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Chris Wood (Author) - Sherlock Holmes and the Flying Zombie Death Monkeys

Chris Wood (Author) "Sherlock Holmes and the Flying Zombie Death Monkeys" which was released at the end of year 2010, also getting it's release in the UK now. His first book in the series in 2009 titled "Sherlock Holmes and the Underpants Of Death", both tell the romping adventures of Sherlock Holmes in way you have ever written about the sleuth and his life mate Watson. A journey of jesting, jolting and oddities into four stories... Oh Yeah, Flying Monkey Zombies in London. Some say "a writing parody" on this talented writer I say bring more to the table and "Rock that Sherlock". Okay I had a chance to give him the Q & A treatment, in my usual fashion. So please read on and get to know author Chris Wood. Thanks Chris for being part of your world and the insight to Holmes...


Q and A With: Chris Wood
- Tell us about you and you project? 
I’m from Manchester, England, and a huge movie fan, especially horror, and comedies. My other big interest is guitars, and I own some outstanding instruments. I began the book in 2010. I wanted a mix of violence, humor, horror and a bit of sex thrown in for good measure. Sherlock Holmes and the Flying Zombie Death Monkeys has sex, violence, humor, and some new creatures – a twist on a classic, if you like.

- What has the response been for this and your earlier titles.
The feedback’s been good – largely. I get mixed responses. 90% are positive, with readers saying they enjoyed the books and liked the humor. Then there’s the other 10%, who apparently saw my books and ran off screaming. You can’t please everyone.

- Coolest quote made about this latest project?
One Amazon reviewer said it was a mix between Shaun of the Dead and Army of Darkness. I couldn’t have asked for a better response – made my day completely.

- Who inspires you and your writing?
I love horror comedies! An American Werewolf in London and Evil Dead 2 are great films. I saw them when I was 12 or 13, and they just rocked my face off completely.

- Describe your last "slap in the face moment of silliness" and why? 
I was talking to a group of people and leaned back in my chair – forgetting it didn’t have a back. I went completely head over heels, ass to the audience (briefly!) and they fell about laughing. Of course they did. I know I would have in their position.

- What do you see when you look out your window?
My back garden, which is fairly small and has a decrepit old shed. Over the fence is a park, so I see the tops of a few trees. Also, there are slavering figures of the recently deceased, clamoring for blood and human brains. The last one isn’t true just yet, but may be any time soon.
- Where do you see yourself in one year?
Hopefully I’ll have finished my next book. I’ve put one out every year for the last three years, and I’m trying to keep that pace.
- What other upcoming projects can you share?
I have some readings due in various places, and I hope those go well. I want to get some clips up on the internet, so hopefully those will be available in a short while.
- If you could standing in one place to have your voice heard, where would that be?
In front of 80,000 people in a stadium, with a huge loudspeaker system at my disposal. Or on top of a mountain with a megaphone. Either is good.
- Puppets with or without strings?
With strings! Thunderbirds, Team America, you name it. And besides, puppets without strings can be seen on a lot of TV news. Do they make good entertainment? I don’t think so … 


Thanks again to Chris and letting my be part of his writing and journalistic talents, I encourage you all to get your reading glasses or your trusty magnifying glass and be your own sleuth...

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