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Intrada: RIO BRAVO [2Cd] - Dimitri Tiomkin [1959-2015]

Composer Dimitri Tiomkin was no stranger to working with director Howard Hawks or the western genre, encompassing Hawks' classics such as Only Angels Have Wings, The Big Sky, Red River, The Thing and Land of the Pharaohs and other westerns including High Noon, Gunfight at the O.K. Corral and Last Train from Gun Hill.  For Rio Bravo, Tiomkin outfitted the director’s leisurely paced but dramatically concentrated western with a genre score that is notably restrained and subtle -- an unusual approach for the composer.  The result is a score that is an essential part of Rio Bravo’s drama. In the opening sequence dialogue is notably absent, yet Tiomkin’s score runs continuously, setting mood and reinforcing the on-screen dramatic tension.

Warner Bros. provided access to their entire scoring session elements, including the lengthy session masters stored on 2″ monaural tape. As the composer had scored a longer picture than what was finally released, Intrada discovered a number of additional cues not in the finished picture, as well as two versions of the trailer music and some fascinating alternates.  Closing the extras portion of this release of Rio Bravo are two studio recordings of the movie’s main vocal themes, sung by Dean Martin, prepared for the Capitol label and released in 1959 on a 45 rpm record.  All presented on this 2-CD set.

In the film, John T. Chance (John Wayne), sheriff of Presidio County, Texas, has a bull by the tail. There is a cold-blooded killer locked up in his jail, but he must wait several days for the U.S. marshal to take his prisoner into custody. Meanwhile, the murderer’s brother, wealthy rancher Nathan Burdette, has the town in a stranglehold, with hired guns waiting to pounce. Chance has only two deputies to help him—a gimpy old coot named Stumpy (Ricky Nelson) and Dude, a friend who was once a skilled marksman but is now nicknamed Barachón (drunk) (Dean Martin) by the local Mexicans. And when a beautiful lady gambler named Feathers (Angie Dickinson) comes to town, Chance’s problems multiply.

INTRADA Special Collection Vol. 300
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