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Intrada: Beyond the Poseidon Adventure - Jerry Fielding

Composed and Conducted by JERRY FIELDING
INTRADA Special Collection Vol. 245

For the 1979 sequel Beyond the Poseidon Adventure, composer Jerry Fielding wrote a fiery, boldly dramatic work in his usual distinctive style. He was a master technician as well as someone skilled at enhancing onscreen emotion, and he demonstrated great imagination and skill in reinforcing the suspense, pyrotechnics and action on display in the film. Strings, woodwinds (in fluttering, sinuous gestures) and muted brass create an uneasy, claustrophobic atmosphere, suggesting the surging ocean outside. Featuring gun battles and chases between, Fielding also provided a bright, highly energetic scherzo. Interestingly, the most impressive sequence of the score was never used. Fielding begins his unused “End Credits” solely on bassoon and left hand piano. Fielding then builds the idea into a massive piece, developing the bass line in spectacular manner through the entire orchestra, replete with upper-brass fanfares and dynamic percussion. The cue culminates in a blazing finish that gives all the brass a moment to shine, then delivers one final stroke of genius with the entire orchestra suddenly dropping out, save a battery of fortissimo snare drums.

To present this premiere release of the complete score, Warner Bros. provided Intrada with the entire recording session masters captured by engineer Dan Wallin on both 2″ 16-track tape as well as 1/2″ three-channel tape.

Beyond the Poseidon Adventure stars Michael Caine as daring salvage tug captain Mike Turner and Sally Field plays his smart-mouthed, reluctant crew-member. Veteran heavy Telly Savalas plays Turner’s opposition:a smooth, would-be terrorist seeking a stash of plutonium hidden aboard the Poseidon.  Their struggle involves the remaining star-studded survivors of the rapidly sinking ship, leading to an explosive climax.

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Maurice Mitchell said...

I've heard of this film, but haven't seen it. It sounds like the music adds a lot to the production.