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Foresight Features: Monster Brawl [2011]

Dave Foley - Buzz Chambers
Robert Maillet - Frankenstein
Art Hindle - Sasquatch Sid Tucker
Kevin Nash - Colonel Crookshank
Lance Henriksen - Narrator
Jimmy Hart - Himself
Herb Dean - Himself
Jason David Brown - Cyclops / Swamp Gut / Cyril Haggard

Other Cast:
Jason Deline - Jacob Blackburn
Jesse T. Cook - Village Drunk
John Geddes - Lieutenant Briggs
Mark Gibson - Agent Dunn
Chris Rutte - The Grub
Christopher Goddard - Sheriff
Ari Millen - Dr. Igora
Oliver Glaser - Warehouse worker
Kelly Couture - Lady Vampire
Rj Skinner - Werewolf - Mummy
Samantha Farrow - Wife
Matt Wiele - The Messenger
Rico Montana - Zombie Man
Holly Letkeman - Witch Bitch

Produced By:
Cody Calahan - co-producer
Jesse T. Cook - producer
John Geddes - producer
Matt Wiele - producer

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