit Vessels: Why Some Buildings Are Haunted." As well, I have some other possibilities I'm considering in the field of paranormal. We'll see much I can handle all at once.

All my books and projects are for the same thing; to get people involved. I am on the receiving end of lots of emails from people asking for help, insights and such and I have found over many years of counseling them, that people are hungry for information and answers and so am I! Together, we create these projects by the simple questions we ask and the answers we accept.

In the future, I'd honestly like to be part of a long-term study of ghostly activity so that we can see trends, adapt testing methods and figure out just what path it's using to communicate. I also would like to finish my screenplay for a story about a machine that talks to the other side and how that changes the world. And, my ultimate goal would be to get a documentary crew into the house I grew up in and let me try and contact my mother, father, brother, sister and family friend who all said they would haunt the place. I have a party waiting for me and I want to join, but I want documentation.

I'm inspired and motivated by the folks who read my blog. They ask great questions, make astute observations and I feel like I'm part of the coolest gang of thinkers out there. I seek answers with them.

I'd honestly like to see Bigfoot. That sounds funny coming from a ghost hunter, but I've seen a full-body apparition before. I want to see BF!

My last "that's weird"? Hmm... I have had a few on hunts recently but the one that really still baffles me is a series of dreams I've had where I visit bloggers I know online, but where the live; one was in the Midwest, one was in England and one was in Greece.  The one in Greece really had me shake my head because the woman was talking to me very slowly as if I were deaf. I was asking where the ruins were and how to get to them. Behind her, I saw her boyfriend standing there, but he didn't see me. I woke up the next day feeling like I had actually traveled. The only thing I asked the woman was, "any weird dreams lately?" She wrote me back, "I just looked up your profile picture. That was you, wasn't it? In my apartment? I was trying to speak slowly so you could understand my accent." She is a psychic too so it seemed we had a communication/astral projection.

My favorite inanimate object. Well, I'm guessing I should keep this PG rated. I'd probably say it's tough for me to be tied to objects because they carry so much residual. I find myself being anal retentive about getting rid of things and trying to keep my belongings to a minimum but one thing that I do adore are rocks, especially a rock I have from Sedona. It has a wonderful feel to it and I love the way rocks look and how they interact. I have a huge boat-shaped basket filled with rocks and I pick them carefully to interact "nicely" and create a happy healing force. They really do have an effect when you put more than one together. They amplify.

Looking out my window? I'm at my work desk so I'm looking at a tree filled with resting hummingbirds, the lazy bitches!

Scariest thing I've ever seen. Well, I've seen a lot of death, but honestly the thing that scared me the most was in an ER. I worked in it typing up reports but we were crowded so I was forced to write in the ER area. I was at the desk typing when the nurses put the sheet over a man who died and I felt a strange sense that he wasn't dead. Usually when someone passed, I felt a strange cold wind go by me, but I didn't feel it this time. I look up at the nurse going in to pull the IV pole away from the bed and she lets out a scream. The man in the sheet is moving! I just about wee'd myself right there and then. Wasn't expecting that. The man was a minister and had a good attitude. Later, up on the floor where the put him, he had his family in for a party and invited the docs who pronounced him. Now, that's a good attitude. 
Sharon Day [Author]


Sharon Day said...

Hey Jeremy;
You're the dream interviewer, buddy. You don't take shit out of context. I appreciate that! One reporter interviewed me for a newspaper one time and at one point, she said, "are there other explanations for hauntings?" I said, "sure, sometimes it could just be a branch hitting a tree." The column then had in huge letters "ghost hunter believes hauntings are explainable by tree branches!" Oh Jeez!
Beautiful art, too. You make me look gorgeous--what a dream talent!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That's wild about the guy who wasn't dead. And I have a list of things I intend to ask God about when I get to Heaven, including what the heck was bigfoot?

Arlee Bird said...

How weird!! In the last several months I've been dreaming about other bloggers as well. I absolutely feel as though I know them. I guess it's because I spend so much time online with them that I kind of do know them and they are now such a big part of my life.
I sometimes wonder if they are having dreams that I am in and we are kind of telepathically connected.

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Julie Ferguson said...

Very good post about my little Sis and travel buddy, also coauthor. I am her Ethal to her Lucy. We have a great time traveling and looking for all those cool abandoned places. She has been a big influence on me as well...