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The Haunting of Molly Hartley

In this tale of spellbinding suspense, something evil lurks just beneath the surface of teenaged girl’s private school world – and it’s ready to battle for her very soul. Now, on the eve of her 18th birthday, Molly Hartley is about to discover the devilish truth of just who, or rather what, it is she is destined to become . . .

A rare PG-13 horror thriller, and starring some of today’s fastest rising young stars, the story of Molly Hartley unfolds at first like a teen drama as Molly (HALEY BENNETT, Music and Lyrics) bravely tries to start her life all over again after surviving her mother’s bizarre attack on her in the midst of a psychotic breakdown. Now, in her posh new private school, Molly is finally starting to fit in, as she draws the thrilling attention of super popular rich-kid, Joseph (CHACE CRAWFORD, “Gossip Girl”). But even as she is thrust into a realm of hot parties and hallway gossip, she is haunted by creepy visions and eerie experiences that have her wondering just what is really happening to her.

Everyone wants to help Molly succeed in moving past her mother’s madness. Her father (JAKE WEBER, “Medium”) keeps a close watch over her. Her two new friends – the rebellious Leah (SHANNON MARIE WOODWARD, “The Riches”) and the angelically evangelical Alexis (SHANNA COLLINS, “Swingtown,” War of the Worlds) – each try to pull her into their different social worlds. Even the school’s psychologist Dr. Emerson (NINA SIEMASZKO, “The West Wing”) is doing everything in her power to help Molly get a fresh lease on life.

Or so it seems.

Yet, even as Molly giddily flirts with Joseph and butts heads with Joseph’s competitive ex-girlfriend (ANNALYNNE MCCORD, “Nip/Tuck”), she can’t escape the chilling visions and spine-tingling voices that follow her everywhere. What do they mean? Why won’t they leave her alone? Is Molly doomed to lose her mind as her mother did?

Or is a dark secret from the past pushing Molly ever closer to a completing a deal that will seal her future forever?

THE HAUNTING OF MOLLY HARTLEY marks the feature directorial debut of Mickey Liddell, producer of the highly acclaimed television series “Everwood” and “Jack and Bobby,” from a screenplay by John Travis (the forthcoming The New Daughter starring Kevin Costner) and Rebeecca Sonnenshine (American Zombie). The producers are Liddell and Jennifer Hilton.

The film’s behind-the-scenes team includes cinematographer Sharone Meir (Mean Creek, Coach Carter), editor Zene Baker (Foot Fist Way), production designer John Larena (The Hottie and The Nottie), costume designer Anita Cabada (“The Loop”) and composer James T. Sale (Music Within).

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